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7 Oct. 1996
All Purpose Kablam!
In the "Sniz & Fondue" short "Second-Hand Sniz", Sniz refuses to learn how to tell time until it can get his friends out of trouble. In the "Action League Now!" short "Nightmare on Memory Lane", Meltman suffers amnesia. In the "Prometheus & Bob" short "Bridge", Prometheus tries to get Bob to cross a log bridge. In "Lava", a creature rides a rocket across various landscapes. In the "Life With Loopy" short "Back to Nature", Loopy's refusal to take a bath causes a garden to grow from her body and attract unwanted visitors.
14 Oct. 1996
Built for Speed
In the "Sniz & Fondue" short "The Making of a Supermodel!", Sniz accidentally ruins a collector's item that Fondue bought. In the "Action League Now!" short "Thunder and Lightning", Thunder Girl is jealous of new recruit Lightning Lady. In "The Louie and Louie Show", Louie the hamster and Louie the chameleon are jealous of the family dog getting all the attention.
21 Oct. 1996
Comics for Tomorrow Today
In the "Sniz & Fondue" short "Mod Stylin'", Sniz uses a hair product that ironically causes baldness. In the "Action League Now!" short "The Wrath of Spot-Zilla (Part 1)", a giant dog attacks the Action League. In the "Prometheus & Bob" short "Music", Prometheus unsuccessfully tries to get Bob to play a wooden horn and drums. In "Lava", a Tarzan-like character swings from various ropes, including a creature's tail. In the "Life With Loopy" short "Egghead", Loopy becomes egg-shaped after eating too many eggs, causing a chicken to come after her.
28 Oct. 1996
Comics of Champions
In the "Action League Now!" short "Sinkhole of Doom", the Action League rescues a boy trapped in a garbage disposal. In the "Sniz & Fondue" short "Rage Against the Vending Machine", Sniz and Fondue infiltrate a factory to get a toy that they didn't receive from a vending machine. In the "Prometheus & Bob" short "Cooking", Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to cook. In the "Angela Anaconda" short "The First Flush of Love", Angela is jealous of Nanette on Valentine's Day.
It's Flavorific
In the "Sniz & Fondue" short "Stuntbike Sniz", Sniz performs increasingly dangerous motorcycle stunts. In the "Action League Now!" segment "No-Fly Zone", Thunder Girl is unable to rescue two kidnapped kids because she lost her flying powers. In the "Prometheus & Bob" shorts "Clothing" and "Wheel", Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to put on clothes and move a wheel. In the "Life With Loopy" short "Trouble With Inflation", Loopy tries to prevent bills from being delivered to her dad.
Kablam! Gets Results
In the "Sniz & Fondue" short "Squeaky Clean", Fondue becomes a germophobe and lives in a bubble. In the "Action League Now!" short "RoboFlesh", a robot who looks like The Flesh causes mayhem. In the "Life With Loopy" segment "Goldfish Heaven", Loopy ventures into the toilet to find her dead pet goldfish. In the "Prometheus & Bob" segment "Shelter", Prometheus and Bob build a tent. Also contains a "Lava" short.
A Little Dab'll Do Ya
Henry and June introduce interactive "smellivision."
Why June Refuses to Turn Page?
Melting June; pigeons; elevator; mystery casserole; gummy chore.
Not Just for People Anymore
June's party; fashion designer Fondue; Meltman conquers Spotzilla; Bob learns to fish; Loopy's science project.
Resistance Is Futile
Kablammy Awards; triathletes Sniz and Fondue; witness protection; stolen eyeglasses; kite-flying lesson.
What the Astronauts Drink
Space field-trip; model collection; moon mysteries; haunted house.
Your Real Best Friend
Scorpion escapes; mayor's trashy trail; appliances; Bob the Cro-Magnon.
You've Tried the Rest! Now Try the Best!
June gets the giggles; loan shark; bowler Loopy; dog's day off.

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