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raysond16 March 2006
Premiering on the same year as Jerry Springer's talk show and to an lesser extent the same year as Maury Povich's talk show premiered,it is amazing that "The Montel Williams Show"(Syndication:1991-Present)is still going strong and is a favorite among the talk shows that are out there and it has been that way since the beginning of the 1990's until now. For one,Montel Williams will not tolerance any of the foolishness nor the buffoonery that is on the other shows since Montel Williams does not have to use explicit tactics to draw in viewers,nor does it ever have to be too serious or extremely relevant like Oprah Winfrey or to other shows that like to go beyond the point of normalicy to attract its viewers. After 14 seasons on television,Montel Williams has to be the most interesting talk show host ever and still holds the title. Not since the days of Phil Donahue have we seen a talk show this brilliant.

For one Montel may come off sensitive and sincere,but he is no push over. Nor he doesn't let the audience take over the day's discussion nor take over the show,but here is something that I like about it. For one Montel goes for the gusto,the meat and potatoes of the day's issues and for one confronts whatever topic is head-on. And for one Montel is a sincere and cordial host who knows when to talk and when to be quiet and he let's his audience know this too. With his passionate and provocative approach,Montel has really carved a niche in the daytime and sometimes prime-time talk arena(where his show is on both daytime and nighttime in prime-time national syndication)where he continues to make a difference by getting involved with the people and issues he so truly cares about while tackling the problems first-hand. As an advocate for change,The Montel Williams Show has featured interviews with influential politicians,experts,and ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. The show has also done something else as well--tackle social problems head on,addressing domestic abuse,the welfare system in America,foster care systems and the most important of them all......the education of our youth and the importance of staying in school and going onto the other things!!! Montel Williams has done more for the commitment of helping our nation's children and young adults then ever before. And to lend a helping hand to young adults who have been victims of violence. Not to mention spoke with guests who were committed to changing their lives in a positive way. What Montel did was turn a negative into a positive by providing assistance to those in need a change in their lives. Also to point out has helped parents and children build back their relationships that had been falling down over the years and just to start over,thanks to the hard work and dedication of Montel Williams.

Also Montel rallied his staff together during the attacks on 9/11 in New York City where he profiled some of the nation's heroes,and gave his support to find missing and loves ones. Not to mention he supported the victims of a devastation during the events of the worst disaster on record---Hurricane Katrina,and the destruction it cause in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi not to mention Alabama. As a caring and compassionate person he was one of the few talk show hosts who aided victims and gave his assistance during times of despair and anger that left New Orleans in dire straits. His ability to empower people successfully by arranging for many of his guests to receive treatment for problems and gives them a chance to rebulid their lives thanks to a man whose hard work and dedication made this happen. And the ONLY talk show host that makes a difference in everyday lives.

I won't start with the MS bit,I concentrating on the positivity here.

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Montel You the Man!!!
Memento_102 February 2004
When you think that talk shows are only about Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones shows about men and women with one tooth, is part raccoon part trailer trash. Tired of those shoes then watch MONTEL!

Montel is such a good host. He knows when to talk and when to be quiet. He has good topics not topics about men having affairs with sheep like other shows. His shows have meaning and heart. I hope this show stays on the air for many years.

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All-Time Favourite Talk Show!
dgordon-127 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
"The Montel Williams Show" has been a favourite talk show of mine since the early '90s. He always had & continues to have interesting topics that make you think, and therefore make you watch more. Sometimes he would tend to beat up his guests (verbally), but this just added to the shows appeal. Montel comes off sensitive & sincere, but he's no push over. He confronts whatever topic head on, and tries to get to the "meat & potatoes" of the issue. This is what makes Montel stand out from the rest of the TV talk show pack. A few years ago I was sorry to hear that he was diagnosed with MS, but in true Montel Williams fashion, he is proving everyday that he's a survivor. Even though I don't get a chance to catch his show as much as I used to, "The Montel Williams Show" is a TV program that lives on in my memory as being some great talk show entertainment.
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Tough and no-nonsense talk show host!
Sylviastel10 May 2007
If Montel Williams and Sylvia Browne co-hosted a show together every day, I would have my VCR/DVD recorder set to tape them. Besides, Montel Williams is one of the better talk show hosts around. He does delve into difficult topics and leaves the celebrity guests for the View and Regis and Kelly. Sylvia Browne is always on Wednesday and I love watching what she has to say about the future. They are kindred spirits brought together by higher powers. If you don't believe in that stuff, don't watch the show on Wednesdays. On Thursdays, it's about true crime stories. Also he is not afraid to deal with difficult taboo subjects like sexual, physical abuse, etc. Also, he has to deal with his MS which he is open and honest about from the moment he was diagnosed with it. I'm sure he is inspiring a lot of MS sufferers to overcome their difficulties. Anyway, Montel doesn't play around with his audience. He tells you and informs you of his upcoming guests. No, they are not celebrities. They are usually authors of books to help you improve yourselves or overcome debt, personal problems. etc. I don't know why he moved the show to New York City but I think it's because New York City is where the talk shows gather. I don't think location matters with talk shows whether in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago but he seems happier in New York City. I still would like him to do shows on the Jonestown Massacre and the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie disaster in 2008 since it will be 30 years ago since Jonestown and 20 years ago since Pan Am 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland from a small bomb and we still haven't learned from that disaster.
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Response to your show on 1-29-08 Political candidates
raz839129 January 2008
I liked your show today. It showed how little the university people have researched the candidates. I was pleased on how many wanted to be active. I don't care if the candidate is a woman, black, white, red or yellow, the important thing is what their plans for the country are. I know you are a vet and hope you understand this, the USA cannot afford another incomplete conflict. We are becoming a saber rattling joke. We haven't really finished anything we've started since WW2. We had trouble convincing our allies to help this time. I'm afraid if we don't finish this one, how will we get help next time? The Koreans showed the world how to beat us and everyone has used it since. Don't wear uniforms and they won't know who to shoot. It's tragic that people will stand by and watch their families erased because they are to cowardly to wear a uniform, but that's what the norm is now. I guess I'm just a simpleton because most of the problems have simple solutions. 1- Immigration, Take away the reason to illegally enter and they won't come. Enforce the laws we have and fine heavily the employers. No jobs, no illegals. 2- The war, Since we started it, finish it. 3- The economy, We have to make something. Good jobs for the masses only come from manufacturers. If we import everything because of price, how do you expect to buy it? The unemployment figures are a joke. They take them from how many are on unemployment benefits. When they run out, it doesn't mean you have a job. 4- Welfare, Limit it to 4 years. Give free education and daycare at universities and trade schools. This way every citizen really has the opportunity to enjoy the American dream. 5- Taxes, take a fixed percent of everybody's income including companies. You make $10.00 a year, you owe $1.00. Maybe then we can actually own something in this country. Now you don't own anything. Oh, you can buy it, pay sales tax on it, but if you don't pay property taxes on it, the government will take it. You don't own your home, car, furniture, or even your dog in some places. We fought for independence from England, but even there they won't take your home from you as long as you live in it. The USA is the best country in the world. I don't think our founding fathers would be happy with the direction it's now on. These are straight answers to problems, they may need some tweeking, but they are solutions. Why can't we get the same from our candidates instead of a dog and pony show. I don't want to elect a thief ( the white house silver). Or a person that wants change without a plan for it. Or a person that pardons criminals(illegals). Or anyone that doesn't have a firm idea on how to repair our problems and still keep our liberties that so many have fought and died for. Candidates, just tell us your plan and let the people decide.

Thanks for your show
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Okay talk show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh11 July 2007
First off, I must say that this is an okay talk show. Also, I haven't seen every episode. However, if you ask me, it's an okay show. I know some of the theme song by heart, too. I don't enjoy every topic that Montel does. Still, I enjoy watching Montel talk about controversial topics. It's especially fun watching people get reformed. That's what I like most about this talk show. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever after it's gone, even though I haven't seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, for all you die-hard fans of this show, if it gets aired in reruns, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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