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Val Kilmer: Moses, God



  • Moses : Yes, Aaron, it's true. Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: your faith. Believe, for we will see God's wonders.

  • [Moses discovers the slaughter of the Hebrew babies] 

    Seti : The Hebrews grew too numerous. They might have risen against us.

    Moses : Father, tell me you didn't do this.

    Seti : Moses... sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made.

    Moses : Sacrifices?

    Seti : [hugging him]  Oh, my son... they were only slaves.

  • God : [whispering]  Moses...

    Moses : Here I am.

    God : Take the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground.

    Moses : Who are you?

    God : I am that I am.

    Moses : I don't understand.

    God : I am the God of your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Miriam : [disembodied]  You were born of my mother, Yocheved! You are our brother!

    [Moses quickly removes his sandals and throws them behind him] 

    Moses : What do you want with me?

    God : I have seen the oppression of my people in Egypt, and have heard their cry.

    [sound of screams and cracking whips] 

    God : So I shall stretch forth my hand, and lead them out of Egypt, into a good land. A land flowing with milk and honey. And so, unto Pharaoh, I shall send... you.

    Moses : Me? W-who am I to lead these people? They won't follow me, they won't even listen!

    God : I shall teach you what to say.

    Moses : [disembodied]  Let my people go!

    Moses : But I was their enemy. I was the prince of Egypt, the son of the man who slaughtered... their *children*! You've chosen the wrong messenger! H-how can I even speak to these people?


    [Moses falls to the ground, cowering] 

    God : [soothing, lifting Moses up]  Oh, Moses, I shall be with you when you go to the king of Egypt. But Pharaoh will not listen. So I will stretch forth my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders! Take the staff in your hand, Moses. With it, *you* shall do *my* wonders.


    God : I will be with you, Moses.

  • Moses : I figured it out. You know what your problem is, Rameses? You care too much.

    Rameses : And your problem is that you don't care at all.

  • Rameses : [They are both late for the banquet]  I'm done for, Father will kill me!

    Moses : Don't worry, nobody will even notice us coming in.

    [they enter, the crowd cheers loudly] 

    Rameses : [sarcastic]  Nobody will even notice.

  • Moses : Is this where you found me?

    Queen : Moses, please try to understand.

    Moses : So everything I thought, everything I am, is a lie.

    Queen : No! You are our son and we love you.

    Moses : Why did you choose me?

    Queen : We didn't, Moses. The gods did.


    Queen : This is your home, my son. Here the river brought you, and it's here the river meant to be your home. Now you know the truth, love; now forget, and be content. When the gods send you a blessing, you don't ask why it was sent.

  • Moses : [Sarcastic]  Well, that went well.

    Rameses : Just go away.

    Moses : It could have been worse!

    Rameses : The "weak link in the chain." That's what he called me.

    Moses : Well, you are rather pathetic.

    Rameses : "Irresponsible... Ignorant of the traditions." He practically accused me of bringing down the dynasty!

    Moses : Yeah, I can see it now. "There go the pyramids!"


  • Aaron : So, Moses, how does it feel when *you* get struck to the ground?

    Moses : I... didn't mean to cause you more pain. I'm just trying to do what God told me.

    Aaron : God? When did God start caring about any of us?


    Aaron : In fact, Moses, when did *you* start caring about slaves? Was it when you found out that you were one of us?

    Tzipporah : Don't listen to him.

    Moses : No, he's right. I did not see because I did not *wish* to see.

    Aaron : Oh, you didn't see because you didn't...


    Aaron : wish to see! Ah! Well that makes everything fine then, doesn't it?

  • Moses : [after Rameses refuses to relent]  Rameses, you bring this on yourself...

  • Rameses : Come on, Moses, admit it. You've always looked up to me.

    Moses : Yes, but it's not much of a view!

  • Tzipporah : I won't be given to anyone, especially an arrogant, pampered, palace *brat*!

    Rameses : [laughs, to Moses]  Are you going to let her talk to you like that?

    Moses : [Scoffs]  You will show the proper respect for a prince of Egypt.

    Tzipporah : But I *am* showing you all the respect you deserve: None!

    [Pulls rope free] 

    Moses : [to approaching guards]  No, wait!

    [Dives and grabs rope] 

    Moses : Be still!

    Tzipporah : [Starts pulling rope]  Untie this rope! I demand you set me free!

    Moses : Be still!

    Tzipporah : Let go!

    Moses : [Notices pond behind Tzipporah, smiles]  As you wish.

    [Abruptly lets go] 

  • Rameses : Ok Moses, I know you. What's this really about?

    Moses : [looks at the slaves building the empire]  What do you see?

    Rameses : A greater Egypt than that of my father.

    Moses : That is not what I see.

    Rameses : Moses, I cannot change what you see. I have to maintain the ancient traditions. I bear the weight of my father's crown.

    Moses : Do you still not understand what Seti was?

    Rameses : He was a great leader.

    Moses : His hands bore the blood of thousands of children.

    Rameses : [dismissively]  Slaves.

    Moses : My people. And I can no longer hide in the desert while they suffer! At your hands.

    Rameses : [his face falls, disappointed]  So, you have returned, only to free them.

    [Moses gives Rameses the ring back] 

    Moses : I'm sorry.

    Rameses : Yes, I had hoped, that...

    [He closes his eyes for a moment and then opens them angrily] 

    Rameses : I do not know this God. Neither will I let your people go.

    Moses : Rameses, please listen...

    Rameses : I will not be the weak link!

    Rameses : [walking away]  Tell your people as of today, their workload has been doubled, thanks to your God. Or is it thanks to you?

    [He coldly shuts the door] 

  • Moses : Rameses, in my heart you are my brother. But things cannot be as they were.

    Rameses : I see no reason why not.

    Moses : You know I am a Hebrew, and the God of the Hebrews spoke to me.

    Rameses : What?

    Moses : He commands you let his people go.

    Rameses : Commands?

    Moses : [produces his staff]  Behold, the power of God.

  • Moses : Rameses? Rameses?

    Rameses : [sarcastic]  Oh, let me guess - you want me to... let your people go?

    Moses : I hoped I would find you here.

    Rameses : Get out!

    [throws his wine glass] 

    Moses : Rameses, we must bring this to an end. Rameses, please talk to me, we could always talk here.

    Moses : [sighs]  This place - so many memories. I remember the time you switched the heads of the Gods in the temple of Ra.

    [Moses sighs and starts to leave, until Rameses speaks] 

    Rameses : If I recall correctly, you were there switching heads right along with me.

    Moses : No, It it was you, I didn't do that...

    Rameses : Oh yes you did! You put the hippo on the crocodile, and the crocodile on the...

    Moses : [remembering]  ... on the falcon.

    Rameses : Yes! And the priests thought it was a horrible omen and fasted for two months! Father was furious! You were always getting me into trouble!

    [he starts to walk away, then sighs] 

    Rameses : But then,

    [he laughs] 

    Rameses : you were always there to get me out of trouble again. Why can't things be the way they were before?

    Rameses Son : Father? It's so dark. I'm frightened. Why is he here? Isn't that the man who did all this?

    Rameses : Yes, but one must wonder, why?

    Moses : Because no kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves. Rameses, your stubbornness has brung this misery upon Egypt. It would cease if only you would let the Hebrews go

    Rameses : I will not be dictated to! I will not be threatened. I am the morning and evening star, I am Pharaoh!

    Moses : Something else is coming, something much worse than anything before! Please, let go of your contempt for life before it destroys everything you hold dear, think of your son!

    Rameses : I do. You Hebrews have been nothing but trouble. My father had the right idea of how to deal with your people.

    Moses : Rameses...

    Rameses : And I think it's time I finish the job!

    Moses : Rameses!

    Rameses : And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt, such as there never has been or ever will be again!

    Moses : Rameses, you bring this upon yourself.

  • Moses : [Moses sees Tzipporah sneaking past the guards]  Guards!

    Guards : Prince Moses!

    [Moses and Tzipporah look at each other silently] 

    Moses : There's... a man, tied up in my room! Well, look into it!

  • Jethro : My Children, let us give thanks for this bountiful food, and let us also give thanks to the presence of this brave young man, who we give honor to tonight.

    Moses : Please sir, I wish you wouldn't. I have done nothing in my life worth honoring.

    Jethro : First, you rescue Tzipporah from Egypt, then you you defend my young daughters from brigands - you think that is nothing? It seems you don't know what is worthy of honor.

  • Moses : Hey Rameses, how would you like your face carved on a wall

    Rameses : Someday yes

    Moses : How about now.

    [Moses pushes Rameses chariot against the wall] 

    Rameses : You almost killed me

    Moses : aw c'mon where's your sense of fun.

    Rameses : oh its fun you want

    [Rameses tries to push Moses of a hill, but Moses brakes only to make Rameses fall off the cliff instead] 

  • Hotep : We offer you this delicate desert flower.

    [Pulls Tzipporah down from her camel] 

    Rameses : Let us inspect this desert flower.

    [Tzipporah tries to bite him] 

    Rameses : More like a desert cobra!

    Moses : Not much of a snake charmer, are you?

    Rameses : Thats why I'm giving her to you.

  • Rameses : [after destroying the Sphinx's nose]  You don't think we'll get in trouble for this, do you?

    Moses : No, not a chance!

  • Moses : God has come to me again, saying take a lamb, and with its blood, mark the lintel and posts of every door. For tonight, I shall pass through the land of Egypt, and smite all the firstborn. But when I see the blood upon your door, I will pass over you - and the plague shall not enter.

  • Moses : [to an abusive slavedriver whipping an elderly slave]  Stop it. Stop! Stop it! Leave that man alone!

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