From Hell (2001) Poster


Ian Richardson: Sir Charles Warren


  • Abberline : [about Polly's murder]  I'm waiting for the police surgeon's report for more details.

    Sir Charles Warren : [sits at his desk while smoking a cigarette]  I see. Well, one thing's for certain; an Englishman didn't do it.

    [Warren pulls up a newspaper clipping of American Natives] 

    Sir Charles Warren : Maybe one of these Red Indians wandered into Whitechapel and indulged his natural inclinations.

    [Abberline looks doubtfully at the drawing] 

    Abberline : With all due respect, sir, I believe this was done by someone with at least a working knowledge of dissection. An educated man, such as a doctor...

    Sir Charles Warren : [quickly interjects]  An educated man? That's preposterous! No well-bred man would do this!


    Sir Charles Warren : Probably a tradesman or a butcher...

    Abberline : [nods]  A tradesman is a possibility, sir, yes...


    Abberline : But there's a strong indication against it. There was a sprig of grapes under her body.

    Sir Charles Warren : What are you driving at?

    Abberline : No one in Whitechapel, no matter what their trade, could afford grapes. Obviously, they were given to her by the killer. It follows that he must be someone with money.

  • Sir Charles Warren : It's over with, It's done. You have my word.

    Abberline : Fuck your word! I will bring down every one of you fucking cunts!

  • Abberline : Why?

    Sir Charles Warren : Are you questioning my decision?

    Abberline : No, sir, I just simply want to know why.

  • Lord Hallsham : How did he find out about the unfortunate and her child?

    Sir Charles Warren : Well, he has that kind of cleverness you'll sometimes find in the middle classes. A cheap sort of intelligence, but effective nevertheless.

    Lord Hallsham : Hmm. Thank God that's not something you're burdened by.

    Sir Charles Warren : Yes, thank God.

  • Sir Charles Warren : My God. He's out of his mind.

    Abberline : That's very astute of you sir.

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