From Hell (2001) Poster


Robbie Coltrane: Sergeant Peter Godley



  • [reading the return address on the package sent by Jack the Ripper] 

    Peter Godley : "From Hell". Well at least they got the address right.

  • [last lines] 

    Peter Godley : Goodnight, sweet prince.

  • Sgt. Peter Godley : Right, once more into the breach, gentlemen!

    [the police constables remain where they are, confused] 

    Sgt. Peter Godley : Dismissed.

  • Peter Godley : They used to burn men like you, alive.

  • Peter Godley : There's your typical Londoner, imbued with Christian sympathy for his fellow man, or fellow whore in this case.

  • Peter Godley : You do not fuck with the special branch, the special branch fucks with you.

  • Peter Godley : Sorry about the rude awakening.

  • Peter Godley : A rose by any other name?

  • Opium Den Owner : I pay. I already pay.

    Peter Godley : I'm not after you, emperor. Where is he?

  • Peter Godley : Withers, when the inspector is talking you are listening.

  • Peter Godley : Withers, when the inspector is talking you are what?

    Constable Withers : Listening, sir.

  • Abberline : Sergeant? It's night.

    Peter Godley : Your observations are correct. It is indeed night.

    [turns to two constables] 

    Peter Godley : And gentlemen, unless you wish to be free of the confines of your duties, this never happened.

  • Peter Godley : You know who you're going to turn into. That sad old man in the pub that no-one wants to sit beside because after a few drinks he'll start talking about the girl that got away.

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