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Alternate Versions

For the airline version, some sort of bikini was digitally added to Anck-Su-Namun to cover 'revealing' images.
The crash of Winston Havelock's plane was cut from the airline version.
The UK cinema release was cut by 14 seconds to allow a 12 certificate to be awarded, rather than the more restrictive 15 certificate. The cuts were made to shots of O'Connell dangling and suffocating on a noose during the hanging sequence. Some lines between Evelyn and the prison warden Hassan were removed as a result of these cuts. The UK 12-rated VHS was also cut to remove the hanging sequence, but was edited differently than the cinema release (it also restores a shot of O'Connell falling through the trap door, which had previously been censored). In addition, the VHS removes a line of dialogue before the hanging (Hassan saying, "I'm a very lonely man," as he gropes Evelyn).
The UK DVD release is rated 15 and restores the footage cut from the cinema version to get a 12 certificate.
TV version is practically uncut, except it cuts out scenes of men catching on fire in the raining fire sequence.
The DVD and LD feature some deleted scenes:
  • The first deleted scene takes place when the group is riding to Hamunaptra. Johnathan and the Warden argue about his snoring. Then the groups finds a mass of skeletons partially buried in the sand. Ardeth thinks that the skeletons are other treasure-seekers who failed. To one corpse Rick says, "I knew that guy."
  • The next scene shows the ferry just before it leaves Cairo. Beni is seen on board (revealing his participation in the quest earlier than the final film) telling the members of the rival expedition how long it will take to get to Hamunaptra.
  • Finally, there an extended version of the scene where Rick and Jonathan find the Book of Gold. More of Imhotep's followers burst through the floor and attack, throwing them away before trying to open the Statue of Horus, presumably to steal the book. But this statue has also been booby trapped and salt acid melts the mummies. This scene explains why holes suddenly appear in the floor in the theatrical cut.

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