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Absolutely one-hundred-percent ridiculous, this is comedy of a higher order, and more maniacally inspired than almost anything released in years.
The A.V. Club
Far better than you'd expect. Despite its intelligence-insulting premise, Mouse Hunt is a well-crafted, surprisingly smart film that benefits tremendously from the winning chemistry between Lane and talented newcomer Evans.
USA Today
Wacked-out and warped. [19 December 1997, p. 3D]
The New York Times
As the family film least insulting to its audience's intelligence this season, Mouse Hunt has its share of grown-up appeal along with mouse mischief guaranteed to have children giggling.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
If you're a five-year-old, or the mental equivalent thereof, and love Saturday morning cartoons, the more violent the better, then Mouse Hunt may just be the movie for you.
MouseHunt is "'Home Alone" with a rodent in the place of Macaulay Culkin.
Mouse Hunt is inane, antic cinema in the extreme. But even if half the gags don't quite work, the other half are inspired.
Lane, with his extensive stage experience, is acerbic, profoundly cynical and endlessly disgruntled. As the foil, Evans strike the right comic nice-guy note; he has fun with the character's sweetness and refuses to degrade him.
New York Daily News
Aa bit too familiar an American tail. [19 December 1997, p. 82]
Chicago Sun-Times
Not very funny, and maybe couldn't have been very funny no matter what, because the pieces for comedy are not in place.

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