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It's a magnificent comic experience.
The New York Times
Two little words: Jim Carrey. That's all it takes to transform Liar Liar from a formulaic Hollywood comedy into an uproarious one-man free-for-all.
Chicago Reader
Carrey's attempted self-immolation in a men's room, which weirdly recalls certain Fred Astaire routines, may be a small classic.
I am gradually developing a suspicion, or perhaps it is a fear, that Jim Carrey is growing on me. Am I becoming a fan? In Liar Liar he works tirelessly, inundating us with manic comic energy.
Carrey goes boldly where no funnyman has ventured before, and it's simply amazing to watch him do it.
What's best about this script is the premise: a lawyer who doesn't lie.
This film is both too formulaic and too much a one-man vehicle to rate as a true masterpiece. But God strike me dead if I'm lying, this is one gut-busting funny movie.
Carrey is forced to confine his antics to the needs of Liar Liar's unimaginative screenplay, and the results are mixed.
The A.V. Club
For those who like Carrey and are waiting for a film they can honestly say they enjoyed through and through, this ain't it.
Christian Science Monitor
Jim Carrey proves that he's the most inspired clown in movies today, but parents should be warned that much of the picture's humor is extremely rude and crude.

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