Liar Liar (1997) Poster


Maura Tierney: Audrey Reede


  • Audrey : Where were you?

    Fletcher : Having sex.

    Audrey : Well, I hope it was with someone *very* special!

    Fletcher : No, see - that's the thing. I don't even like her, but she's a partner and I thought I could help my career by making her squeal.

    [Fletcher throws the phone away and throws himself on the floor in disgust] 

  • Fletcher : I was hoping after being married to me you'd have no more strength left.

    Audrey : Well, you have to remember that when we were married, I wasn't having sex nearly as often as you were.

  • Jerry : I love you!

    Audrey : Thank you

    Jerry : Well, that's wasn't exactly the answer I was hoping for...

    Audrey : Thank you very much?

  • Max Reede : Do the claw to mom, dad, do the claw to mom!

    Fletcher : Uh-oh. You've found the claw's only weakness. Subzero temperatures.

    [Splatting sound] 

    Audrey : So did you have any trouble finding the place?

    Fletcher : All right, I'm late. I ran oughta gas! The gauge is broken. Rough neighborhood too. Good thing I was wearing neutral gang colors. Might've had to rip out my nine and bust a cap! My mind on my money and my money on my mind!

    Audrey : They'd never hurt you, Fletcher. You're their lawyer.

    Fletcher : Ooh. That was below the belt. Try to keep the gloves up.

    Max Reede : Mom, dad's taking me to see wrestling!

    Audrey : Ugh. Fletcher!

    Fletcher : Ugh. Audrey!

  • [the lights turn on after Max makes a wish and blows out the candles] 

    Max Reede : Mom? Dad?

    [Audrey and Fletcher are kissing] 

    Fletcher : MAX? Did you wish for your mom and I to get back together again?

    Max Reede : No. I wished for rollerblades!

    Audrey : Uh... wanna cut the cake... Dad?

    Fletcher : I would love to... but I have this horrible pain in my arm...

    Audrey : Oh no... run IT'S THE CLAW!


  • Fletcher : Is this guy right for you? I mean, he's just so, not me!

    Audrey : Yes, that's one of his best qualities.

    Fletcher : Yeah, but he's kind of, Magoo... I'm sorry.

    Audrey : You're wrong! I mean, sometimes, maybe yes, he is a little bit...

    Fletcher : Magoo!

    Audrey : Yes.

  • Fletcher : Are you marrying this guy because you're mad at me?

    Audrey : No - I divorced you because I was mad at you.

  • Audrey : Do you know what your son was doing at 8:15 last night?

    Fletcher : No?

    Audrey : He was making a wish that for a whole day, his father couldn't tell a lie.

    Fletcher : [Realizing]  Oh, my God, that's it!

  • Max Reede : Mom, Dad's takin' me to see wrestling!

    Audrey : Ugh! Fletcher!

    Fletcher : Ugh! Audrey!

    Audrey : Well, why do you have to take him to see that stuff? It's very violent!

    Fletcher : The boy must grow to be a warrior!

    [Both grimace and grunt] 

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