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An introduction to Hell... Benny Hell

Hello, my name is Benny, and I’m an alcoholic.

Oh… wait, this isn‘t that kinda introduction. Let me start over.

Hello, my name is Benny Hell, and in addition to being an alcoholic, I’m an asshole. There is something seriously damaged in me. It guides me to music that no one seems to care about, and then it forces me to write things about it. I have a big mouth with a small filter on it, I open it and things just fall out like I’m freakin’ Linda Blair or something. Even though I have a Catholic apparel fetish (you should see me in the latex nun costume!), I’m a lot like that Devil materializing on your shoulder at the worst times possible. I whisper in your ear because I want you to get in trouble. I did, but the institution says I’m much better now.
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