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Alternate Versions

Produced in a German and an English language version with a different voice-over cast.
The international English version has several scenes trimmed or cut out completely:
  • Before the wasp swarm attacks the truck pulling Fred in the caravan, one wasp hits the window, recovers and bursts the inflatable seats, landing directly on a woman's breast from a magazine cover.
  • The scene after the animals perform their own lyrics to the Mix Max jingle is cut. The manager asks Dr. Greed about what the company should do with the animals. Greed suggests the animals should continue to be used in commercials as they still generate revenue for the company. It is also revealed that Dr. Greed is running for president in this scene, something that was not mentioned again until later in the film.
  • Gwendolyn, Buster and Tortellini being thrown into the cellar is cut.
  • Fred being brought into the room where he is tickled is cut.
  • After the animals escape from the cellar, Dr. Greed asks his staff whether the company is running as planned. Greed is horrified when he finds out about the sudden drop of sales. The animals see this conversation from behind a window.
  • When the word is out in the hall that the animals are gone, Dr. Greed tells the manager and inventor his plan. The inventor accidentally shoots his gun at the ceiling, causing a piece to land on the manager. Greed sounds the alarm and the manager pushes the inventor's hat down, causing the inventor to fire a second shot at the ceiling and getting himself hit on the head by a ceiling piece.
  • After Gwendolyn, Buster and Fred enter the sausage machine, Tortellini is tortured further by electrocution, narrowly escaping being grabbed by robotic arms, being washed up into the exit pipe and bursting through several vents until he is finally out of the machine. The edited version sees him blown into the exit pipe and out of the machine.
  • A scene of the four animals returning to Mix Max after escaping from the sausage machine is cut. It is here that Tortellini suggests staging the concert, followed by a song sung by Gwendolyn, "Marilyn - Mix Max", to seduce the manager as the animals leave. The song is still credited in the edited version, suggesting the scene could have been cut at the last minute.
  • A scene where Dr. Greed shouts at his staff after the animals perform in the concert is cut.
  • After Tortellini blows up the Mix Max factory, the rescued animals rejoice by holding a party, drinking wine and being merry. The edited version fades straight into the song "Don't You Worry".
The Italian version is entirely re-dubbed except for the songs, which are in English and re-edited into the soundtrack. It runs the same length as the international English version.

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