Fierce Creatures (1997) Poster

Cynthia Cleese: Pip Small Mammals



  • [Cub and Pip burst into Rollo's office, with Sydney close behind] 

    Pip Small Mammals : You didn't kill them!

    Rollo Lee : What?

    [Both women throw their arms around him] 

    Cub Felines : We checked, they're all alive!

    Rollo Lee : Oh...!

    [Before he can say another word, they're smothering his cheeks with kisses] 

    Sydney Lotterby : [grinning]  You rascal!

    [to Bugsy] 

    Sydney Lotterby : He was only kidding!

    Adrian "Bugsy" Malone : [as if he's known it all along]  Just figured that out, have you?

    Rollo Lee : [still getting kissed]  I say...

  • Rollo Lee : [holding rifle and walking alongside stretcher as it is carried along]  Bandicoot?

    [Pip, lying down on stretcher, pulls back sheet to expose and raise her bloody bandaged leg] 

    Rollo Lee : My... GOD!

    Pip Small Mammals : [props herself up on her elbows to talk]  It's just a Flesh Wound, sir!

    [lowers leg whilst still in stretcher] 

    Pip Small Mammals : A few stitches, I'll be back at work!

    Rollo Lee : Are you sure?

    Pip Small Mammals : [as she is carried away offscreen]  Oh, don't worry sir! It's part of the job with the BANDICOOTS!

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