The Devil's Advocate (1997) Poster

Keanu Reeves: Kevin Lomax



  • Kevin Lomax : "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven", is that it?

    John Milton : Why not? I'm here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began. I've nurtured every sensation man's been inspired to have. I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him. Why? Because I never rejected him. In spite of all his imperfections, I'm a fan of man! I'm a humanist. Maybe the last humanist.

  • Kevin Lomax : What are you?

    John Milton : Oh, I have so many names...

    Kevin Lomax : Satan.

    John Milton : Call me Dad.

  • [In Milton's Penthouse] 

    Kevin Lomax : [quietly]  Is there more to it?

    Eddie Barzoon : Just this room.

    Kevin Lomax : And a bedroom?

    Eddie Barzoon : No bedroom.

    Kevin Lomax : Where does he sleep?

    Eddie Barzoon : Who said he sleeps?

    Kevin Lomax : Where does he fuck?

    John Milton : [coming up to them]  Everywhere.

  • Kevin Lomax : What about love?

    John Milton : Overrated. Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate.

  • John Milton : Your vanity is justified, Kevin. Your seed, is the key to a new future. Your son is gonna sit at the head of all tables, my boy. He's gonna set this hold thing free.

    Kevin Lomax : You want a child?

    John Milton : I want a family.

    Kevin Lomax : The Anti-Christ?

    John Milton : [laughing]  Whatever...

  • Kevin Lomax : In the Bible you lose. We're destined to lose dad.

    John Milton : Well consider the source son.

  • Kevin Lomax : Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I know you've spent all morning listening to Mr. Broygo talk; I know you're hungry; what I need to tell you won't take very long at all. I don't like Alexander Cullen. I don't think he's a nice person. I don't expect you to like him. He's been a terrible husband to all three of his wives; he's been a destructive force in the lives of his stepchildren; he's cheated the city, his partners, his employees. He's paid hundreds of thousands of dollas in penalties and fines over the years. I don't like him. I'm going to tell you some things during the course of this trial that are going to make you like him even less. But this isn't a popularity contest; it's a murder trial.

  • John Milton : So... have we been treating you well?

    Kevin Lomax : Very well, thank you.

    John Milton : And your wife? She had a good time?

    Kevin Lomax : She sure has, it's been great. The whole thing's been great.

    John Milton : That's our secret. Kill you with kindness.

  • Kevin Lomax : Is this a test?

    Pam : Isn't everything?

  • Alice Lomax : Let me tell you about New York.

    Kevin Lomax : Let me guess.

    Alice Lomax : Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great. It has become a dwelling place of demons." Revelation 18. Wouldn't hurt you to look it over.

    Kevin Lomax : Couldn't forget it if I tried.

    Alice Lomax : Oh, really? And what *happened* to Babylon?

  • John Milton : That day on the subway, what did I say to you? What were my words to you? Maybe it was your time to lose. You didn't think so.

    Kevin Lomax : [raging]  Lose? I don't lose! I win! I win! I'm a lawyer! That's my job, that's what I do!

    John Milton : I rest my case. Vanity is definitely my favorite sin. Kevin, it's so basic, self-love; the all-natural opiate. You know, it's not that you didn't care for Mary Ann, Kevin. It's just that you were a little bit more involved with someone else: yourself.

  • Mary Ann Lomax : Say I can handle it.

    Kevin Lomax : You can handle it.

    Mary Ann Lomax : Say something nice.

    Kevin Lomax : Something nice.

  • John Milton : It's your wife, man. She's sick, she needs you... she's got to come first. Ah, wait a minute, wait a minute. You mean the possibility of leaving this case has never even entered you mind?

    Kevin Lomax : You know what scares me? I quit the case, she gets better... and I hate her for it. I don't want to resent her, John, I've got a winner here. I've got to nail this fucker down, do it fast, and put it behind me. Just get it done. Then - then. - put all my energy into her.

    John Milton : I stand corrected.

  • Christabella Andreoli : Hey. In two minutes, you won't be thinking about Mary Ann ever again. Come here.

    John Milton : She's right, my son.

    [Milton lays a nuded Christabella on the altar] 

    John Milton : It's time to step up and take what's yours.

    Kevin Lomax : You're right. It's time. Free will, right?

    [Chuckles, then shoots himself in the head] 

    John Milton : [Screaming]  No! NOOOOOOO!

    Christabella Andreoli : No!

  • Kevin Lomax : God dammit, what did you do to my wife?

    John Milton : Well, on a scale of one to ten... ten being the most depraved act of sexual theatre know to man... one being your average Friday night run-through at the Lomaxes' household... I'd say, not to be immodest, Mary Ann and I got it on at about...

    [counts on his fingers] 

    John Milton : ... Seven!

  • Kevin Lomax : Walter, as your lawyer I'm advising you to stay the fuck away from me.

  • John Milton : Are we negotiating?

    Kevin Lomax : Always.

  • Kevin Lomax : [about Mary Ann]  I left her behind and just kept going

    John Milton : You can't keep punishing yourself it's awesome how far you've come I didn't make it easy I couldn't, not for you or your sister half-sister to be exact

    Christabella Andreoli : [Christabella walks in]  Suprise

    John Milton : Some scene in that courtroom

    Christabella Andreoli : [walks up to Kevin]  Don't let him scare you

    John Milton : I've had so many children so many disappointments, mistake after mistake and then there are the two of you

    Christabella Andreoli : [in front of John and Kevin, takes off her robe, naked, stands in the middle of the room, stretches out her arms, crosses both ankles cross each other, left on top of right foot, impersonating Jesus Christ smiles, softly]  who am I?

  • John Milton : [On the roof]  What do you think? Some people can't handle it

    Kevin Lomax : It's peaceful

    John Milton : My sentiments exactly, fill in the resume for me, what does your father do?

    Kevin Lomax : I never got to know my father, he passed away before I was born my mother raised me just the two of us

    John Milton : That can't be easy in a town like Gainesville can it?

    Kevin Lomax : I don't think it's easy anywhere

    John Milton : A little different when you looking down isn't it?

    Kevin Lomax : Yes it is

    John Milton : Your mother, what's she like?

    Kevin Lomax : She's a preacher's daughter she's tough she's worked at the same poultry as I can remember she's got a church she really likes, she's usually there or they go out and do a lot of volunteer work

    John Milton : Did it rub off? The book or the church?

    Kevin Lomax : No I'm on parole early release for time served

    John Milton : A lot of potential clients down there

    Kevin Lomax : why do you need a criminal department?

    John Milton : Our clients break the law like anyone else just tired of sending their business across the street

    Kevin Lomax : Are you offering me a job?

    John Milton : I'm thinking about it, I know you got talent, I knew that before you got here its just the other thing I wonder about: Pressure it changes everything some people you squeeze them, they focus others fold can you summon your talent at will? Can you deliver on a deadline? Can you sleep at night?

    Kevin Lomax : When do we talk about money?

    John Milton : Money? That's the easy part

  • John Milton : [in his master room, inside his tower]  right about one thing, I have been watching, I couldn't help myself, watching waiting and holding my breath I'm no puppeteer I don't make things happen, it doesn't work like that

    Kevin Lomax : [pointing a gun at him]  What did you do to Mary Ann?

    John Milton : [after Kevin shoots John seven times]  Step it son that's good you've got to hold on to that fury that's the last thing to go that's the final hiding place, it's the final fig leaf

    Kevin Lomax : Who are you?

    John Milton : Never lost a case, why? What do you think? Because you're so fucking good? Yes, but why?

    Kevin Lomax : Because you're my father

    John Milton : I'm a little more than that, awfully hot in that courtroom wasn't it? What's the game plan? It was a nice run it had to close out some day, nobody wins them all

    Kevin Lomax : Mary Ann she knew it so you destroyed her

    John Milton : You blaming me for Mary Ann? I hope you're kidding you could've saved Mary Ann whenever you wanted all she wanted was love but you were too busy

    Kevin Lomax : That's a lie

    John Milton : Mary Ann in New York, face it you started looking to better deal her the minute you got here

    Kevin Lomax : That's not true, you don't know what we had

    John Milton : [playfully]  hey, I'm on your side

    Kevin Lomax : [shouting, pointing at John]  You're a liar

    John Milton : There's nothing out there for you, don't be such a fucking chump stop deluding yourself I told you to take care of your wife, I said the world would understand.Who told to pull out all the stops on the Getty's case?

    Kevin Lomax : I know what you did, you set me up

    John Milton : Who made you make that choice? And Moyez the direction you took Popes, Swamis, snake handlers all feeding at the same trough who's ideas were those?

    Kevin Lomax : You played me, it was your test

    John Milton : And Cullen knowing he was guilty and seeing those pictures, you put that lying bitch on the stand

    Kevin Lomax : You brought me in, you put me there you made her lie

    John Milton : I don't do that, vanity is so basic, its self-love, it's the all-natural opiate, it's not that you didn't care for Mary Ann it's just that you were a little more involved with someone else which was yourself, Don't be too hard on yourself you wanted something more believe me

  • Kevin Lomax : [Defense opening statement]  Men kill animals and eat their flesh. Phillipe Moyez killed a goat and he did it at home in a manner consistent with his beliefs. It's certainly not a religious practice performed by everyone, it's not as common as circumcision, it's not as common as the belief that wine transforms into blood, some people handle poisonous snakes to prove their faith, some people walk on fire. Phillipe Moyez killed a goat and he did it while observing his constitutionally protected beliefs. This case is not about keeping goats transporting goats or goat licensing, the city was clearly less concerned with the care of the animals than the manner in which they were slaughtered. The city timed this police action to catch my client exercising his constitutionally protected right to religious freedom.

  • John Milton : What can I say? Outstanding, go figure it a guy like Moyez living in some subterranean shithole. All the while he's walking around with fifteen million dollars in the bank

    Kevin Lomax : You're kidding

    John Milton : What do you think he's paying us in? Goat's blood? We're billing you out at four hundred an hour I don't see a lot of pro bono work in you immediate future that's your only weakness as far as I can see What is that? It's the look, that Florida stud thing: "Excuse me ma'am did I leave my boots under your bed?"

    Kevin Lomax : Never worked a jury that didn't have a woman.

    John Milton : You know what you're missing? You're missing what I have.

  • Eddie Barzoon : What's up john?

    John Milton : How many hours did we bill Alex Cullen last year?

    Leamon Heath : Sixteen thousand two hundred forty two

    Eddie Barzoon : What the fuck did he do now?

    John Milton : Alex Cullen has just been charged with murdering his wife her stepson and a maid

    Eddie Barzoon : When did this happen?

    John Milton : Just now, tonight I sent Pam downtown to make bail arrangements

    Eddie Barzoon : They're going to fucking crucify him they're going to line up

    John Milton : I want Kevin on this case

    Eddie Barzoon : I hope you're kidding, Alexander Cullen in a Manhattan triple murder with excuse me Kevin? You're dreaming

    John Milton : I've shaken hands with every marquee defense attorney in this town I take Kevin and I don't look back

    Eddie Barzoon : You've got a great eye for talent, no you're the master I just see this happening

    Kevin Lomax : I appreciate the vote of confidence but maybe Eddie has a point here

    John Milton : We can get this case, the man's our client we know him better than he knows himself we've got the inside track we've got the best damn trial lawyer in the city, its ours to lose

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