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Another Teenage Bomb !
sandcrab6 October 2003
Where oh where did the genes go ? I suffered through this film because my wife is addicted to soaps on Lifetime Movie Network. Just because progeny of Hollywood personalities get an inside track doesn't mean they can really act or deserve the chance. This is just a complete waste of viewer's time unless you are a teeny-bopper looking for some much lacking T & A. I'd be afraid if she ( T.S. )told me her real name, I'd crack up laughing and be carted off to the funny farm ! She can't carry coals to Newcastle yet alone a worthwhile production ! A minus ten on a scale of one to ten. BTW, if she was the champion, I wouldn't take her to a dog fight !
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Ripping out the roots
sol-kay14 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** Finding his mother and sister murdered gang land style young Princeton economic major Tom Faulkner, Patrick Muldoon, took it upon himself to find their murderer, or murderers, and bring him to justice.

It's later when Tom gets the news from FBI Agent Ed Conroy, Reginald Veljohnson, that his father financial consultant and international banker Daniel Faulkner, Mitchell Laurance, is missing and possibly a suspect in both his wife's Donna, Leigh Murray, and 14 year-old daughter Malanie's, Brittany Pressley, murders. It's then that Tom takes off to his dad's good friend and personal secretary Colleen Daniels,Helen Baldwin, house for clues of his whereabouts. Finding the place broken into and ransacked Tom finds a number of strange bank transactions, and canceled checks, scattered all over the floor originating out of this bank in Charleston North Carolina.

Determined to find both his on the lamb father and the reason for his disappearance Tom ends up flying to Charleston NC but with an unwanted and annoying guest! The kooky and so sure of herself belly dancer Meredith, Tori Spelling, whom he met at the airport in New York City. It's obvious from the start, to everyone but Tom, that Meredith is anything then what she says, going to see her grandparents, but Tom has her tag along with him which in fact leads him to find his dad Danial Faulkner.

Checking out the bank that Danial was doing business with in Charleston Tom finds out that his father together with the bank president Albert Chartrain,Ed Grady, were laundering drug money for the notorious Colombian drug kingpin Mariano, played by Yankee Billy Martin look-alike actor Richard Belzer.

****SPOILER ALERT*** It also turns out, to no one's surprise but Tom, that his now linked to the hip girlfriend who had earlier saved his life, and kept him from being arrested by the FBI, Meredith is working for Mariano as well. It's Meredith job in having Tom find his father in order, which the street smart Meredith seemed to have completely overlooked, for Mariano and his hoods to both torture and murder him!

It was during Danials, who was in deep debt and needed the cash, money laundering operations that someone at the bank skimmed 30 millions dollars off Mariano's drug profits! And it was Danial whom Mariano held personally responsible for it and that's what lead to the murder of his wife and daughter and eventually his dropping, in trying to avoid being murdered himself, out of sight!

The final few minutes of the movie got a bit muddled with Meredith not exactly knowing what to do in setting up Tom's father Danial for the kill by Mariano & Co! Did she naively think that her cold-blooded and all business gangster boss Mariano only wanted to just have a friendly chat, over tea and crumpets, with Danial about the latest banking news and monthly US Federal Reserve interest rates!

It in fact was the good guys, whom both Tom & Meredith were very uncooperative with, lead by FBI Agent Ed Conroy who came to the rescue and prevented Mariano from carrying out his murderous plan. That's after Tom, with his father shot and bleeding to death, single handedly wiped out the entire Mariano gang including, with Meredith's help, Mariano himself!
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Horrible waste of time
ForVirg1 May 2012
Even as Lifetime movies go, this one is so bad it's almost laughable. Almost, but not quite, which is why it's not even useful for a chuckle, like some bad movies.

The acting is stiff and forced. Which could be because the script was so bad that the actors couldn't get into their roles. But then, we're talking C-level acting talent to begin with, so you I can't blame the script entirely.

If, however, for some reason you enjoy oddly phrased lines delivered in monotone voices or with forced inflection, then by all means go ahead and watch this. Otherwise, change the channel and spare yourself.
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