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Season 1

2 Jun. 1997
Ein Grab an der Donau
A Grave at the Danube - Sophie, a woman of a particular age, returns home to find that a funeral is being held for her father. During the service a woman appears shouting, "Murderer!" at a town doctor. As Sophie becomes reacquainted with her brother (the police chief), his family and a monk; and suspicious events occur - she wonders if her father's death was a result of foul play.
9 Jun. 1997
Der Spatz singt nicht mehr
The Sparrow Has Stopped Singing - a teen delinquent witnesses a murder near the churchyard and is seen by the killer. In his attempt to flee, the delinquent considers jumping into the Danube and tosses his scarf and leather jacket in. When the jacket is found, Sophie immediately becomes involved. Charlotte is still experiencing difficulty in accepting that Sophie is here to stay.
16 Jun. 1997
Blut im Schuh
Blood in the Shoe - a young girl steps in a pile of glass in an attempt to get away from her drunk abusive step-father. Philipp finds her sleeping on a park bench, blood staining her shoe. He offers help but she runs off, leaving her backpack. He investigates the pack to find who the owner is and then returns it to her with a bunch of roses. When the step-father sees them together he becomes enraged. When he is found dead, Philipp is brought in as a suspect. Sophie takes on the investigation.
23 Jun. 1997
Der Fingermörder
The Finger Killer - while riding in the woods, equestrian students find a body. Sophie, Philipp and Brother Anselm come upon them while looking for an archeological site and Ludwig is called. When it is discovered that the victim could be connected to a serial killer, Sophie steps up her investigation to Ludwig's chagrin.
30 Jun. 1997
Adams letzte Fahrt
Adam's Last Journey - Sophie befriends a homeless couple, Adam and Eve. When Adam goes missing, Sophie suspects foul play. Of course her brother, Chief Ludwig Mayerhofer, disagrees - resulting in Sophie going undercover.
7 Jul. 1997
Ein wahrer Gentleman
A True Gentleman - a young woman is assaulted and then stabbed in a casino garage. An aristocrat informs Anselm that he is the heir to the estate on which Anselm and Philipp reside. Could the two incidents be related? Sophie investigates.
14 Jul. 1997
Der große Abgang
The Big Exit - a young actor's audition ends for what he believes are political reasons and he leaves threatening bad public relations. He goes to Sophie asking for help but offends her when he alludes to a past relationship between her and the councilman. His body is later found hanging in the theatre, suicide or murder?
21 Jul. 1997
Zeit zu sterben
Time to Die - a young man wakes up after blacking out to find his brother dead beside him. Having no memory of what happened and frightened of his complicity, he takes asylum in the church. Did he do it? Sophie investigates.
28 Jul. 1997
Das letzte Mahl
The Last Meal - Felix, Sophie's nephew, and his friend Markus get into a scuffle over Ulla. She later dies under mysterious circumstances and suspicion falls on the two young men. After hearing their story, Sophie decides further investigation is needed.
4 Aug. 1997
Das Geheimnis der Puppe
The Doll's Secret - Sophie becomes involved with a mentally unstable young woman who later befriends a young runaway girl. The child witnessed the murder of her "grandfather" and is being pursued. The police think it's kidnapping; Sophie investigates.
18 Aug. 1997
Dog Days - a man is shot near a park and a family pet goes missing. Are they related? Sophie investigates.
25 Aug. 1997
Der unsichtbare Tod
The Invisible Death - Regensburg is host to a biochemical event whereby a scientist is awarded research funding for three years. When the winner is found dead in his hotel room, minutes before the ceremony, it is assumed that he suffered a heart attack. However, having been present when the body was found Sophie thinks it's murder!
1 Sep. 1997
Ice Age - when a visiting Romanian professor is found frozen to death in a lab, suspicion falls on one of Philipp's friends. Sybille, a student and victim of sexual assault, is picked up by Ludwig when her empty tear gas container is found, which was sprayed in the dead professor's face. Sophie investigates.

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