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Sex & Nudity

  • As this series is set in a prison, there is some male nudity on display at times throughout the series. Sometimes there are buttocks or brief glimpses of male genitalia in the showers and, when this happens it's all shown, as expected.
  • "Oz" quite possibly has the most nudity ever seen on a mainstream TV show. It has far more genital nudity than "Game of Thrones". Here, almost every single part of the male anatomy are fully detailed, with penises and pubic hair being put on full display, and there's full frontal male nudity in many scenes, although not sexual in nature. Besides that, there's equally explicit rear nudity, with prisoners' buttocks and anuses being clearly shown in some scenes as well.
  • The subject matter of this show is quite explicit, with various scenes of graphic nudity and some sex, as well as the fact that rape occurs occasionally in the series, with very graphic results, although mostly implied. In addition, there's brutal violence, profanity and drug use, which are described with more detail below.
  • Prison rape is referenced several times throughout the series but not shown.
  • Posters of women can be seen in some prisoners cells. Nothing graphic, and mostly out of focus.
  • There are some references to prison guards having affairs with prisoners.
  • Prisoners also have pornographic magazines in their cells but this as well isn't graphic, and features no up close or graphic nudity. Mostly out of focus and attention isn't drawn to them.
  • There are some scenes in prison showers that feature some male nudity. Nothing up close. It's the type of stuff that if you aren't specifically looking at you won't notice it.
  • A few prisoners are shown to be paedophiles, though only through talking, and none of the main characters are them.

Violence & Gore

  • This show is extremely violent and very disturbing. There is a murder in nearly every single episode, usually by "shanking", or stabbing/cutting with makeshift blades, though in the show prisoners and guards are killed by electrocution (The electric chair is frequently used for execution, though the firing squad and hanging (Prisoners are allowed to chose their means of execution) are used also) and beating and even shooting are used to kill and maim.
  • Drug trade is very active in the prison and many, many prisoners are killed because of it.
  • When a prisoner is introduced, there crime is shown (Albeit in slightly muted and in often dulled view) while a narrator tells us their name and prison number. Flashbacks to these (In the same dulled view) sometimes occur.
  • Rape is quite common in the prison, and the majority of guards are totally apathetic, if not encouraging, of it.
  • Blood is shown in almost every violent scene (Gore is never shown).
  • Insane prisoners do things such as cut their faces up, put their waste on themselves, etc. One even eats himself to death (Only aftermath shown, very bloody, with a totally apathetic guard commenting on how much paperwork it will cause them).
  • Violent assaults include a guard having his eyes cut out because of his past membership in a gang, another one having their achilles tendon cut because they beat a prisoner basketball team in a tournament, and in a few instances of limb removal. Attempted murders are not uncommon.
  • Guards frequently abuse, beat and even kill prisoners, though not all do.
  • This a brutal, cold, violent TV show, as it is intended to be to show us the horrors of life in prison: Murders are frequent and usually without remorse. People are stabbed, shot (In flashbacks, and even once in the prison), raped, and overall abused constantly and without letup. Oz, also known by its official name of "Oswald State Correctional Facility", is an extremely unrelenting and brutally violent level 4 maximum-security state prison that can be compared to some real-life prisons in the United States, such as Holman Correctional Facility, Orleans Parish Prison, Pelican Bay State Prison, Rikers Island, Louisiana State Penitentiary, San Quentin State Prison, Folsom State Prison, Sing Sing Correction Facility, Attica Correctional Facility and ADX Florence, all of which are similarly brutal prisons, and here, murderers, rapists, and arsonists are mixed with common thieves and white-collar criminals with unpleasant results. Best friends murder each other, naive people are taken advantage of, prisoners use their connections on the street to murder while in prison, and much more happens. This show is not for the squeamish nor people who cannot endure watching constant, systematic violence, and is definitely the most realistic depiction of a prison on a TV show ever, as well as being one of the most violent TV shows of all time. It's quite gruesome and also pretty claustrophobia-inducing, and it's serious, disturbing and gripping. Prison is actually emphasized to be a place where you are turned into a hard-core survivor or killed, and this show depicts this very accurately.


  • "Cocksucker" is used numerous times throughout the series
  • There's extremely strong and vulgar language continuously and frequently said by the prisoners in this show, which includes several uses of "fuck", "shit", "bitch", "ass", as well as slurs like "nigger", "faggot", etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drugs are a main theme of the show and nearly every character on the show is either involved or affected by the drug trade/drugs at some point.
  • Many prisoners are drug and alcohol addicts, and illegal drugs (Particularly heroin and cocaine) are dealt and used quite explicitly in the prison by several main characters, and drinking and smoking, the latter of which is not quite as frequent due to a ban on it, are not absent from the show either.
  • Several characters are alcoholics.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Murders are nearly always quick and brutal, and intensified by music. This does not make it really scary so much as the sheer frequency of violence makes for a sort of sad, shocking environment. It is not a horror show, and murders/maimings are nearly always expected when they happen (With a few exceptions, and these are intensified by screaming but not music). The violence, however, is not let-up in any way. The show is a drama, not a horror show, but more disturbing than the "surprise!" kind of frightening in just how often and casual the violence is, even for a prison.

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