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Katie Holmes: Joey Potter



  • Jen : What about you, Joe? Are you a virgin?

    Joey : You kidding? Years ago. Trucker named Bubba.

  • Joey : Dawson, I'm sorry I don't have the same dreams I had when I was 15 years old, and I'm sorry that I moved on faster than you did, but you know what? Maybe not everything that happens to you is my fault! And maybe just because I want more from my life than...

    Dawson : More than what? More than us? You don't know, do you? You've never known. The entire time I've known you, all you've wanted to do is escape. From me, from Capeside. I mean, you say that I'm the dreamer. I'm the one who doesn't wanna live in the real world. Well, I'm doing it, Joey. Right now. I'm living in the real world. It's you who wants the fantasy

  • Joey : You know, I have asked you six questions tonight and you haven't answered one.

    Jack : Well that's because you have to ask me seven. See seven is the magic number.

    Joey : There you go again. Why do you make light out of everything?

    Jack : Because I am aloof, introverted, and unsociable so there, I answered one.

  • Joey : Dawson, I'm the girl guys are friends with, not the girl guys date.

  • Jennifer "Jen" Lindley : Hey, Joey, I love your lipstick. What shade is that?

    Joey : Wicked red. I love your hair color. What number is that?

  • Dawson : The night is young.

    Joey : So are we.

  • Joey : I was scared.

    Dawson : Of what?

    Joey : Of going backwards, of never growing up.

    Dawson : That's what I represent to you?

    Joey : No, not you. Us. I started this year thinking that I had to say good-bye to you, but I was wrong. Dawson, you're a huge part of my life - past, present, and future - and I have to start getting used to that because... you make my life better, not worse

  • Dawson : But what good is their love if it's not strong enough to overcome those circumstances?

    Joey : Because in spite of the circumstances... they never stop loving.

  • Joey : Things change, Dawson, people change.

  • Joey : So the friendship? You don't think we're friends anymore?

    Dawson : I don't know. Are we more? Are we less? All I know is it's just not the way it used to be. Nothing is anymore.

    Joey : It's called social evolution, Dawson. What's strong enough flourishes and what doesn't we look at behind glass cases in science museums.

    Dawson : You and I? Are we museum bound?

  • Mr. Kasden : [reading from a book]  "Near the end of March, 1845, I borrowed an axe and went down to the woods by Walden pond. Nearest to where I..."

    Mr. Kasden : What's the most important word in that sentence?

    Joey : Woods?

    Mr. Kasden : Borrowed. The important thing to remember about The Transcendentalists, is that while self-reliance is a most admirable trait, Thoreau wasn't really all that alone out there by Waldon pond. He had neighbour's, friends, people he could rely on. We should all be so lucky.

  • Joey : When I saw you going for Jen's hand... it's not like I wanted to be the one holding your hand. I just didn't want her holding it.

  • Joey : Do you believe in magic? I never used to. I mean, how could I? 13, your mom dies, you hope against hope for magic, something to make it all better. It never comes, and, you know, you look to your father who's unable to overcome all of his tragic flaws. Well, no abracadabra there. And then there's Pacey. Well... any magic that was there, that ran out, didn't it? But, uh, then there's you. There's proof that someone out there is thinking of me... my friend who was with me always. It's pure magic.

  • Andie : You mean that you guys would rather watch a movie about something than actually doing it yourselves?

    Joey , Dawson : Correct.

  • Joey : Cramming dreary German folk tales and the inner workings of the Fett is hard enough without having to listen to a diatribe about your ass.

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