Sleepers (1996) Poster


Brad Pitt: Michael



  • Lorenzo : Mike, are you sure you wanna go this way? I mean we buried this a long time ago.

    Michael : You still sleep with the light on?

  • Michael : You read the Count of Monte Cristo lately?

    Lorenzo : I dunno, 10 years ago

    Michael : I read a little bit every night. I read words like revenge, sweet, lasting revenge.

  • Father Bobby : I'm telling you as a witness... and as a priest. We were at the game.

    Michael : Yes, as a priest, and a priest wouldn't lie? Am I right?

    Father Bobby : A priest with ticket stubs wouldn't need to lie. I always keep the stubs. Do you want to see them?

    Michael : Why is that, Father? Why do you keep the stubs?

    Father Bobby : Because you never know when someone might want more than your word.

    Michael : Has anyone ever questioned your word before today?

    Father Bobby : No. No one ever has. But there's a first time for everything.

  • Michael : I just wish I could shut my eyes, and not see the places I've been.

  • Michael : Revenge. Sweet lasting revenge. Now it's time for all of us to get a taste.

  • Michael : You gotta get me one for our side.

    Lorenzo : One what?

    Michael : One witness. A witness who'll put John and Tommy somewhere else on the night of the murder. A witness they can't touch

    Lorenzo : Don't they got a name for that?

    Michael : A judge would call it perjury.

    Lorenzo : I see, and what are we calling it?

    Michael : A favor.

  • Michael : It's payback time.

  • Michael : Do you still sleep with the lights on?

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