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(1996 TV Movie)

A Martinez: Steven


  • Steven : Hey I picked up your manure Auntie. You ready to start stinking up the neighborhood?

  • Reyna : Did you sign in Sir?

    Steven : Don't need to nurse, I'm beyond help. You got time for a cup of coffee?

  • Justine : Wish I could've had something like this on the rez. Then I could've been good at tennis.

    Raymond : I don't really know what a reservation's like.

    Justine : You haven't missed much.

    Raymond : Well my Dad's always talking about it. He says that our tribe should have one of it's own.

    Justine : I don't know what for. I like it here Raymond.

    Raymond : What, Grand Avenue?

    Justine : No right here, right now.

    [kisses Raymond] 

    Raymond : [cut to Toms' home]  What the fuck is this? Reyna?

    Steven : Look Raymond I know it's sudden...

    Raymond : Hold on. Is this true?

    [to Reyna] 

    Raymond : Fuck this! No! Justine is not my sister.

  • Steven : You're not the only who's hurting you know that?

    Mollie : Yeah I suppose everyone should feel sorry for you!

    Steven : I'm not talking about me! What I did is done. I'm talking about Justine.

    Mollie : Justine ain't none of your business.

    [walks away] 

    Steven : Yes she is!

    [grabs Mollie and makes her face him] 

    Steven : She's not a secret anymore! I'm her father and she knows it and nothing you can say or do is gonna change that no matter how much you hate me.

    Mollie : Fuck you!

    [tries hitting Steven] 

    Steven : Yeah! Is that gonna help you think!

    [grabs Molly] 

    Mollie : Fuck you!

    [begins crying uncontrollably] 

    Steven : Then go ahead! Go ahead!

    [holds Molly as she sobs] 

    Steven : I'm sorry. We have to find a way to talk to each other.

  • Nellie : Then when he was a teenager he was too busy coming down here skinny dipping.

    Raymond : Skinny dipping? Dad?

    Nellie : Yeah! I seen you. You and you're friends

    Steven : What were you doing watching?

    Nellie : I came down here to pray. And there you were naked as can be. Just hoppin and hollering the whole bunch of you. Girls too. What you looking like that for? Ain't nothing I ain't seen before. Been changing you diapers since you were six months old. It's good place. Me and my husband we used to go down there by the river and just go at it. Nature and birds, water. You oughta try it sometime.

    [to Raymond] 

  • Steven : You know nobody's gonna come to that meeting. They've already spent the thousand dollars they're gonna get. Circuit City won't have a damn VCR left.

    [referring to the tribal cemetery issue] 

  • Steven : The cemetery is the only thing left that's ours. Does, does that matter to anybody?

    Older Man : Yeah and the first time anybody's willing to pay us for what they're taking.

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