Grand Avenue (TV Movie 1996) Poster

(1996 TV Movie)

Diane Debassige: Alice


  • Alice : What about the social workers?

    Mollie : What about 'em? They got 'em in Santa Rosa just like they got 'em on the rez. For all I know they got 'em on the goddamn moon.

    Justine : They would if we was there.

  • Justine : Maybe there's some good in all that basket stuff.

    Alice : You're just glad you're not gonna have a baby.

    [relieved after her pregnancy test] 

  • Alice : What do you think's wrong with Jean?

    Justine : She has cancer, a brain tumor or something. She's weird.

    Alice : How do you know?

    Justine : She just is.

    Alice : I mean about the cancer, how do you know she's got it?

    Justine : 'Cause I asked her what was wrong with her.

    Alice : Is she gonna die?

    Justine : What do you think stupid? You get cancer you die.

    [cuddles her sister and falls asleep] 

  • Sheldon : There's a big mess in here, you should see it! I won't tell Mom if you get me a bike.

    Alice : Don't even try it toad, not this time.

  • Alice : No.

    Mollie : What'd you say?

    Alice : I said no. Cause it's not just you're problem moving. It's all of our problem! Everytime you do something it's our problem! You run and take off, we go scrapping along behind you! No. We're not moving!

  • Nellie : Spirits got a plan. Sometimes that plan ain't the way we think about it. It ain't just the way we want it. That's the first test of faith.

    Alice : I want my sister. I wanted her to live! What's wrong with that!

    Nellie : Nothing. Nothing at all. But that don't mean that that basket you started making in there and these songs in here aren't part of the spirit's plan.

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