Grand Avenue (TV Movie 1996) Poster

(1996 TV Movie)

Alexis Cruz: Raymond


  • Justine : Wish I could've had something like this on the rez. Then I could've been good at tennis.

    Raymond : I don't really know what a reservation's like.

    Justine : You haven't missed much.

    Raymond : Well my Dad's always talking about it. He says that our tribe should have one of it's own.

    Justine : I don't know what for. I like it here Raymond.

    Raymond : What, Grand Avenue?

    Justine : No right here, right now.

    [kisses Raymond] 

    Raymond : [cut to Toms' home]  What the fuck is this? Reyna?

    Steven : Look Raymond I know it's sudden...

    Raymond : Hold on. Is this true?

    [to Reyna] 

    Raymond : Fuck this! No! Justine is not my sister.

  • Nellie : Then when he was a teenager he was too busy coming down here skinny dipping.

    Raymond : Skinny dipping? Dad?

    Nellie : Yeah! I seen you. You and you're friends

    Steven : What were you doing watching?

    Nellie : I came down here to pray. And there you were naked as can be. Just hoppin and hollering the whole bunch of you. Girls too. What you looking like that for? Ain't nothing I ain't seen before. Been changing you diapers since you were six months old. It's good place. Me and my husband we used to go down there by the river and just go at it. Nature and birds, water. You oughta try it sometime.

    [to Raymond] 

  • Justine : What'd you do follow me?

    Raymond : I've been trying to talk to you all day.

    Justine : I know.

    Raymond : Why haven't you said anything?

    Justine : What for? No one can change who we are.

    Raymond : It's just wierd. I still ahve all these feelings for you. It's just everything's so completely fucked up.

    Justine : Yeah, well that's the way my whole life's been. Everything always seems fucked up. Maybe it's different for you, you always get what you want. You should just grow up Raymond. I'm sorry I got a big mouth. It's hard. It really is.

    [starts tearing] 

    Raymond : Okay so what now?

    Justine : Friends? Are you still gonna teach me how to play tennis?

    [after finding out they're siblings] 

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