Brassed Off (1996) Poster


Jim Carter: Harry



  • Harry : It's a bloody euphonium!

  • Women on picket line : [chanting]  The miners, united, will never be defeated.

    Andy : Poor old biddies. Don't they know they're pissing in the wind, like the rest of us?

    Ernie : Can they do that, women?

    Andy : What?

    Ernie : Piss in the wind.

    Jim : No, Ernie. That's just the point.

    Ernie : No, but on a nice day, you know, when there's no wind about. They can't - you know - get any direction on it.

    Jim : All right, whatever it is that lasses do that's pointless.

    Andy : Bloody hell. So much to choose from.

    Phil : Fart in a force ten?

    Jim : By god, Phil, you don't half know some funny women.

    Harry : Steady lads. My missus does that.

    All : [guffaw] 

    Harry : You daft bastards. Women Against Closure? That is when she's not farting in a force ten!

  • Harry : Blimey, Danny, you've been on 'oliday or wha'?

    Danny : Howdayamean?

    Harry : Well, it may've escaped your notice like the pit's under threat.

    Danny : Aye. Wha'sat got'do wi'this?

    Harry : Oh my. You're right. Not alot.

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