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Season 6

18 Sep. 2001
The Arrival
Mike Flaherty unexpectedly visits from Washington, meets his replacement Charlie, and ruins Charlie's attempts at wooing Caitlin. Meanwhile, Randall begins dating Judge Claire Simmons, who is separated from her husband, but not divorced.
18 Sep. 2001
A Tree Falls in Manhattan
Randall tries to impress Claire by having a tree cut down, only to find out that the tree is an historic landmark. And Charlie tells it to a stranger, who turns out to be the campaign manager for Randall's opponent Julian Wheeler.
2 Oct. 2001
Wife with Mikey
Mike's engagement falls through, so he immerses himself in his old job at City Hall, aggravating Charlie. Randall prepares for a charity fund raiser.
9 Oct. 2001
The Apartment
When Randall's approval rating drops because of his relationship with Claire, Charlie advises him to be discreet; so Randall and Claire freeload on Charlie. Paul hires a publicist.
16 Oct. 2001
Yet Another Stakeout
Charlie and Caitlin obtain damaging photos of Julian Wheeler in retaliation for him slamming Randall in campaign ads. Carter's coworkers help impress an adoption agency official and friend Michelle strikes up a friendship with Stuart.
23 Oct. 2001
Yeah Baby!
Randall's campaign consultant Robin has psychic gifts, which predict impending disaster for Charlie. Stuart dates the surrogate mother of Carter's child and realizes that he himself may be the father.
6 Nov. 2001
Sleeping with the Enemy
Charlie sleeps with Julian Wheeler's campaign manager Jennifer Duncan. Caitlin and Paul both befriend Robin Jones, but Randall thinks Robin is only using Paul for sex. Randall's approval rating is up with young voters.
6 Nov. 2001
She's Gotta Habit
Charlie and Caitlin have lunch with Jennifer, who makes a startling confession. A cooling between Randall and Judge Claire Simmons puts Paul's divorce settlement from Claudia in jeopardy.
13 Nov. 2001
The Wedding Scammer
Caitlin's mother (played by Michelle Phillips) has been pressuring Caitlin to get married so she passes off Charlie as her boyfriend at her cousin's wedding. Paul is invited to a fashion show by a childhood friend (played by Rhea Durham).
20 Nov. 2001
Fight Flub
The mayor's opposing candidate makes fitness a campaign issue but the opposition's wife (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) runs in his place after he has a heart attack. Charlie and Caitlin help each other out of bad dates.
27 Nov. 2001
On Election Day, the staff is nervous over the close race. Mayor Winston proposes to Claire (played by Farrah Fawcett) while Charlie continues his relationship with Jennifer (played by Denise Richards).
11 Dec. 2001
An Office and a Gentleman
Randall delegates Charlie to decide which staff member will move into a beautiful new office. Caitlin tries to find out what the City Hall Santa Claus looks like before she dates him.
8 Jan. 2002
O Mother, Where Art Thou?
Randall's new girlfriend Christine is the receiver of his late mother's artificial heart. Caitlin dates an older man named Tom while Charlie dates Tom's daughter, and the four of them wind up in family counseling.
5 Mar. 2002
Rags to Riches
Carter's dog dies. The mayor looks into charitable foundations to make a donation. Meanwhile, Caitlin surprises Charlie on his birthday with a visit by his estranged con man father (played by Martin Sheen).
12 Mar. 2002
Sex, Lies and Video Date
Randall asks Charlie to keep tabs on his niece Stephanie, who makes passes at him. Paul's latest gaff is of the romantic variety and takes place on a "Blind Date" TV show. Carter buys an expensive coat and Randall purchases a new Corvette.
19 Mar. 2002
Eyes Wide Open
Randall's insomnia is linked to Paul receiving a lucrative job offer from a senator. Carter joins the Big Brother program, but his visiting Little Brother Spencer winds up spending time with Caitlin and a very uncomfortable Charlie.
26 Mar. 2002
Age Against the Machine
Charlie is exhausted from keeping up with his much-younger girlfriend Tracy. Gay art dealer Martin Davis invites Randall, Carter, and Stuart to a fund raiser, where Martin and Carter might hit it off.
9 Apr. 2002
An Affair Not to Remember
Paul feels depressed when his divorce is finalized, so Carter feigns heterosexuality to help him play the dating game. Charlie and Caitlin have a flashback to their first meeting - in 1988 during a political event for Michael Dukakis.
16 Apr. 2002
Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
A therapist helps Caitlin sort out her feelings for both Tom Crandall and Charlie. Carter tries to help Paul to prepare for an appearance on Larry Elder's call-in radio program.
23 Apr. 2002
Look Who's Not Talking
Stuart extends his vacation, so a temporary replacement is hired and performs better than Stuart does. After much thought, Caitlin breaks off her relationship with Tom Crandall.
30 Apr. 2002
A Tale of Four Cities
At a mayors' conference, Caitlin feels awkward because Charlie once had an affair with the organizer, so Caitlin tries to make Charlie jealous. Randall renews his long-standing professional rivalry with Mayor Stone Taylor of Los Angeles.
30 Apr. 2002
A Friend in Need
Randall tries to please visiting Governor Riley. Charlie and Caitlin struggle to keep their affair secret and Stuart senses there's something strange in the office. Carter is getting a foster child.

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