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Sex & Nudity

  • Colleen makes numerous flirtatious remarks and advancements toward Hunter throughout the series. Hunter licks Colleen on the cheek during the intro to each episode.
  • Blitz makes suggestive moves on Colleen in a few episodes, frequently calling her "pretty she dog" or "pretty dog girl" In lustful ways.
  • Colleen's character is quite suggestive compared to the others, her outfits allow the accenting of her figure to be seen well, including outlines of her breasts and butt.
  • Blitz admires himself numerous times throughout the series, saying he is "So pretty/handsome that he will kiss himself" and he usually kisses his arm. In one episode, we see him getting ready to take a shower and he is admiring himself in the mirror, he has a towel around his midsection and only his chest is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence of the series is not all that bad, and lots of it is comical. Colleen fights bad guys and uses karate moves on them, no blood is shown.
  • Frequently in many episodes, Muzzle is set on bad guys and mauls them, the maulings are off screen, but we hear everything from screams to growls and biting sounds. The other Road Rovers comment on how terrible it is to watch, usually covering their eyes and turning their backs.
  • In episode 3, the Rovers are attacked by wolves, Colleen and Exile are scratched, no blood is seen but there are claw marks on their shoulders. A wolf drools all over Colleen as well.
  • In one episode, Shag cooks all the Rovers' meals in toilet water unbeknownst to his fellow teammates who are enjoying the meal. They later find out and all start retching and gagging.


  • In episode 13, there is a scene toward the end where Blitz, Colleen, and Exile break out in a song explaining how Russian names are chosen. There is controversy that the b-word is used, but they really just say "Sonovavitch" if you listen closely.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The Groomer is responsible for giving General Parvo medicine for his coughing fits.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Again in episode 3 there is a scene where Colleen transforms into a werewolf, this scene may be mildly upsetting for younger kids. The wolves and werewolf's in general are quite scary with their razor sharp teeth and the growling noises they make. Also, General Parvo's mutant canines and cats are frightening as well.
  • In episode 9, a flea, tick, and some other insect are turned into larger than life monsters, these may scare some children.

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