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Season 4

25 Sep. 1999
The World's Changing
With Miss Parker recovering in hospital, Mr Parker on the run, and a 'reborn' Mt Raines on the scene, Jarod must escape the grasp of the center yet again, dodge a new adversary, Mr White, to save another family from assassination.
2 Oct. 1999
Jarod sets a trap leaving Miss Parker and Mr Lyle in a shipping container speeding across the country. Meanwhile he becomes an Army CID Agent to investigate the apparent suicide of an officer at a Special Forces survival training camp.
30 Oct. 1999
Angel's Flight
Jarod searches for a missing girl in the dark world of San Francisco's seedy satanic night life of magic and fallen angels. He sends the team at the center a series of waxwork clues predicting the appointment of a new overseer from the triumvirate.
6 Nov. 1999
Risque Business
Jarod takes over the caseload of a sex therapist who is traumatised after she was attacked, apparently by a patient. Jarod investigates to discover the true cause of her fear and the real identity of her attacker.
13 Nov. 1999
Road Trip
Jarod helps a woman on the run from her abusive cop ex-boyfriend and from her fear of accepting treatment for cancer. Meanwhile he leads Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots on a Wizard of Oz type trail to remind them of their past in an appeal to let him find his own.
4 Dec. 1999
Jarod joins a reckless extreme-sports group to discover the truth behind an alleged bungee jump 'accident' that left its victim in a coma. Meanwhile, Jarod uses a game show motif to send Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots on a journey to discover a dark secret about Mr Lyle.
11 Dec. 1999
Wild Child
A young feral girl is discovered living alone in the woods and is taken in by a local private clinic for care. Jarod assumes the identity of a state psychiatrist in an effort to protect her from one of the clinic's doctors real, less-than-ethical, interest in the girl and her tragic circumstances. Meanwhile, Mr Parker remains in hiding, and at the center it's a question of who should trust who as the triumvirate tightens its grip.
8 Jan. 2000
Rules of Engagement
Two brothers take hostages at gunpoint in a hospital where their father is being treated for a heart condition. Jarod becomes an FBI hostage negotiator in an effort to resolve the standoff, and at the same time, reveal the unethical activities at the hospital that drove them to it. Miss Parker's father reaches out to her from hiding.
15 Jan. 2000
'Til Death Do Us Part
It's the anniversary of Thomas's death and Jarod continues to provide his cryptic revelations to Miss Parker. Brigitte gives birth. Mr. Parker shows himself yet again to be what he's always been -- a callous power hungry master manipulator.
5 Feb. 2000
Spin Doctor
Jarod learns that the man who helped him escape the Centre died. So he becomes a Secret Service agent to find out what happened to him. He finds himself working with the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force agents Bailey Malone and Rachel Burke.
12 Feb. 2000
Cold Dick
While Miss Parker and Mr Broots are on a stakeout in the honeymoon suite of a Las Vegas hotel, are buried attractions to about to be unleashed? Meanwhile, Jarod becomes a PI in a Raymond Chandler styled caper to help his old friend Argyle rescue a woman kidnapped by bad guys.
19 Feb. 2000
Jarod takes on the role of an ex-cop bodyguard of a money laundering gangster so he can protect an ATF agent who has been working undercover as the gangster's fiancée, and separated from her own daughter for more than a year. Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Mr Broots continue to investigate the authenticity of Mr Raines' recent apparent religious conversion.
26 Feb. 2000
Ghosts from the Past
Sydney and Parker learn that someone whom Jarrod crossed paths with is out to get him. So they look through Jarrod's history and try to find out who is after him.
11 Mar. 2000
The Agent of Year Zero
A blind girl upon hearing a man's voice claims that the man is responsible for killing her family in Cambodia. The man is about go into business with The Centre and is tight with Mr. Lyle. Lyle intends to make sure she doesn't say anything against the man. So he sends some people to take care of her. So when Jarrod learns about her decides to protect her and to give her the strength to face the man.
25 Mar. 2000
Jarod becomes a drug addict to get into a drug rehab center to help a woman who claims that she has been clean and that she has not taken drugs. It seems that her father once helped Jarod when he needed it. Parker learns a moment in Jarod's life when he needed Sydney but was not around.
22 Apr. 2000
School Daze
Jarod takes on the role of a substitute teacher to protect a child who is to become a key witness in murder re-trial. His first task though is to discover which of his class members the mystery witness is. Meanwhile back at The Centre, Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney discovery another secret about Mr Raines' past and another clue to follow.
29 Apr. 2000
Jarod creates an elaborate sting operation to discover which member of a gang of thieves murdered a child on their previous job. Meanwhile, back at The Centre, Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney continue to follow the trail of the mysterious 'Mirage' clue given to her by Edna Raines.
6 May 2000
Corn Man
Jarod buys a used video camera and discovers it still contains footage of its previous owners, a mother and daughter, being attacked beside a river. Using scenes from the camera as guide, Jarod traces them to a small town where all is not what it first appears. Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney follow a new set of clues, sent to them by Jarod, in search of Edna Raines, and more buried secrets of The Centre.
13 May 2000
The Inner Sense: Part 1
Jarod's life appears to be coming together, but has to delay a vacation trip with Zoe when his father contacts him with news about where his sister may be. He arrives in Philadelphia to find an attempt has been made on her life. Back at The Centre, Miss Parker continues to investigate "Mirage" and her mother's empty grave. Meanwhile, with her father and brother and Mr Raines, all working to cover up the past, the tangle of "secrets and lies" of The Centre begin to unravel to reveal some unlikely alliances and relationships.
13 May 2000
The Inner Sense: Part 2
Jarod and Miss Parker hunt for their newly-discovered half-brother "Ethan" who has been manipulated by Mr Raines to commit a terror attack as part of a project called "7677". With the Raines/Parker power-struggle in full play, the race is on to get questions answered and save lives. Meanwhile, acting under orders from Mr Parker and Mr Lyle, Mr Cox ties up and gags Zoe to act as leverage against Jarod.

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