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Hell Judge
IrockGswift2 February 2010
When I first started watching Judge Judy back in the 90s I said finally we have a judge that's honest and fair. But when i started watching it again recently she became a belligerent monster. I know a judge has to be fair in the ruling but where is the empathy for another human being. She now lacks any kindness in her soul. She is intimidating,sarcastic,berating,and heartless. I use to find this show funny as she gets on people that rather party and leave their baby with an unfit babysitter. But now she's gone too far as to insult people and doesn't have enough patience to hear a litigant out which could be an important factor of winning their case. As I stating earlier in this comment about her being fair and honest doesn't exist any longer. Judge Judy hears what she wants to hear and then cut people short with her crude remarks. I just watch the bailiff Byrd and I think even he is intimidated by her loose cannon demeanor. In all actually I think her show is for ratings no judge could every be that mean and disrespectful to the point of looking unprofessional. I surprise nobody took her to court for defamation of character. At first I found it entertaining but now the show is a joke within itself as we look for Judge Judy to bring order in the court.
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bsboyscout13 April 2020
I have no respect for her or her rulings. She showed her true colors when she endorsed Bloomberg. He had 0 chance and she proclaimed to be his close friend. As she has said more than once to others you are the company you keep. She an elitist needs to be put in her place. Go away Judy.

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I used to love this show...
greg-goremykin30 October 2019
Judge Judy is painful to watch now. She's purposefully rude and cold-hearted. comes to snap decisions, and then refuses to review or contenance any evidence that would make that decision look like the wrong one, etc. Maybe it's an age thing, but she seems like a female version of another person with these same traits that is in the news every single day (I'll leave it to anyone reading this to guess who that man might be, lol). I think it's time to retire gracefully before getting more and more, well, unjust with each passing year.
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Not a fair show
debra_brady200020 October 2008
I don t find most of her judgments fair. People bring in receipts and she picks and chooses..no one gets all they lost...take your problem to another judge. I do think she is great with small children..but calling teens losers or stupid is out of line and then doing the same to the parents..well..its seems very unprofessional. I realize these court shows are not on television for justice but for entertainment. Many of them are actually good. They are fair and entertaining..however, the Judge Judy show shows court and judges at their worst. She s rude..she doesn't listen ..she picks and chooses what she "wants" to hear which often seems to cause the real issue to be side stepped. This is not fun and games this is about peoples real lives. I wish she would step up the professional ladder a bit.
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Badly flawed
welshNick22 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Anyone who has a serious legal case really needs their head tested if they are going to try and settle it on this show. This is an 'entertainment' show not a legal show. Heavy editing is also used to make Judy look good. The main problem in this is she will make an uninformed opinion without hearing all the facts and then nothing else she hears will matter, she's made her mind up and even if proved to be wrong she will not change her mind. Apart from being grossly unfair this makes a mockery of the legal system. I did hear of one case where the defendant had a perfect answer for each question and totally outmanoevered her. Filming stopped, and the producer appeared to remind them this was a TV show not a 'real' courtroom. If you have a legal case to settle, do it in court, not here, you have been warned.
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sheryl-3540425 November 2019
This show is simply awful! She is rude beyond belief! She doesn't make decisions based on any proof. She decides who she likes and what route will deliver more drama and shoves her way down that path. I have no idea if she is a half-way decent person in real life, but this show is an insult to anyone's intelligence. Our society doesn't need encouragement toward outright rudeness and sarcasm. Why is it still on the air?!?
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Has some entertainment value... but I see why some people hate it
Wizard-85 January 2012
I occasionally tune into "Judge Judy" when I am in the mood for some kind of guilty pleasure. One thing that gives me a lot of enjoyment is seeing someone who is really guilty and/or stupid getting their just desserts, and quite often the show has someone like that feeling Judge Judy's wraith.

But I don't watch the show all the time. If I watch the show repeatedly over a short period of time, some things start to bother me. As others have pointed out, Judge Judy can be hostile towards even the most innocent people. And even when people try to be polite, they can get a hostile response. For example, I've seen many times when people politely put up their hand when someone else is speaking, only to have Judge Judy shriek at them, "PUT YOUR HAND DOWN!"

I do know that participants of "Judge Judy" must know what to expect when they agree to do the show... but still a lot of Judge Judy's attitude towards them seems unfair.

Worth watching a few times, and the show definitely has a large audience, going on for over 15 years. Still, the show can sometimes leave a bad taste in your mouth.
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Rude, ignorant and obnoxious.
jesselinegar22 December 2018
Toxic judge pretending to be blind justice berates and commands both innocent and guilty people for TV ratings
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I have had to stop watching this lady--she's obnoxious!
mawoodman22 October 2013
I have watched these shows since Judge Wapner, but I have had to stop watching her episodes--there is no reason for the rudeness and often poor judgment she displays. I realized that some of the people in the cases she hears aren't wrapped too tight, but when she looks someone in the eye and calls them a liar with no grounds other than instinct, she's just plain wrong. What ever happened to a "body of evidence?"

Two specific cases come to mind--the owner of a limo service who was accused of switching vehicles and stated that he never carried that vehicle and had a brochure to prove it, and a landlord who stated that it cost over $4000 to restore a house when a tenant left it, but the person who evaluated it wasn't present. However, he DID have both the bills and the before and after photos, which she absolutely refused to look at! I'm sorry, but I have participated in one way or another in a number of hearings, and this is NOT the behavior I have ever seen in a legitimate judge.

It certainly isn't entertainment--that's for sure!
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Judge Judy Used to be Pretty Good
chaseldredge14 January 2014
I used to like the show pretty good, but now she is so short and arrogant. She no longer listens to the facts of the case to render a fair judgment. I guess they are doing it for ratings, but I watch it much less now because of it. Come on Judge Judy and producers/directors...tone it down a bit, let the litigants present their evidence and give us the courtroom experience we are looking for. I don't watch Jerry Springer and I watch Judge Judy a lot less now. I want to see a fair and lawful judgment...that's why I watch court shows that have real litigants. Judge Milian my favorite now...along with Judge Mathis and Judge Alex...they all listen to the cases... although some of them allow a little too much background detail to be given by the litigants. Judge Milian is the best.
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Zero legal knowledge and zero integrity
akskype14 January 2020
She was a family court judge 40 years ago (where the family court is the lowest possible jurisdiction).

She has zero legal knowledge and all people on the show are paid to be there. All of the settlements are paid for by the show.

There have been lawyers in the show with far greater legal knowledge and accomplishment than she has and they have put up with her bullying simply because she pays for the settlements.

She is a vapid person with zero integrity. Behaves like a demure mouse on shows like Ellen and then a bullying clueless dictator when it serves her.

I watched a show today where someone's Iphone was damaged. She had difficulty believing that an iPhone could cost $700 and hence didn't award the amount.

I watched another case where a dog escaped it's owner and attacked a leashes dog. In the course of the fight the leashes dog lost a tooth. It cost $2000 for the root canal and dental work for the leashes dog. She said that the root canal was cosmetic dentistry and refused to entertain the suit. When the plaintiff offered to adjourn and get a veterinarian to testify/produce evidence - she said that she wasn't interested.

So by that logic - if a dog attacks one of her leashes dogs and her dog suffers $2000 of dental work as a result, it is not the unleashed dog owners fault and she would be prepared to stump up.

This is a terrible human being.

Don't watch this show if you are interested in credible legal process. Every single law school I have been too calls her an actor portraying a bully - not a judge
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I will no longer be watching Judge Judy due to her childish behavior...you have created a "monster". This is not the way I feel judges in the United States of America should be represented. I &qu
idoride15 March 2004
Years ago I watched Judge Judy faithfully. I enjoyed her wit, humor and believe it or not, her "human" side. Yes, her human side used to show through once in awhile.

I watched the show today for the first time in years and was shocked at her rudeness, crudeness and the way she "talked down" to people. There will come a day that she will realize that her behavior is wrong. She is not better than anybody else. You have created a monster. I miss the old "Judge Judy". The one whose "love of family and life" shone through even while controlling the courtroom. This is not the way I prefer for the judges in the United States of America to be represented!
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Used to be OK, now just sickening
areosvida17 April 2020
I thought she was OK, although pushy and abusive even back then, in the 90s.

I saw the show recently. She is just a mean, extremely extremely egocentric old woman. She now feels free to scream "Idiot" at anyone she wants, regardless of whether they are or not. Now it depends on whether she had a bad breakfast or a fight with her husband. Truly nasty.
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Judge Judy...Reality at its best!
jclmhabig11 April 2013
I love this show and have since the beginning! Judge Judy is a fair, no-nonsense woman who knows the law and does not allow those who run afoul of the law to get away with it. I appreciate, admire and respect her direct, go for the throat style. We live in a society of pansy whiners who get offended over every little thing and believe they should be pandered to no matter what pathetic they are. If you don't break the law and do the right thing, you have nothing to worry about.

There is a reason why this show consistently rates high in the ratings and why it has been on the air since 1996. If it was a garbage show, it would have been gone long ago.

We need more people like Judge Judy in this world. She knows the letter of the law and tells it to others like the straight shooter she is. I'm sorry if the whiners don't like her and label her 'mean' or whatever...don't break the law and you'll have no problem with her :)
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unbelievably terrible!!!!!!!!!
oliviamcpeek3 December 2009
Every time I watch her show, I am totally amazed by just how rude and mean she is to everybody. She is the biggest most opinionated bitch I've ever seen! She is totally, completely incompetent. She wont even look at the evidence people have half the time. I pray to GOD that our legal system is not full of terrible people like this! Some people just shouldn't have any power. If she was a dictator, everyone in her country would be gassed, babies and grandmas included. She needs her voice box removed like they do to dogs that bark all the time. She tries to force manners and stupid Emily Post crap on people, while totally forgetting about manners and how to treat people herself. She is such a hypocrite! She really must have no friends at all. Hopefully for the sake of justice and the dignity of this countrie's legel system, she will be fired ASAP!
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this woman is unfair and just mean
marci41123 January 2006
I went on Judge Judy recently. I was a plaintiff but wasn't allowed to speak. She asked questions about irrelevant items and never allowed us to present our case on the relevant part of the issues. She is not fair, not truthful in her attempts to get litigants on the show and just mean. Her producer kept telling me that we would be able to present our case just like in a small claims court. However, having been to small claims court they are nothing alike. That was a LIE. The producer also said that we would have a fair hearing. Judge Judy obviously came in with a decision already made so that was a LIE. The producer also claimed the Judge Judy was a good person, that is obviously a LIE. Judge Judy claims to be able to tell when someone is lying but she doesn't listen long enough to know. Therefor, She is the LIAR. We had already been to a local small claims court and the case was continued there but the producer convinced us we would be better off on Judge Judy because we would actually receive our money from the judgment without having to fight to maybe get it with the local courts. Since the judge locally had pretty much said that we would get a judgment after locating some information during the continuance, we decided that Judge Judy was the best practical option. Instead it was a farce of a trial that did not live up to the promises made.
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The crazy lady as God
galensaysyes2 January 2008
For a while I've been nursing the idea that the pretend-courtroom shows on TV reflect the theologies of their respective fans through the characters of the judges, which accord with the fans' various conceptions of God. The God of the Hebrews, for example--stern but kindly, just but merciful, and once in a while quick to wrath--would be personified in Judge Joe Brown. My own idea of God is most nearly approached by Judge Milian on "The People's Court," who comes across to me as the sexiest wife in her suburb, the one whom every man desires but none will ever have, which seems a roughly accurate carnal equivalent of man's yearning for the divine.

The most popular, or at any rate the most famous, pretend-court judge is Judge Judy. I don't doubt that most of her viewers are of the same class as most of her (so-called) litigants: working (or non-working) class people, who, if asked outright, would never describe God as resembling Judge J, but whose view of the universe He created and its mysterious ways, as discovered through their experience--especially their experience of the temporal powers--is epitomized in Judge J's court. If you stand up requesting simple justice, you're liable as not to be knocked down, depending solely on the whim of the deity; you come complaining of undeserved ill treatment, get more of it, and go out with less dignity than when you started.

Often on "reality" shows, you're seeing something other than what you think you're seeing, so it's possible the TV judges are all playing parts and Judge J isn't what she appears to be, a disgusting bully. But viewers can only go by appearances. If she really behaved in court as she behaves on her show, she was a disgrace to the bench; now she's a disgrace to the tube, if such a thing is possible. The victims of her persecution are usually poor, ill educated, and not wholly articulate, and these handicaps, which should stir her pity, only stir her wish to harass. One of her favorite bully's tricks is to ask the victim an unanswerable question and then after he (or she) has pieced out a response, trying hard to get it just right, to use it as a basis for insulting him. When she takes a dislike to a litigant, she's apt to deny him what he's legally entitled to, and when he protests, another of her favorite mockeries is to say "bye-bye" in a baby voice, rubbing salt in the wound. In one case, a woman who had done her homework before coming in began to cite the law on which her claim was based. Hardly had she begun when Judge J cut her off, screaming, "DON'T YOU SPOUT THE LAW TO ME!!!" This amounted to saying: Don't tell me anything I don't know, I'd rather stay an ignorant bitch.

To hear her tell it, however, she's the only smart one in the room. On the slightest provocation, or none, she insults people to their faces with wearying regularity: "YOU'RE A BUM!!!" "YOU'RE STUPID!!!" "YOU'RE A LIAR!!!" This last, she favors particularly. That it is often untrue can be seen from the dismay on the victims' faces, and when they begin to protest that they are not liars, Judge J yells at them to shut up. In sum, she behaves like the crazy lady in your neighborhood who screams out her window at random passers-by; yet on this show, through a bizarre but not untypical quirk of the universe's, she has been given a judge's bench, or at least a pretend one. So why would anyone have any trouble imagining that she or someone worse will be manning that greater bench when the roll is called up yonder? The Crazy Lady as God.

To me the case that revealed the essential insanity of the entire Judy-icial system was one in which a woman sought to recover the cost of a car that had somehow been appropriated by someone else. In passing, she mentioned the car's stereo system, which of course it was necessary for her to do in order to recover its value, and this set her up to be shoved around. "Have you started a college fund for your daughter?" Judge J demanded. The woman, a single mom living on food stamps, was at first baffled by the patent absurdity of the question, but at last admitted she had not done so. "THEN YOUR CAR IS MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU THAN YOUR DAUGHTER!!!" saith Judge J. Of course the woman denied it, and the response of her wealthy, well-educated tormentor was to repeat the accusation in the same words, only louder. The woman might fairly have replied: No, but the addition of a car stereo, if you can get a break on it, as you always can, is within the capacity of a person on food stamps, as a college fund is not, and music is more important than college, and have-able now. If she had dared to say as much--if any of Judge J's victims ever did--it might surprise her into betraying the sort of response she would really like to give: "YOU DON'T DESERVE MUSIC!!! YOU DESERVE NOTHING BECAUSE YOU'RE POOR!!! THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE ARE FOR MONEYED PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!" Then she would probably flog the woman, if she could. But, come to think of it, with such weapons as she had at her disposal--nasty words and a pretend judgment--she did.
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eightysrock6 December 2019
This judge is very arrogant. Doesn't let anybody talk. Meaning the plaintiff or the defendant. Very unprofessional being on tv I think it went to her head.
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A Judge Whose Show Has Lasted Way Too Long
jeremycrimsonfox1 March 2019
Yeah, I am not a fan of Judge Judy or any of these court shows that seem to be polluting daytime TV. Judge Judy is basically a horrible excuse for a judge (and she's not even a judge, as some people say). I have read reviews that contain horror stories from actual people who have appeared on the show. Plus, from those stories, it is said that Judge Judy actually chooses the verdict before the case is brought to her courtroom, which is not a real courtroom. This shocked me a lot, that this show is as staged as professional wrestling.

Also, the way Judge Judy acts is unprofessional. I know some people will go and say "well, the people who she yells at and calls stupid deserves it", but I disagree. If a real judge did what Judge Judy, then he or she could be in legal trouble depending on how bad the behavior was. She also tends to disregard standard court procedure and even refuse to hear evidence from one side, which is not only wrong, but is also illegal, and if she was a real judge, she would have been kicked out of her position.

After hearing of how Judge Judy is not only staged, but also mean-spirited and one-sided, I am starting to believe that the FCC should start investigating court shows and start making regulations to ensure such shows follow the same rules as a real court room. Also, as this show has been going on for little over 20 years, I think it's time Judge Judy hangs up the judge's garb and do something else, like maybe sign up for anger management, and leave the cases to actual judges who know the law and don't choose one side before the case starts.
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pawandhoof30 March 2014
I am just amazed how many people enjoy the Judge Judy Show. I haven't watched for a few years because she was so rude, annoying and Never shut up! Maybe She read all the papers of those involved in a case but the audience hasn't but I'd still like to hear what they have to say. She asks people to explain and then interrupts constantly whey they try to speak. People rarely ever are able to finish a sentence without her interrupting them. She yells at people which is very unprofessional. She offers nothing worthwhile, just degrading criticism. The other court shows allow what Judge Judy calls "heresay". She is rigid, judgmental, self absorbed, mouthy, annoying, smug, annoying, rude, All Knowing and so arrogant to think she never makes a mistake! She has made millions with her foul personality....just escapes me this show is continually renewed! Not a good example of how a Judge should treat fellow human beings...even though she think so...She Is Not GOD!
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Judy hates
loveliftin28 June 2011
Judy is the most hateful "judge"/arbitrator on TV. I have seen her rip to shreds women who have been abused by men, asking them why on earth they stayed with them. This woman who thinks she is kept on because she is "smart", is not all that smart. She knows nothing about battered and otherwise abused women and why they stay in their situations. To make matters worse, she abuses them further in her courtroom!! She also abuses other people who are down on their luck, or for whatever reason have had difficult lives. She should be careful not to judge until she has walked a few miles in someone else's shoes. Evidently this woman, who has had so much in her life, needs to be brought down a few notches. It would make my day to see an article stating that the "great Judge Judy" had lost all her money, filed bankruptcy and is living in a, *gasp* and *horrors*, low income apartment and living on food stamps. Because as she has so often stated,it would never be appropriate to live with or take money from her children under any circumstances. I have repeatedly told people to "never say never", because you just don't know what may happen. Some day I'd love to see her have her comeuppance.
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I love her!!!
eden05238310 November 2008
Thank God for Judge Judy! I have to deal with idiots on a consistent basis and the fact that she gets to speak her mind and tell it like it is...what a relief! She is pretty strict and I can tell she's a conservative..not that it makes me like her any less but she's a no nonsense kind of woman.

There are three rules to help win a person's case and most people who go on her show don't seem to understand..if they watch her show and don't know this then they must really be morons. 1.) Do not talk when she talks 2.) Do not raise your hand to say something 3.) Do not LIE or you will be called an idiot and your case will most likely be thrown out

People tend to criticize Judy for being too harsh but I can sympathize with her because after listening to so many stories where trashy people lie or are just plain greedy for no reason it can be a bit irritating.
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What is her appeal!
Sylviastel1 November 2009
I mean I don't get Judge Judy. Every time her show is on the air or she is on Larry King Live, I get annoyed by her superior attitude and her authoritative mannerisms. Maybe we live in sadistic society where we enjoy people getting lessons in etiquette, proper rules, and dealing with one another. Judge Judy would be the last that I would call. She's mean to most of the people who come into her courtroom. It's like they know what to expect. She did for courtroom shows what Oprah did for talk shows. Hopefully, many of these courtroom shows will fade away as the talk shows did. She's loud, whiny, opinionated, and annoying. That's only after one episode. She's got lots of opinions but where are her critics. I'm sure that because of realism and sadism's popularity in today's culture can allow the intolerance of a former family judge to let people air their dirty laundry in public for their fifteen minutes of fame. To me, Judge Judy isn't worth the time.
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Noticing sexist comments
msde-163006 December 2019
I remember years or (maybe now) decades ago that Judge Judy decried the things that women frequently got away with in family court through the manipulative use of tears, chivalry of men etc.

I now see more and more frequently that she is saying sarcastic things like, "I know that testifying is hard - especially for men". She seems to think that all men are dopes. I mean, they can't do auto mechanics or quantum mechanics like she can.

Otherwise, she used to cut through the BS, but now she's just becoming an old, mean woman. Maybe she can't get enough money, but she should go out at the top - or more likely during the downhill slide, but still somewhat closer to the top than the bottom. She will get a reputation as an unnecessarily nasty woman who has less and less in the way of redeeming characteristics.
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Getting nastier
Misberlin21 November 2019
I guess that people like to see scammers and users and the like get screamed at, but the problem is that Judge Judy is increasingly screaming at people who have done nothing wrong, depending on what mood she is in. She certainly doesn't have a problem with low self esteem, and combined with the fact that she is just a mean person deep down, a whole cross-section of people get.

Something else I've noticed is that she frequently says, "If it doesn't make sense, it's probably not true". Which sounds good, but the problem is that she doesn't understand that many people have had different experiences with life than she has had. I have frequently seen people say things that I have also experienced in life, and Judy doesn't seem to have ever gone through it. She also says, "I didn't go to law school to deal with this stuff". But she picked the job, and she sure gets paid well for dealing with the subject matter of the show.

I used to watch this show quite a bit, but her nastiness is getting to be a turn-off.
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