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Animation featuring an all star team from Scotland
witedruid5 November 2006
This was a cartoon series featuring a sort of all star, Real Madrid like football team that aired in Britain during the early nineties. From what I remember it wasn't too bad. It also featured a Brazilian dude who played barefoot. It had a cool opening song that went, "With the hurricanes the champion spirit is here to stay... With the hurricanes storm time is comin' to you today". Aside from that it also featured an unscrupulous team which try as it might could not beat the Hurricanes. The action was not just limited to football as the series also had some side stories involving the players. All in all it was pretty innovative as I don't recall any other cartoon based on a football team.
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Its Score Time
madmagpie-121 March 2006
As a bloke that grew up watching the Hurricanes i have to disagree with the previous comment. I totally enjoyed watching this cartoon and found it highly watchable. I can remember wanting to be part of the hurricanes and always said that I was Napper Thompson when I played football in the street with my friends. I remember my best friend Faz alway used to shout "Its score time" after he had scored a goal.

Alright looking back now its easy to say that it was plot less and really went no where story wise. BUT bearing in mind its a program for children does any of this really matter? Nobody ever seems to mention plot holes or poor story lines when talking about other TV cartoons.

I enjoyed the Hurricanes as a child and if I could get my hands on a copy today I would have it.

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I've inherited a team from the world soccer league...the Hurricanes!
mygreatness32121 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Unbelievably silly cartoon based on football or soccer as some call it. I'm surprised that it got shown in England at all as the creators clearly knew nothing about the game. It would be like an English company making a cartoon about baseball and selling it to Americans. Most of the players were Americans (the best ones anyway) there was one English guy but he was an attempted cockney who said 'bloody' and 'mate' a lot. There was also the girl who 'inherited' the team and would generally cry a fair amount as I remember. The WORST part of all was the commentator though, he would rap throughout and do everything in rhyme, very annoying. Should he exist in real life he should expect assassination. They always played the same team every week and they always won, it was just awful.
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It's about a soccer team?
Vaishino8 June 2002
The hurricanes was an animated series which was, thankfully, short lived. It followed the exploits of a soccer team that not only traveled around the world to compete in soccer games[and win every time as well], but also along the way they tended to solve mysteries or fight crime or something. It wasn't actually very good, but I'm sure there are a few people out there who liked it. I recommend avoiding it unless you're a fan of cartoons based on bad ideas.
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