The Beast (TV Mini-Series 1996) Poster


William Petersen: Whip Dalton


  • Whip Dalton : How do we keep her from attacking the boat?

    Dr. Herbert Talley : [shows him a recording device]  We'll repel her with this. It contains recorded sonar waves given off by a mature sperm whale hunting for squid.

    Whip Dalton : She killed a whale.

    Dr. Herbert Talley : Only an infant. She wouldn't dare attack a whale the size of the Privateer.

  • Whip Dalton : You go out and you try and kill it. But just so you understand exactly what it is you're dealing with: besides its eight huge tentacles, this thing has two whips. Each one is probably as long as this room and three or four feet thick. Those whips are covered with suction cups as big as this notepad. In the center of each cup is a claw as big as my fist and razor sharp. The squid grabs and impales his pray with those whips and drags it towards its beak, shredding the flesh as it goes, and these things can shred a one hundred pound tuna in five seconds. Its beak is like an eagle's, only it's about fifty times bigger and can bite through steel. Now, you make a mistake trying to kill this thing, and it gets you first - like it did the Griffins and those two divers - you pray to God those whips kill you before you get to that beak.

  • Dana Dalton : I was thinking about making rigatoni parmesan for dinner tonight. How does that sound?

    Whip Dalton : It sounds like macaroni and cheese to me.

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