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Season 7

16 Sep. 2002
Monkey Business 1
The season starts with the Camden house in a state of change. Kevin moves in the garage apartment and plans to propose to Lucy. Robbie meets Kevin's police partner and is ready for romance. Ruthie starts dating, and Mary has an older boyfriend.
23 Sep. 2002
Monkey Business Deux
Simon starts a dating service. Mary and Jack are planning to move to Florida. Annie and Eric have their hands full with family events.
30 Sep. 2002
The Enemy Within
Ken Smith threatens the church because he disapproves of Mary's relationship with his son; Ben reads Lucy's diary; Simon's former girlfriend is rumored to be pregnant.
7 Oct. 2002
Bowling for Eric
Eric is told he has to have open heart surgery and is faced with telling Annie and the family.
14 Oct. 2002
The Heart of the Matter
Eric has double bypass surgery and most of the family waits for results at the hospital. Ruthie stays home to watch the twins. Lucy tells her parents she is ready to accept a wedding proposal, but Kevin is no longer ready to propose.
21 Oct. 2002
Regarding Eric
Eric is recovering from surgery at home and starting to get restless. Annie tells everyone in the family to talk to Eric about their problems so he will fell useful. Lucy's friend Paul asks her to convince his parents to let him travel.
4 Nov. 2002
Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn
The Colonel sends a nutty old lady to help the Camdens.
11 Nov. 2002
Peer Pressure
While still recovering from surgery, Eric decides to spy on the new associate pastor. Ruthie is caught with her boyfriend when she is supposed to be babysitting. Kevin's ex-wife appears.
18 Nov. 2002
Lost Souls
Since the new associate pastor is doing a good job, Eric decides to give up his job as pastor, and tires of everyone asking him for advice. Kevin and Roxanne seem to have a good working relationship and this worries Lucy.
24 Nov. 2002
A Cry for Help
Eric becomes the new DJ for a college radio station and he is immediately is involved in a suicide call by a student. Lucy continues to be upset about the partnership of Kevin with Roxanne.
13 Jan. 2003
Roxanne starts dating Chandler. Simon and Cecilia talk about having sex for the first time. Eric spends his time writing, and Annie finds out it is book with sexual scenes.
20 Jan. 2003
Back in the Saddle Again
Eric continues his apathetic ways, and it gets to the point where Annie insists he see someone to talk about it. Cecilia starts avoiding Simon. Ruthie learns a friend has cystic fibrosis.
27 Jan. 2003
It's Not Always About You
Annie attends on the counseling sessions with Eric. Lucy and Kevin have different views on the judicial system, and it becomes apparent when Lucy tries to avoid jury duty.
3 Feb. 2003
Eric tries to help Chandler after the young minister learns that his father is dying of lung cancer, but Chandler rejects Eric's aid and pushes him away. Lucy accepts a date with Chandler's chain-smoking tattooed brother Sid (guest star Jason London) in order to make Kevin jealous enough to propose to her. Elsewhere, Annie is shocked when she finds a pack of cigarettes in Simon's bedroom. Lastly, Ruthie's friend Peter begs her to lie and not tell his mother that he smokes.
10 Feb. 2003
I Love Lucy
Lucy dreams that Kevin takes her out for Valentines Day, and Roxanne comes to steal Kevin away. When Kevin does ask her out for real, she does not want to go. She does go, and he proposes to Lucy. Eric and Annie try to have their own date.
17 Feb. 2003
Stand Up
Lucy fears her father's return to the church will upstage her wedding celebration. Roxanne introduces Chandler to her father. With Simon and Cecilia working together, one day he notices the business manager stealing from the company.
24 Feb. 2003
High Anxiety
Lucy tells Kevin she is thinking of quitting school, and he tells her the wedding is off if she quits. Annie and Eric help another couple face their marital problems and share their own problems. Roxanne leaves the police department.
21 Apr. 2003
We Do
A big storm interferes with Lucy & Kevin's wedding plans. Kevin's family and many of the guests have trouble getting to the church.
28 Apr. 2003
That Touch of Bink
The church needs a new roof, and Chandler talks Eric into helping him ask a stubborn parishioner. She agrees because she needs some help as well. Annie finds out the twins are stealing money. Lucy and Roxanne go out for a girl's night.
7 May 2003
Ruthie's friend Peter is upset that his mother is marrying a man he does not know that well. Eric counsels him and the mother. Meanwhile Chandler helps another couple who wants to marry but has several problems with their relationship.
12 May 2003
Life and Death: Part 1
Chandler's father is dying. Eric tries to get Chandler and his father to talk before he dies. Simon asks Cecilia to the prom. Ruthie has problems but does not want to talk about it. Mary has news for her father. Sarah thinks she is pregnant.
19 May 2003
Life and Death: Part 2
Peter tells Ruthie she should talk to her parents about her problem. Simon asks someone else to the prom since Cecilia does not want to go. Annie talks to Sarah's mother.

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