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Mackenzie Rosman: Ruthie Camden



  • [Annie is showing Ruthie her baby book] 

    Annie : See my tummy? That's you.

    Ruthie : Maybe I never should have come out.

    Annie : But... look what you would've missed... riding on Daddy's shoulders... and Simon rocking you on the front porch... and Mary... giving you a bath in the kitchen sink.

    Ruthie : My butt was a lot smaller then.

    Annie : All of our... bottoms were a lot smaller then.

  • Ruthie : I'm going to be an inferior decorator.

  • Ruthie : Do you have to have special clothes to feel special? I just put on a clean pair of underwear and I feel great.

  • Martin : Maybe someday I'll marry a girl with a lot of brothers and sisters.

    Ruthie : Yeah, maybe you will.

  • Ruthie : You're the worst babysitter I ever had.

    Simon : That's not what you said two hours ago.

    Ruthie : Yeah, well that was before you made me wear the staircase.

  • Ruthie : Bad words make me sound bad.

    Simon : No, bad words make you sound stupid.

  • Ruthie : You two better not make a lot of noise and wreck my date.

    Simon : It's not a date, it's a play date. You're eight. I'm going on a date.

    Annie : It's not a date, you're twelve. It's a birthday dinner.

  • Simon : Hey, what's going on?

    Ruthie : Go away.

    Simon : Go away? Come on, it's... it's me, it's Simon... I'm your favorite sibling, I'm the guy you shared a room with, let me in... come on, Cecilia already won't talk to me, I can't take you not talking to me too.

  • Simon : Who do you think you are, grabbing the phone out of my hand like that?

    Ruthie : Someone who needed to make a phone call and I made it, so you can have your stupid phone back.

    Simon : Isn't it a rule in this house that we have to respect each other or at least pretend to respect each other?

    Ruthie : Well, no one respects me. No one even pretends to.

  • Ruthie : Good night, Simon, love you.

    Simon : Yeah... I love you too... but you don't have to say it every night.

  • Ruthie : Nice duds. Does Santa know you stole his elfs' pajamas?

  • [Ben is talking to Ruthie on the phone] 

    Ruthie : My parents can't get divorced, you big ape, I won't let them!

  • Simon : [to Deena]  What about Ruthie as Maid of Honor?

    Ruthie : No thanks. I don't want to be anyone's maid. I don't clean good. No elbow power.

  • [Eric and Annie are taking Ruthie into school for her first day of Kindergarten] 

    Ruthie : You took him?

    Eric : We took all of you.

    Ruthie : He told me he took a cab and paid for it all by himself.

    Eric : Cabs are very cheap on Planet Simon.

  • Ruthie : You've got money, you've got new clothes, and women are unexplainably attracted to you. Are you Spiderman or something?

  • Simon : Ruthie... how ya doing?

    Ruthie : Fine, how are you doing?

    Simon : Fine... but I'm not in school.

    Ruthie : ...bye.

    Simon : Wait... how is school?

    Ruthie : Fine, except for algerbra.

    Simon : You're lying... no one said anything to you about me?

    Ruthie : Well, why would they?

    Simon : Becase I'm your brother and... the kid on the bike was your age.

    Ruthie : He didn't go to my school.

    Simon : Look, you don't have to protect me. I have it easier than you, I'm not in school.

    Ruthie : [hugs him]  Simon, no one has it harder than you.

  • Ruthie : [to Robbie and Lucy]  By the power invested in me, in *me*, I now pronounce you a couple. You may now kiss you ex-girlfriend's sister. You know, you guys should really go on a talk show.

  • Ruthie : Martin Brewer loves me, finally.

  • Ruthie : I don't think I'll be wearing this hat any more.

    Simon : [completely unaware that his sister dropped it in the toilet]  Hey, I'll take it.

    Ruthie : Okay.

  • Guy : Stupid Americans.

    Eric , Annie , Ruthie , Simon , Mary , Lucy , Matt : [all at same time]  We heard that!

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