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Sound silly? It is. Very. But it's also highly enjoyable, incredibly slick and a damn sight more entertaining than numerous other bombastic actioners. Bogosian makes for a splendidly deranged villain.
Time Out
This is Seagal's best movie since Out for Justice.
I mention all of these tiny logical quibbles because I was amused by them. I was also amused by the film. It isn't as good as the original "Under Siege," but it moves quickly, has great stunts and special effects, and is a lot of fun.
Seagal is a solid, whispering presence, but he is particularly well served by a special-effects team that provides him with one exciting visual adventure after another. Along with "Species," this is a perfect summer action film experience.
A solidly enjoyable formula thriller.
Under Siege 2 isn't going to convince anyone that Seagal is Brando, though he often sounds a bit like him. But, taken strictly as an action sequel, the film is a lively show. It's a formula follow-up with formula dialogue and formula action but the director, Geoff Murphy, does extremely well within the sequel's narrow limits.
Bogosian provides some much-needed comic relief to the slogging tale. He turns in solid work, as does Everett McGill as his head strongman, but they and others are saddled with pedestrian dialogue and motivation.
We'll bet you our measly paycheck that UNDER SIEGE 3 is set on an airplane -- although, given the precipitous downward trajectory of Seagal's career, a moped or a pair of in-line skates isn't out of the question.
Although Under Siege 2 isn't credible for a single moment, its director, Geoff Murphy, has done a smoothly efficient job of coordinating the action sequences.
It is so bad and illogical that even devoted loyalists should find their faith tested. The subtitle Dark Territory doesn't even begin to describe how inchoate and blemished this storytelling is.

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