Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) Poster

Brenda Bakke: Captain Linda Gilder



  • Travis Dane : I not only INVENTED Grazer, I've UPDATED it to use part of the electromagnetic spectrum ATAC is only DIMLY aware of.

    David Trilling : [referring to the transmitter]  What the hell is that?

    Travis Dane : As long as we're moving, the signal is completely transparent. AS you can see, we're on a choo-choo. No stop signs for six hours. ATAC would KILL to get a hold of this technology. In fact, I'm sure they'll try.

    Travis Dane : ...works just as well underground, underwater...

    Travis Dane : I not only designed the SYSTEM, I designed the BLOCKS!

    Captain Linda Gilder : What are you doing, Dane?

    Travis Dane : I'm hacking into ATAC, Linda.

    [pulls out a second keyboard] 

    Travis Dane : Now. Watch this!

    [types both codes into both keyboards, successfully] 

    Travis Dane : It's MINE again!

  • David Trilling : [Trilling just revealed his code, Gilder glares at him]  He can't use the code.

    Captain Linda Gilder : [angrily]  Why do you think he's doing this, David?

    David Trilling : Because he's crazy.

    Travis Dane : You can argue that point later. NEXT! Are we up for this?

    David Trilling : [Female Merc is bringing the hot needle steadily closer to Trilling's eye]  You can't hack into the system. There are quadruple blocks. Linda, even if you could, the codes need to be entered simultaneously. There's not enough power here. you've seen the size of the ATAC generators. C'mon it's impossible! You know that! The codes, they're different now. They're no good for anything. He can't use them!

    David Trilling : [the needle is almost touching his eye]  Linda! For God's sake, please, GIVE HIM THE CODE! GIVE... HIM... THE... CODE! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!

    Captain Linda Gilder : E U I 4 7 6!

  • David Trilling : [Startled by railroad torpedoes exploding outside]  What was that?

    Captain Linda Gilder : It is called an orgasm.

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