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MPAA Rated R for some language and violent sequences

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex scenes.
  • The protagonist sees two men carrying a screaming woman.
  • Angelo pulls down his pants exposing his butt saying "You kiss my a**, and we'll let you go!"
  • One part of the movie takes place in a strip club. Women are dancing and in underwear.
  • The protagonist seems to have two love interests - a businesswoman and a stripper. Then he couples with the stripper, who is quite a bit younger than him.
  • A woman stands up from the toilet. A small part of her thighs are shown.
  • A man's clothing is torn and his buttocks are exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a lengthy fight in a market between one man and a group of men.
  • There's a brutal fight in an alley between a man and a biker gang. They beat him, and then smash bottles at him with baseball bat. A surprising amount of blood is seen, and the man is greatly hurt, but the group leaves him.
  • There's a long chase in which a group of bikers chase an injured man through a city. Some destruction is seen, and the man fights several of them briefly.
  • There's a large chase in the end in which a large inflatable air vehicle is involved, and destruction is visible. A man is driven over, but he survives, though his clothes are torn.
  • There's a long and pretty brutal fight in the biker gang's hideout. Two men fight one-on-one on a pool table, and this leads to an all-out brawl between one of the men and a mob of people.
  • A person gets shoved into a woodchipper while still alive, not graphic but very disturbing, and no blood is shown. It is later implied that the man's remains are seen in trash bags, as characters look inside and are quite disgusted. Nothing is shown.


  • 3 uses of 'f**k'.
  • Several uses of 'btich', 'shit', and 'ass', but they are infrequent.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A person gets shoved into a woodchipper while still alive, not graphic but very disturbing.
  • Jackie is trapped at a dead end, gang members throw bottles which show them shattering all over Jackie's face. (Lots of blood is shown).
  • Another time, when Jackie is trapped on a high building by the gang, he attempts to jump across a wide gap to a fire escape on another building. Portrayed for maximum thrills, Jackie makes the distance and lands safely at his intended target.
  • One of Jackie Chan's more violent and darker films.

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