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  • Being a sympathetic parent, Goofy felt that Max probably felt bad enough about his school trouble with Principal Mazur; he saw no good reason to rub it in by talking about it. When Goofy does make a reference to it (to which Max has no clue of understanding), he quickly shows compassion and drops the subject. Max's inability to confess to his father about Roxanne is a little more complex; adolescents are very private about their interests and are especially reluctant about sharing them with their parents. Max, like any teenager, felt it was not his father's business to know about his romantic interests. Furthermore, his Goof issues gave him the fear that Goofy might ruin things by embarrassing him in front of Roxanne. In that view, Max felt it right to keep his romance a secret. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Goofy is feeling a number of emotions over Max's choice. First, he feels betrayed. Goofy had believed Max was in danger of becoming a juvenile delinquent. The point of this vacation was his belief that all that Max needed was some family bonding to straighten him out. After some false starts, once Goofy gave Max some control in the trip by assigning him Navigator, the two managed to bond, thereby confirming his hope that things would work out. Unfortunately, the revelation that Max changed the directions on the map almost shattered that hope. Max choosing Los Angeles was the final disappointment. It confirmed to Goofy that Max was indeed the manipulative delinquent that Principal Mazur and Pete considered him to be. Second, Goofy feels angry and insulted. Not only does Max not respect him, he thinks his father is an idiot for going along with this deception! Furthermore, Goofy is considering different tactics to rehabilitate Max. According to this new situation, Love and Understanding have seemingly proven unsuccessful. Goofy might have to take Pete's advice and raise Max with cruelty and fear! This is all very frustrating, causing Goofy to take a breather. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There was a episode of 'House of Mouse' (Season 2, Episode 8) called 'Max's Embarrassing Date' that shows this: Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000), Max is 18 and a college freshman. In A Goofy Movie, he was a high school student, so would have been approximately 14 years old and a freshman at the time. When filming for A Goofy Movie began in 1993, Jason Marsden (who provides the role of Max in both movies) was just 18 years old. Edit (Coming Soon)


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