Empire Records (1995) Poster

James 'Kimo' Wills: Eddie



  • Warren : Stop calling me Warren! My name isn't FUCKING WARREN!

    Eddie : His name isn't Warren.

    Corey : His name isn't Warren.

    Berko : His name isn't Warren.

    Mark : I thought his name was Warren?

  • Eddie : This music is the glue of the world Mark. It's what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless.

    Mark : Hey, did you hear about Lucas?

    Eddie : Hey Lucas man, I hear you went to Vegas and you married a mobster's wife and now you've got a hit on you and stuff. Is that true?

    Lucas : Not entirely true.

    Eddie : Well outlaw man, we solute you.

    Lucas : Thank you Eddie.

    Eddie : No problem.

  • Eddie : They're my special recipe... and you know what that means... Lots of sugar.

  • Eddie : Can I ask you something? Do you know where Harvard is?

    A.J. : It's near Boston.

    Eddie : No I mean, do you really know where Harvard is? It's another planet man- another universe. Totally unlike the one we know. Filled with big blond guys who eat ivy and row boats. What I'm trying to say is, you and Corey just aren't made for each other. She's different from you.

  • [Corey left her bra] 

    Eddie : You forgot your thingy.

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