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Stephen_Tilson31 July 2004
Two genetically altered lab mice, Pinky, and The Brain, spend each night following Brain's latest plan to try and take over the world. Pinky seems an addle-headed moron who is nevertheless capable of brilliant inspiration, while Brain displays an Einsteinian IQ and an insatiable desire to rule the world. But The Brain has a fatal flaw...

The premise states one mouse is a genius and the other is insane. But which is which?

65 episodes of great multi-level writing, hilarious jokes for adults and kiddies alike, exceptionally expressive animation, top-notch voice talent: this series has it all. The quality of the shows often evoke Looney Toons at their best. This wonderful creation is begging for a box-set DVD treatment. Are your listening, WB? Mr. Spielberg? Anyone?
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Great Fun!!Brill!!
janey_smile3 December 2004
A spin off from the wonderful 'Animaniacs', 'Pinky and the Brain' was one of the funniest and best cartoons of the 90s.

The show followed the exploits of two laboratory mice on a mission to take over the world. The Brain was a super-intelligent megalomaniac, and was assisted by Pinky, an idiot. Each night, The Brain would come up with a highly elaborate plan to overthrow the worlds leaders and assume control, but was always foiled at the last minute and sent back to the drawing board.

Even though the plot was the same every episode, 'Pinky and the Brain' managed to be consistently fresh and funny. The great writing was backed up by superb voice performances, particularly by Rob Paulson (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain). The humour works on enough levels to appeal to kids and grown-ups alike, and if you've never seen an episode of this, I suggest you seek it out!
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Absolute hysteria! A great show for kids AND adults!
MovieAddict201618 August 2002
Pinky and the Brain has got to be one of the funniest cartoon shows ever. Steven Spielberg himself co-produced this film, and once and a while actually would do a cameo on the show. If you want to see two lab mice, every week trying to take over the world, doing some of the most ridiculous, outrageous things ever see Pinky and the Brain. Just not the spin-off Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. Yuck, talk about a bad show. The voice talents were great in the show and I loved both the characters. Especially Pinky, the stupid but of course humorous one. Then there's Brain, the brainy idea expert. Together, these two caged lab mice have a great time letting us have a good time. I was so sad when the show stopped airing after three years. I can't find it anywhere now and it makes me mad. I hope someday they do the re-runs on WB because this show is not just for kids, it's got great adult humor too. One of which like I said before, when the mice run into Steven Spielberg. But anyway, if you can find this show on your local listings, watch it. It's an instant classic. NARF!
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One of the best, smartest, and most underrated cartoon shows
BrotherReed4 January 2007
When I discovered that Pinky and the Brain had spun off from Animaniacs and received their own show (the first step towards world domination, no doubt), I was thrilled. The show quickly became a favorite of mine. Now that I have it on DVD many years later, I realize just what a spectacular piece of work it really is.

Children can watch this show, sure. They'll think Pinky's ridiculous remarks, physical humor, and nonsensical catch phrases like "poit!" and "narf" are hilarious. Sometimes they are. Yet I am amazed that so much of the humor is for adults. There are multiple references in every episode to pop culture (I just watched an episode with a sly Pulp Fiction allusion), politics (the same episode included caricatures of Bill and Hilary Clinton), and general observations about the world that will definitely go over kids' heads. It just makes the show all that much funnier to me now. It's definitely an experience with multiple layers. Not to mention the people writing Brain's dialog have done some research. His vocabulary is years beyond what grade school children comprehend, let alone use. Sure, there's lots of fuzzy science just for the sake of making him sound smart, but many times there are legitimate uses of math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, anatomy, etc. Heck, there's even a song that tells you the parts of the human brain. The show's downright educational.

Don't let that scare you, though. It's also consistently zany. There's plenty of the comic falling and maiming that comes standard in most cartoons. Of course a good portion of the humor comes from the concept of Pinky's stupidity as a foil for Brain's genius, and Pinky's unwittingly stumbling on the best ideas. Yet, for me, the comedy in this show comes mostly from Brain. I love the way he vents his frustration with his dense but loyal accomplice, and the way he flatly tells people his mission knowing they will never believe him. "Actually I am lab mouse involved in an elaborate scheme to take over the world" is usually greeted with laughter from the unsuspecting buffoons that populate his universe.

Well animated and superbly voiced, Pinky and The Brain entertains with the fearless abandon of the classic toons and the sharp wit of a modern satire. I highly recommend this for kids, but even more so for older teens and young adults.
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Good for kids and adults
This was a great cartoon, following the same tradition of the equally good "Animaniacs", using a clever style of humor that made it enjoyable for kids and adults as well. Like in "Animaniacs" segments about this same two characters, the show follows the frustrated attempts of two mouses to conquer all the world.

They are Brain, the genius,and his assistant,Pinky,who is a complete idiot, but adorable at the same time.

The voices were quite good, and the script was funny and clever.

I miss the time were it was still possible to see good cartoons for the whole family like this.

I don't like very much the kid's cartoons from the recent years (Well, some are good but most of them are pretty bad).

However, "Pinky and the Brain " remains as a timeless classic.
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Hilarious, cute, brilliantly animated and zany, quite simply a brilliant TV show
TheLittleSongbird20 April 2010
As an avid fan of Animaniacs, I watch this spin off show with the lovable characters Pinky and the Brain religiously, and I love it just as much as Animaniacs. It is simply brilliant and so much fun, something cartoons now should learn from. It is hilarious, cute and zany, and not only is a worthy successor to Animaniacs but almost surpasses it.

Pinky and The Brain is brilliantly animated, I love looking at the audacious colours, the pretty backgrounds and how the characters move. The music is very memorable and really cleverly composed, and the theme song is deliciously catchy. Plus the story lines are clever, outrageous but brilliantly structured, and the scripts and humour is engaging, hilarious and zany. I think it is thanks to the superb writing, and the characters are endearing and unique, Pinky being stupid but funny and adorable and Brain being brainy and somewhat deadpan. The voice acting is absolutely stellar, Rob Paulson and Maurice LeMarche both do superb jobs, and they are supported brilliantly by Tress MacNeille and Frank Welker.

Overall, brilliant, perfect for kids and adults. Shame it didn't last longer. Personally, I would avoid the spin off Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, the obnoxious Elmyra alone was enough to make me stop watching. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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"This is the earth. And this is Pinky. You can tell the difference quite easily. One is a lump of inert matter hurtling blindly through the void. The other... is the earth."
Op_Prime1 March 2001
This was one of the best animated shows ever. This show isn't just for kids. The humor of the show can be enjoyed by all ages, much like the classic Warner Brothers shorts. Pinky & the Brain also has great dialogue. The plans to take over the world are also a hoot. Many of the episodes are classic.
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TheMan305128 June 2002
Next to Animaniacs this has to be the funniest cartoon of the `90s.



"Pinky are you pondering what I'm pondering? I think so Brain but if Jimmy cracked corn and no one cared why does he keep on doing it?"
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I strive to becoming brain
I consider that Pinky and the Brain is exhaustively underrated, I feel that the series should continue as 'Pinky and The Brain' are unquestionably entertaining!

Pinky: So what are we going to do tonight Brain? Brain: The same thing we do every night Pinky....Try to take over the WORLD!

When people suggest who is funniest on the programme I always protested Brain as he had complete power and a big sense of authority, of what he was doing. Brains anger amused me in a way that no other programme has.

Brain, in general has an wrathful attitude and his inclination for global domination can be understood, (I know how he feels), He should have found me. We could have ruled the world side by side......BRAIN LIVES!!!!

Only he can understand what I'm becoming..........

7 wins 10 nominations, enough said really!
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Cute And Funny
Ginger8726 August 2004
"Pinky and the Brain" was one of my favorite childhood cartoons. I used to watch it after "The Anamaniacs" on WB with my brother and sister. My favorite character was Pinky but my brother and sister's were the Brain. I think Pinky was so cute and hilarious. I also loved the theme song of this show.

My favorite part of each episode was when the brain asked Pinky "Are you pondering what I'm pondering". I couldn't wait to hear Pinky's response. My favorite episode was the one when Pinky and the Brain found baby superman. I also liked the episode when Pinky planned a surprise birthday party for the Brain.

I miss this show and occasionally watch it on Nicktoons. I give this show 9/10 stars.
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My personal favorite out of Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Freakazoid
jer00710 November 2011
As many reviewers said, these shows were top notch for the 90s, and remain so today. I don't get all the jokes from pop culture and politics (they do out-date after a while), but that's not so much concern, when everything else is lovable about this show (just like the other Spielberg presents). Great animation, a 35 piece orchestra for the music (boy is that rare in series nowadays), incredible voice actors and singers, and great and often absurd stories which may revisit historical events and figures... I bought the series on DVD and I just can't stop watching them. And yes, I'm not a kid anymore and these shows get better with age! Also, Pinky's NARF, ZORT, POINT, TROZ just have me laughing every single time.
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A wonderful, wonderful show
manigran30 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I was a kid, I watched Pinky and the Brain, but I didn't think much of it. It was entertaining, but it wasn't my favourite. Then, my parents got rid of cable TV, and my Pinky and the Brain days ended. Years later, a friend talked about Pinky and the Brain with me, and I decided to watch it again. As I watched the episodes online, I began to see greatness. I noticed a lot of jokes that I never picked up on when I was younger, and that was when I became a true fan.

Now that my introduction is done, I will review Pinky and the Brain. This show is absolutely amazing. Yes, I said the word "wonderful" twice in my title because that's exactly how I feel about this show. The writing was top notch, and it remained consistent to the very end of the last season. Every episode continued to be fresh, and the humour was always clever and perfect. It just never got old. And the show was also touching and sad at times, which I will talk more about later on.

The show also took the time to develop its lead characters. The characters of Pinky and the Brain are so brilliant that you just have to love them. Both of them had real personalities. At first glance, Pinky was characterized as stupid and crazy, but later development showed that beneath his crazy habits, he actually had intelligence. In many episodes, Pinky said the most true and insightful quotes of the show. Not only did he often point out the flaws in Brain's plans, but he would also say random, insightful comments without realizing it. The Brain, on the other hand, was a genius who dreamed of taking over the world, but his plans always went wrong. Although he kept failing, he never gave up trying. However, the most beautiful part of these characters is their friendship. Although the Brain always insulted and hurt Pinky for acting stupid, Pinky loved Brain like a brother. Beneath Pinky's stupidity was a loyal, caring friend. The only thing that would make PInky sad was not being able to be with Brain. The Brain also loved Pinky. Beneath his seemingly cold character was a sweet, tender side. Even though he acted like he hated Pinky, he also could not stand to part from him. In episodes where they get separated, Brain always missed Pinky and would always try to get him back somehow. Actors Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen, the talented actors behind the voices of Pinky and the Brain, said in an interview that Pinky and the Brain's relationship is the heart of the show, which I fully agree with. A lot of the touching moments came from their relationship.

As I implied before, the acting is stellar. Rob and Maurice each give brilliant performances as Pinky and the Brain. Their friendship off screen really made Pinky and the Brain's friendship come to life. They also did their own singing for all the musical numbers, and their different accents throughout the show are incredible. And let us not forget Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker, and Roddy MacDowell, who brilliantly supported them.

Brilliantly written, touching, and hilarious, Pinky and the Brain is an amazing show. If there is an award for the best cartoon series of all time, I think this would be a front runner, and possibly the winner.
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Was a perfect cartoon to share with my 2 to 6 yr old son
Guilden_NL3 July 2011
We didn't spend a lot of time watching TV with our only child, but this was a good cartoon that he and I both enjoyed.

As he heads off to university this year, we still share an appropriate "Narf!", "Poit" and "Zort!" whenever a boneheaded politician makes some statement that clearly comes from trying to grab more power.

We both have watched reruns and he appreciates it in a completely new way. It's really funny that we can share these memories after all of these years.

Pinky and the Brain is definitely one of the all time TV greats!

I'd like to see it returned to TV, there is so much real life examples of the Brain in politics, and they all have the intelligence of Pinky....
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At its best, it was absolutely amazing
MartinHafer23 February 2009
Pinky and the Brain were originally characters in the highly creative and clever "Animaniacs" television show. While neither purported to be high art, as a cartoon that would both interest kids AND adults, they were both amazing shows.

The Brain was a super-intelligent megalomaniac mouse with visions of ruling the world. Pinky was his incredibly stupid but entertaining mouse friend. Invariably, the Brain's incredibly intricate plans ended up backfiring and Brain ended up blaming Pinky--who was only occasionally guilty to undoing these plots.

The reason this show did so well (eventually even making it to prime time television) is that the characters were clever and lovable, the writing exceptional, the voice work by Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen stellar and the idea for the show very original. When the show was in its stride, it was brilliant and hard to beat.

Ultimately, however, the show began to run out of ideas and actually lasted longer than it should have. If you don't believe me, try watching some of the later episodes--particularly after the show was renamed "Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain". Introducing the obnoxious Elmyra character was proof that the show had outlived its life and had obviously "jumped the shark", so to speak.

If you have a few extra dollars, consider buying one of the box sets of DVDs. They are COMPLETE and unedited--unlike most of the episodes you occasionally see on TV today.
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Brilliant characterization
gizmomogwai12 October 2007
I remember watching this show in high school and loving it. It had brilliant characterization; for some reason, combining a cruel super-intelligent mouse with a silly free spirited mouse worked. Their non sequitur running joke, in which Brain would ask Pinky about his thoughts and time and again would find Pinky's mind had wandered far off, were priceless. Brain was mean to Pinky, but part of what made Pinky great was that he loved that, he even withstood Satan's torture. These characters could carry even the weaker story lines. It was such a silly premise, with the two mice trying to take over the world, but it was an original one, and setting the story in a dark laboratory really worked.

I'm proud that this won an Emmy. This is right up there with The Simpsons and Rocky and Bullwinkle for great animation. Adding Elmyra was a huge mistake, I particularly missed the lab.
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I loved this Show!
r-downey130 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
When I was a kid I loved Pinky and the Brain.Everyday when I came home from school I could not wait for it to come on in the evening.The show was about two lab mice called Pinky and Brain who every night when the lab scientists had left they would come out of there cage and try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Warning there will be spoilers!!

Pinky was just an idiot who liked to jump around and have a good time shouting often the one bizarre word "Narf" I have no idea what it mean't but it still use to make me laugh numbers of times.

Brain on the other hand was a pure genius who came up with many strange plots to try to control the earth.One of the funnest episodes that I can remember is one where Brain, to put the whole world into depression, broadcast on TV a film where he played a champion footballer called Brain Piccadilly who loved the game and it was his life until one day during a match he took never ending stomach cramps and was unable to play football the sport he loved so well again.This film ended with the footballers best friend who was played by Pinky of course,coming to see him in hospital where the champ tells him he would never be able to play football again.At first their plain worked as the whole world could not stop crying but when Brain went on TV to announce that he the over Lord would be their new leader,he could not stop shaking as he had got into the habit of shaking as when he was filming his story he had been moving around in a table football set and by the time they had stopped filming he could not stop shaking(I my self could not stop laughing by this point)this made the world break into laughter and their plain was failed once again.Another good episode was when Brain became Robinhood or in his case Robin Brain "A noble outlaw who steals from the rich and gives to himself" I love that line by Brain in the episode.

I do not now how any of this could have helped them take over the world but that only made the show even funnier and made me love it even more.WB made some other good shows which I really enjoyed watching like Hysteria,Detention,Batman Beyond etc they were really good but Pinky and the Brain was by far my favourite WB cartoon show.I wish they would bring this show back for another series.I may be almost grown up now but this show was not just for kids it can be enjoyed by people of all ages as it uses great humour,I would still watch if it came on TV again.This show has to get 10/10 stars.WB at their best!!!!!
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When will I be ruler of the world?...Angst!
sngbrd3914 September 2001
"I'm going to have to hurt you, hurt you, hurt you! / Have to, have to, have to / hurt you, hurt you, hurt you!"

This was one of my favorite "Pinky and the Brain" moments, coming from an episode in which Brain's plan to take over the world involved a Broadway musical entitled "Angst". This episode, among others, provided us with a great spoof of modern (for 1997) life. Who can forget the cloning experiment that made Pinky and Brain the proud donators of DNA to their clone, Romy? Or the staged reunion special? How about the "mystery product" infomercial? I'm telling you, a show that can deal with such profound issues as cloning and such bizarre modern phenomena as infomercials, and make it all funny to boot, has to be special. It's especially special to me because it kept me entertained for so many a Saturday morning, even when I was "too old" for Kids' WB. I probably appreciated it even more as I grew older, because I understood literary and pop culture references (and even a double entendre or two!) made during the episodes. There was pretty much something for everyone, if everyone was paying close attention.

Unfortunately, the bliss came to a screeching halt when a certain red-haired girl with a grating voice came into the picture and forever messed up our favorite mice bent on world domination (and belly-button lint). But that's another review.
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writekpetersen22 May 2018
I loved this show. Great jokes, great animation and great voice acting work by the entire cast. It was such a funny show that kids and their parents could all watch and enjoy together.
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One of the best animated shows ever made!
azbrewer0316 July 2013
I love this show! It is cute, funny, has great animation, and two wonderful main characters! Pinky and the Brain spun off from the show "Animaniacs", which, I might add, is also wonderful. They are two talking lab mice who's main goal is to take over the world. Their plans always seem to fail, but that doesn't stop them from trying again. This show is also chalked full of jokes for both children and adults alike. Kids will laugh at Pinky's stupidity, while adults will spot the clever pop culture and celebrity references. I highly recommend this show to anyone, especially animation fans. Are you pondering what I'm pondering? If you're pondering that Pinky and the Brain is a great show, then yes I am! Give it a watch!
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A Classic! What more can I say?
SimpsonsFan135 September 2008
This show has to be one of my personal favorites. I remember loving it when I was little. I thought it was hilarious. Pinky and the Brain made quite a hilarious duo and character conflict is what comedy is all about. Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche are both excellent voice actors and they were both fantastic in this. The writing was quite clever. There was quite a bit of satire and small innuendos in the show which made it appeal on an adult level as well. Without a doubt, Pinky and the Brain was one of the funniest and most intelligent cartoons of the 90's. None of the current Saturday morning cartoons will ever be as great as Pinky and the Brain. This is right up there with The Simpsons and Futurama as one of the best cartoons ever made.
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Pinky and the Brain
isl_nereid29 May 2006
I would Really like it if this cartoon was re aired, and would it be too much to ask for some new episodes???? please! It's super funny, for all of you who have never seen it; where els can you experience such brilliant dialog as "are you thinking what I'm thinking Pinky? I think so Brain... but where do we find a duck and a rubber hose at this hour?"......

Hmmmm, maybe it's one of those you'd have to be there moments.

The crazy antics of these two mice as they try to take over the world gets me and my kids laughing, what can be better then that?

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Childhood Show Brings it my highest ratings
rusties17 February 2003
Since I was a childhood i remember sitting every day 5 o'clock nearing the evening to watch one of my favourite shows with my brother and my dad.

About a Mouse who is an ultimate genious (the Brain) who lives with a partner Pinky, who both are labratory mice. but when the scientist go home for the night Brain starts up yet another plan try to conquer the earth. At the end of each night he fails doing his amazing plan usually because of his partner Pinky screwing everything up. One of the best episodes is the chistmas special. Now if you don't want any pinky and the brain episode but one. This should be the one you watch. The episode brings more laughs in a simpsons episode and includes very famous lines like:

Piolet- so your a quite one huh? I wonce had a husband that was quite. Until i found out he was a gass tank

and The Brain- Were canadien elves eh (pronouced A by canadiens)
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A Hoot!
Blue-3226 August 2000
It is a pity that animation is usually passed over by cultural snobs as "just kiddie stuff." Obviously, these people are deprived of decent entertainment, social commentary, and perhaps a sense of humor.

Pinky and the Brain is a rare jewel, in that this series has something for everyone. There is juvenile humor for the kiddies in Pinky's hilariously inane comments and actions, and then there is some truly pungent wit and hits against societal in/actions, and not just of the political nature, either.

My all time favorite episode was "Bubba Bo Bob Brain" wherein Brain came upon the idea to take over the world by becoming a country-western superstar. He was inspired by comments of fans of "Willy Ray Cypress," who declared that they listened to his song 20 times per day. Brain decided that he could use such devotion to his advantage by placing subliminal messages into his songs.

It took me about four viewings of this episode before I could stop laughing long enough to hear the dialogue.

A no-miss, even though the animation could be better.
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Another brilliant cartoon that isn't just for kids.
Kyle Westphal21 December 1998
While kids laugh at how stupid Pinky is, the humor really goes over most kid's heads. Take "The Pink Candidate", an episode in which Pinky runs for president. The episodes features spoofs of Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, and James Carville. The series' Clinton slams are always hilarious. Also think, what kid would understand references to "A Clockwork Orange", "Ishtar", "Brian's Song", "Apocalypse Now", Watergate, "The Island of Dr. Monroe", "Chinatown", or "Double Indemnity"? The show also features great satire of disco and Generation X, etc. Not bad for a show about two lab mice trying to take over the world.
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One of the most hilarious and innovative cartoons from the 90's
tanzimhusain10 October 2001
I must say, Pinky and the Brain is definitely a cartoon to be reckoned with.

All the episodes concentrate on an ingenious mouse, Brain's, futile efforts to try to take over the world, futile because all the effort Brain puts on is thwarted by his not so ingenious sidekick, Pinky.

The interesting and totally inverse conversation that Pinky and the Brain have fuel all the laughter, combined with hilarious plots that are loosely based on stories of Robin Hood to even Graham Greene's The Third Man!

At the end of the day, it's a cartoon that's to be enjoyed by all, and not only the children.
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