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  • After a messy divorce with her very rich and powerful husband, Nora Wilde refuses to accept his offer of $1.8 million and tries to make it on her own. Being a Pulitzer nominated photographer, the only place that even considers hiring her is a sleazy tabloid named "The Comet". She is forced to accept their offer and starts working there as a regular papparazzo. Celebrities like Tom Hanks and Anna Nicole Smith appear as themselves and try to fight off Nora's attempts to photograph them.


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  • Nora Wilde (played by Téa Leoni)) a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist finally divorces her wealthy philandering husband, Leland Banks. However, she refuses to take his multi-million dollar settlement but instead asks that she retain her maiden name. Despite all seeming amicable in their parting of ways, Nora finds out that Leland has had her blackballed from professional newspaper photojournalism. After sending out 200 resumes, the only place looking to hire her is a sleazy celebrity tabloid called The Comet. Owned by Sir Rudolph Halley (played by Tim Curry) but is run by the ruthless, morally bankrupt Camilla Dane (played by Holland Taylor). Nora looks down on this type of work and attempts to bring some class to The Comet, though her attempts fail after she is trampled on her first assignment, which is to get the urine of Anna Nicole Smith to run a pregnancy test on it. She stoops to the level of her colleagues and comes to accept the work she must do. As she grows to enjoy the work, she soon finds working at The Comet to be something she never expected... fun. However, in the second season, The Comet is purchased by Les Polanski (played by George Wendt) with the intention to make it into a respectable newspaper. In doing this, he takes Nora off photography and makes her an advice columnist. These episodes tended to focus more on the relationship between the paparazzi and celebrities as well as the office goings on at The Comet. During the third season, Camilla quits the Comet and goes to the National Inquisitor, a rival tabloid. She takes Nora with her and they enjoy their new colleagues as well as getting the latest tabloid scoop.

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