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Started out as one of the funniest TV shows out there, but has gradually slid down these past couple years
Smells_Like_Cheese2 February 2005
The first time I saw "Mad TV" I was hooked. This show was very funny and had a lot of brilliant sketches. From "OJ Simpson Bloopers" to "N'sync: The Movie" this show had non-stop laughs. The best cast was from 1997-2001. Unfortunately, Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso left the show and it went down. Every Saturday I looked forward to seeing a new episode, and now it's not that big of a deal anymore. It's not as funny and creative as it used to be. But I would recommend seasons 1-6 any time. Those were the great episodes. Now, it's getting a little too sexual and racist. It's also not as original anymore. I'm sure that most "Mad TV" fans would agree as well.
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Pure Hilarity
turtlewax1827 December 2002
I don't understand why Mad TV doesn't get as much hype or attention as SNL, when Mad is so much funnier! Lately, SNL just isn't giving me laughs like it has in the past. It seems as if MAD is willing to take an extra step and I find myself laughing hysterically through almost every sketch. Michael McDonald is pure comedy and should be recognized for his work. He's hilarious. SNL doesn't pack punches like it used to, watch MAD TV for a hipper, and funnier, hour.
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One of the best comedy shows of all time. Light years beyond SNL.
keelhaul-808567 September 2017
Mad TV was one of the best. It made fun of every demographic, party, race, celebrity, religion, or idea imaginable. This show came about when SNL was in its waning years, in my opinion, and picked up the slack. SNL has survived into 2017, but Mad TV should have been the one still on air. Where SNL has become a long-winded political church service and Ad Campaign for millennial hipsters, Mad TV was raunchy and never very PC. I found it to be way more open-minded and randomly hilarious than SNL's overrated crap. All the losers from SNL get a lifetime movie deal and attention from networks, while Mad TV stars are rarely given attention after leaving the show. It is obvious that you simply have to be a part of the "inside clique" and the "cool kids" club to be with the SNL bunch, but Mad TV was more unique, and took way more risks with stupidly funny parodies and characters. SNL is so tired and now it is nothing more than a holier-than-thou sermon and trash fest of whatever president or figure the cast/writers/producers hate that year. They are so biased and also boring, with ugly, dull characters and lame "musicians", who are usually just bubblegum performers marketed to idiots while they lip sync. Mad TV used to actually have great bands and lesser- known performers, but ones who were still very popular in different genres and their ideas were infinitely better than any comedy show on regular TV today. You can find some exceptions to this on cable TV, but very few. Mad was on par with Chappelle and Sunny in Philly. I miss it a great deal.
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was good & memorable
fliphop12 October 1999
i shall not forget the humor of this show. skit: a couple goes into a fertility counselor. after extensive conversation the fertility counselor discovers that the couple does not know about 'the birds and the bees'. she whispers it to them and they both get up and say 'Oh my God! that is disgusting!" and storm out of the room. HAH! There were lots of skits as good over the years. I'll always remember the hopped up UPS guy trying way too hard to do his job.
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Brilliant! This show really gets it!
MMcDonaldFan6 June 2005
I only started watching this show about six months ago on Comedy Central, and I have been hooked since. SNL doesn't even come close to this show's originality and creativity. One of the real main differences between this show and SNL is the way this show "lets loose" and isn't so political, pretentious, and self-conscious. It lets its actors breathe and get comfortable, making for some really hilarious skits and recurring characters. SNL is so tight-laced and "lets all make fun of the President again"...and "this constitutional bill just got passed," and now the musical guest is gonna be in the skits, and the celebrity host needs to make a huge entrance and make the skits about "them." With MadTV, you get to really know the actors more, and it makes things that much funnier. Plus the show is just plain hilarious!! My absolute favorite person on the show is Michael McDonald. My favorite sketches are Ms. Swan ("I tell you every-TING!")...Stuart ("I found it on the floor!")...Lorraine ("my husband Carl's got gas real bad")...the "Literally" couple...Debra Wilson as Oprah...and Reality Check (i just watched the one with "Richard Simmons," and I was crying it was so funny). The TV show parodies are a riot, like "The Queen of Queens," Will & Grace, I Love Lucy, and Laverne & Shirley. I can't believe these actors aren't getting their own sitcoms or becoming big movie stars like Will Ferrell, who--ya know what?--really isn't that funny. Literally.
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Sometimes better than SNL
Sylviastel10 January 2002
I always loved MadTV since it's debut. How did they get their cast? They went out in a truck and recruited a couple of prostitutes, pimp, a suicidal woman, a homeless veteran, and an overweight crossing guard. They are some fabulous skits like "That's my White Mama!" with Artie Lange as fat white man who has the soul of a black woman. Ms. Vancome is always vocal about her bigoted opinions. Ms. Swan is a priceless character of sheer irritation. They spoof the President Bush and Clintons needlessly. They even did a good spoof of ER where everybody in the show is getting ready to leave. I thought that made a strong criticism of the show. Finally, sometimes they do things that SNL won't do or forget to do. I love SNL and MadTV. I just wish MadTv would start at 10:30pm than 11pm. so I don't have to debate which to tape. I hope MadTv last as long as SNL.
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love it
bgirl1071 June 2004
Mad TV is by far the funniest of the sketch comedy shows. it blows snl out of the water. i love it. I'm not stupid tho and i will admit a lot of the sketches are overused and beat to death. they show maybe one stech that will make me wonder why i even wacth the show every Saturday tho. i hate how they started showing old clips in the new episodes, they gotta stop that. those are the only real problems i have with it. a few good things on it, because i don't have time to list them all are: stephanie wier. she brings the whole show up! there is no one better than her on the show now nor has there ever been. the only one who even came close was nicole sullivan. i say they get nicole back and the show will be even more awesome. any way, the sketches that they kill are very funny so if you don't watch the show often you'll get a kick out of them. and the same actors come back so they can really get some back ground for the reoccuring characters. thats all i can type for now so see ya
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Made My Decision...
gluba200013 November 2004
I made another review on MAD TV and at the time I wasn't a big a fan as I am now.

I love MAD TV! It's much funnier then SNL!

SNL only gets good ratings because it's SNL, people remember that it was ONCE funny and figure that it's still funny...either that or they're brain dead!

MAD TV has some really funny parodies and a lot of funny recurring characters, though some of them can get annoying (Kenny Rogers is a bit annoying and Marvin Tikvah is annoying) but some of the better recurring characters are Dot, Angela, Lorraine, Stuart (can get to be annoying, though.)

The celebrity impressions are hilarious!

They poke fun at George Bush and John Kerry (the sketches from the current season, season 10, are hilarious!)

They've also done celebrity parodies such as Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Whitney Houston, Renee Zellwieger, Ashlee Simpson, O.J Simpson, and the list goes on and on!

I think MAD TV is very underrated and just shun it out because it's not SNL!

MAD TV has some very talented cast members and it's too bad that they're looked over just because they're not on SNL!

MAD TV can have some misses sometimes, but mostly all the time it's hits with hilarious sketches!!!

If you've never seen MAD TV then catch the reruns on Comedy Central or watch it on FOX, Saturdays at 11 PM!
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pbiasizzo3 August 2003
I watch this show every Saturday night, basically because I'm so disappointed with SNL. The show lost something great when Cheri Oteri left. I have to say that out of the entirely talented cast, the funniest member is Mo Collins. Her characters, Trina, Stuart's Mom, and my personal favorite, Lorraine, kill me everytime I watch it. Also watch it for Stephanie Weir, Aries Spears, and Debra Wilson. They are much more talented than some of the SNL members, I guarantee it.
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Pleasent Suprise...
Hypno-21 June 1999
Got to tell you when i first saw this tv series i thought it would be cancelled. being goofy and a little corny but they started taking more risk and its gotten hysterical sure sometimes they cross the line to ok thats it. but hey they still rule and it i think it will soon replace SNL.
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Very entertaining
ckmec-119 August 2004
I saw my first ever episode out of complete boredom. After that however, I never looked back. The characters can be hilarious in their own way (except Stephnie Weir). Current seasons introduced Stuart, Ms. Swan, and the stupid, but funny Lorraine Swanson. Earlier, the Reality Check and Vancome Lady were brought on. The first few seasons were the best and one will not forget the "Lowered Expectations" or "Cabana Chat" skits. Many sketches (like Saturday Night Live) can be beaten into the ground, but aside from that, I'll laugh.

If you don't laugh, then by all means, watch something else.

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Intelligent sketch comedies like Mad are what we need for this world of worthless Television
claudiamcc26 June 2008
I have to say,Mad TV is so bloody hilarious,especially with physical comedy.Yes,it was offensive(and still is),but at least it's not the cheesy Fast Forward Show or the so-called comedian Will Ferrall(no offense to the fans of him,but this is what I really think of him)and Mike Myers does pathetic kids movies now like Shrek,though the only movies I ever liked were Austin Powers(they were all comically classic).

The greatest things about this show was how over-the-top it was in oh-so-funny ways.The mockery and satirical parodies from music,movies,TV shows,video games,toys,real-life problems,bathroom humour,to practically everything,and I MEAN EVERYTHING.When watching the show,it was like reading Mad magazine put on television virtually,it was fun.

There isn't anything else to talk about this show because of how genius everything is in this show.One more thing,I thank the show so much for doing a take off of the High school musical film in a humorous version.That film was campy.
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Madtv should've been cancelled years ago.
TOMNEL18 June 2006
With "Saturday Night Live", they still occasionally have a funny sketch, but with Madtv I haven't seen a sketch that made me laugh in years. The first 5 years of the show were very good, seasons 1-3 being the best. They had movie parodies that looked like the movies, being filmed differently on good film. The old shows usually had around 20 skits per episode, and they tried to capture Mad magazine. They had Spy vs. Spy, Don Martin cartoons and had Alfred E Newman as the shows mascot, which they have since dropped for some reason. Now Madtv has around 8 sketches per episode, with a couple of them being about recurring characters who get very annoying very fast. When you have 8 sketches per episode, it's much harder to get a good sketch, where with 20 if half are good, the other ones are short and if bad, they're still funny. So over the years, the show has lost a lot of talented actors, and gained mediocre performers, they've lost their hilarious animated segments, and they've lost any relation to the Mad magazine. I'm hoping the network cancells this soon, because I'd hate to see it get any worse.

My rating: ** 1/2 out of ****. 1 hr. T14
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Mad Vs. Snl?. There's No Question.
barrybgb17 February 2004
While SNL will always be the granddaddy of these sketch shows, it is a hit and miss show that elicits few big laughs even when it is on an upward swing. Mad TV is, without a doubt, ten times funnier. Even when it isn't hitting on all cylinders, it is still funnier that most of SNL and gets bigger, heartier laughs. The characters, like Stuart, Ms. Swan, Dot, Lorraine, Trina, Marvin Tikvah, Rusty, and impersonations of Kenny Rogers and Oprah to name a few, far outshine any characters SNL has done in the last 10 to 12 years, if not longer. The cast is funnier and more talented than the majority of SNL cast members in the last 9 years that Mad has been on. What is most surprising is how easily Mad tops SNL, who at times look like it's going to explode from pushing too hard. Mad is a lot edgier, and has pushed the boundaries that SNL hasn't even tried. I like SNL. It's an institution, but Mad TV is clearly superior television, while SNL remains a somewhat funny security blanket.
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Much better than Saturday Night Live...
asciilogic23 January 2004
Mad TV is definitely better than Saturday Night Live (SNL). The sketches are funnier, well developed and just plain insane; it reminds me of Monty Python's outrageous comedy. On the other hand, SNL is soooo dry...the sketches tend to be on the boring side...mostly b/c they try very hard to pull off "sophisticated" jokes, ie, the jokes tend to be very conservative....they never let loose.

Mad has no problem with letting loose. For this reason, I can sit through the entire show and laugh my butt off. Sitting thru SNL has become an exercise in after watching the entire hour of Mad TV, I may watch what's left of SNL...but I usually don't.
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Toxic Waste on TV
michael_the_nermal8 June 2006
Horrible, horrible TV show! Why Comedy Central decided to repeat old episodes of this program is beyond me. It really sucks! I am, of course, speaking about the seasons after the first two. The first two seasons were golden, and if I was exclusively talking about those seasons, this show would have gotten eight out of ten stars. None of the comedians appearing after the first two seasons who were not part of the original cast are any good. They were, and are, awful. The comedy is not funny at all. AT ALL!!!

The original cast was full of very talented comedians, like Artie Lange, Phil LaMarr, and Mary Schorr (or whatever her name is), all of whom should have gotten better deals after they left MAD TV. This show is highly overrated, and less worthy of your channel surfing time than Saturday Night Live, another horrible show. Go out on Saturday night and have fun, and leave MAD TV to wither and die, as it deserves to.
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Best Comedy show ever
mas15199020 April 2008
MADtv is the best comedy show i have ever seen!

It always had great cast members and characters MADtv will stay alive for a very long time. MADtv already beat InLivingColor. InLivingColor only lasted four years with five seasons. MADtv has been out since 1995 and is still on today. The show is already up to its 13th season and will still always dish out the laughs. MADtv is the greatest show i have ever watched! Saturday Night Live is getting very dumb. I have not been laughing at anything of Saturday Night Live. It used to be funny i don't know how it is up to its 33rd season. Saturday Night Live was out since 1975 and it's getting really dumb. MADtv will stay funny forever!
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I once heard that it was an "SNL" rip-off, but I love it.
lee_eisenberg10 September 2007
OK, so maybe "Mad TV" is the same sort of thing as "Saturday Night Live", but you still gotta love it! No matter what the situation is, they always find something great to do (including a recent skit where Kim Jong Il has the hots for Jennifer Love Hewitt during the Macy's Day Parade). Part of what it shows is that as long as our society - and the world in general - functions as it does, satire will always have a place.

As for the cast, they're all quite hilarious. Bobby Lee and Frank Caliendo have got to be some of the funniest guys out there; if you haven't seen Caliendo's George W. Bush imitation, then you're really missing something! If I have to choose between this one and "SNL", I would probably go with the latter just because of it's early days. But you can't deny that this one provides its solid share of laughs. It's a modern TV classic.
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Successfully marketing bad shows 101
mcnuggethell17 February 2001
Question: What do you do when you have a sketch based "comedy" show that you want to be the next SNL or Kids In The Hall, yet you have no talent, horrible writers and unbelievably annoying actors?

Answer: Immerse your show in horrendous hip-hop culture since all the kiddies think its cool, and if the teeny boppers like hip hop, obviously they'd be too busy admiring your "down with rap" attitude to notice the show isn't actually funny. If anyone tells you that being funny is, you know, supposed to be the whole POINT, ignore them.

Mad TV is horrible. Horrible. Actors who you want to slap, writers who fall back on being mean spirited since that's easier than producing well written comedy (not that mean spirited humor is bad... it's just bad when writers fall back on it when they don't have the talent to be humorous in general. Which is the case for Mad TV), and a grating atmosphere all around... take every degree of badness that I've impressed upon you in this review, increase it fivefold, and you've got the sheer horrid quality of Mad TV. It's that awful.

In fairness, I guess I should say that the first two seasons or so of Mad were actually better than SNL was at the time - and that says as much about SNL those days as it does Mad, but Mad deserves credit for those seasons. Too bad the good actors left, the writers got better jobs, and Mad TV got such brilliance as the "stupid Asian woman who sounds really annoying" Miss Swan skits and the unwatchable Rusty skits.
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No Comparison to SNL
Pzachlen31 July 2017
Mad TV is without a doubt the best show of it's kind ever.How and why it got cancelled is a mystery when you consider that SNL is still running. SNL has not been funny for years now, It was once,not so anymore. As outrageous as Mad TV can be, how offensive it also can be ,IS what makes it so God Damm Hysterical. The chances it takes with it's subjects are no where else on American TV. Mad TV would never make it in todays P.C. culture.It would be worth watching some of the skits on YOU TUBE. From Stewart,to Miss Swain, to the Vancombe Lady, there has never been a show to take such chances with it's Politically Incorrect Writings.
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Love at First Sight!
MubukuGrappa25 March 2005
It was a September night in 2002 at Jerusalem. A few of us were flying to Berlin the next (early) morning, and we were spending that night at my colleague's place. To kill time, we started watching TV programs first, followed by "Monthy Python's Meaning of Life" and another movie. And then when we had nothing else to watch, but still a couple of hours to pass, suddenly there sprung up MAD TV. What the program was about how Arnold, the Terminator, was assigned the duty of protecting the newly-born Jesus and how he went on his duty, killing Judas to stop Jesus from being betrayed. And sitting at a place, only about 3 miles from Bethelhem, I fell in love with MAD TV. The love is still there!

Not that everything MAD TV does is fun. Many of the programs are boring and repetitive; but each Saturday night, one gets at least 15 minutes of real fun within an hourly episode, which is sufficient for someone like me to wait for the show each week. I also like their effort to be always politically incorrect.

My favorite actor of MAD TV: Nicole Parker. I just love her, be it her impersonating Ashley Simpson, Hillary Swank,or Norah Jones (falling asleep while singing!). I would actually like to date her (Nicole, if you're single and reading this, send me a mail please!).

And no, I don't have anything against the other actors. I like them too, mainly Daniele and Stephnie!
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Still The Funniest Saturday Night Live Alternative
FloatingOpera725 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Fox produced a smash hit with this zany and creative alternative to NBC's Saturday Night Live. Airing every Saturday at 11pm since 1995, Mad TV is now in it's 10th season. Cast members have come and gone, even reprised their roles in comeback cameos. Among these are the original cast- Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, Artie Lang, Will Sasso, Michael MacDonald, Mo Collins, Phil Lamar, Orlando Jones, Ares Spears. The first season (1995 to 1996) was an explosion of comic skits and colorful characters. Back then, there was a closer connection to Mad Magazine. The logo/cover of the magazine appeared during the opening credits and the Black Spy Vs White Spy bit was used frequently. Later on, it took its own path and new characters were developed. These included the sassy, rude and discriminating Vancome Lady played by Nicole Sullivan, Oprah Winfrey portrayed dead-on by Debra Wilson, Lina and Melina, two Puerto Rican sassy girlfriends, Phil Lamar as the overactive UPS Guy, Michael McDonald as the depressed and rude Persian cab driver and as the witty but mentally challenged boy Stewart. And who can forget Alex Borstein as the stereotypical Asian woman Miss Swan who ran a nail salon and who drove people crazy by saying "He look like a man." While too many people, this show is cartoonish and definitive of Fox broadcasting (Frank Caliendo, a newer star of the show, is even a spokesperson for the NFL on Fox), this show has attracted a variety of stars. Director and producer Amanda Bearse, better known as Marcy Darcy from Married With Children, was behind the scenes of the show. This show is still funny at times, though it is losing some of its glimmer. I just hope they attempt to revive the show before it gets too stale. If Saturday Night Live can survive since its premiere in the 70's, so can this.
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Really funny!!!
Rick311 December 2003
Mad TV was at its prime in 1995. But ever since then the writers seemed to have run out of ideas. The plot lines get duller and and sometimes just don't make sense. When are they going to make a DVD for it. Like Malcolm in the middle, The simpsons, King of the Hill and Buffy. It seems every other show has one except for Mad!
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one of the best tv shows!
ThrillRide896 July 2003
Mad tv is one of my favorite tv shows! ever since i started watching the episodes, i couldn't stop laughing! it is perfect if you want to hear expressions, spoofs, or just plain funny stuff! one of my favorite cast members in the show is Stephanie Weir, she does the funniest expressions and she makes me crack up in almost every sketch she's in! Alex Borstein is also really funny, especially with Ms Swan! me and my friends all love that character and she's perfect at it. Michael Mcdonald is also a crack up for me and my friends when he plays Stuart! this is the perfect show to enjoy, and mostly laugh!
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