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Season 4

12 Sep. 1998
A Whole New Ballgame
Mike Katowinski replaces Coach Fuller, but the new team with Kenny 'Silk' Hayes, Rico Bosco, and Nick Hammer isn't coming together so well. The new coach treats Julie differently from the guys. Kristy gets a letter from Teddy saying that he and Vince are at the University of Southern Florida with Coach Fuller, Vince is dating Miss Florida Orange Juice and that Danny is currently working on his stand-up at NYU.
12 Sep. 1998
Team Players
Michael talks about how bad the new guys are and is overheard by Hammer who tells the rest of the team, which causes a rift. Mary Beth tries to get into the good graces of Coach Katowinski.
19 Sep. 1998
Let Them Play
The team finds out that a player on a rival team has HIV. After receiving a C and D on two art history assignments, Kristy writes a mean letter to her teacher.
19 Sep. 1998
Lend a Helping Hammer
Hammer finds out that a waitress at the Stadium is homeless. Coach Katowinski wants the team to improve its agility and flexibility so he calls in a ballet teacher.
26 Sep. 1998
S.A.T. Blues
Hammer finds out that his S.A.T. scores aren't good enough to get him into any of the colleges that he had planned to attend. Kristy tries to convince Hammer to take the S.A.T.s again. Julie and Michael's anniversary is coming up and when Mary Beth overhears Michael talking about buying a Ruby guitar, she mistakenly thinks that he's buying Julie a ruby.
26 Sep. 1998
Easy Credit
Silk racks up a large debt when he uses his new credit card. Julie is named Indiana state player of the month.
3 Oct. 1998
Assault and Pepper Spray
When Kristy is mugged in the parking lot of the Deering Plaza, she takes a self-defense class with Mary Beth and Julie. Rico, Silk and Hammer try to convince Coach Katowinski to use his extra Indiana Pacers ticket on one of them.
3 Oct. 1998
High Hoops
Rico starts smoking marijuana which causes significant problems for him and his friends. Michael, Mary Beth and Kristy take Auto Shop in hopes of getting an easy A.
10 Oct. 1998
Love Triangle
Mary Beth discovers that Kristy likes Hammer. She tries to set them up on a blind date but Hammer thinks Mary Beth is trying to set herself up with him. Coach Katowinski organizes a school dance with help from the team.
17 Oct. 1998
Texas Rose
The team travels to Texas to play in the Tri-state final. Silk meets Rose. He sees her as she gets out of a limousine so he thinks that she's wealthy. Kristy meets a guy named Antonio who she thinks can only speak Spanish.
17 Oct. 1998
Restless Mary Beth
In order for her to attend California University, Mary Beth needs to participate in more extracurricular activities. After Mary Beth joins the marching band, the debate team and the cheerleading squad, she finds out there's an election for a new student council president. Coach Katowinski gets a new hot tub to be only used for sports injuries but the team has other ideas.
17 Oct. 1998
Shoot Out
Coach Katowinski finds out that the coach of the rival team is his old assistant, who is now in a wheelchair. Kristy can't forgive Antonio for pretending to not understand English.
24 Oct. 1998
Nothing in Common
Mary Beth gives herself a makeover to look more like a biker, to surprise Hammer. Coach Katowinski thinks about buying the Stadium.
24 Oct. 1998
And Then There Were Nuns
Julie finds out Kristy has run off with Antonio to a wedding.
31 Oct. 1998
The Tall and the Short of It
Rico starts a romantic relationship with a tall girl but tries to hide it from his friends as he is fearful of being ridiculed.
31 Oct. 1998
Just Friends
Julie realizes that her feelings for Michael have changed. Mary Beth takes a job that makes her Kristy's boss.
7 Nov. 1998
Sharing the Spotlight
If Julie doesn't get a good grade on her math exam, she has to be benched from playing.
7 Nov. 1998
New Girl in Town
A girl named Eve joins the gang, hoping to get noticed by college scouts. Eve starts getting jealous of Julie's ability to play.
14 Nov. 1998
Rocky Road to the Playoffs
Michael is afraid to tell his dad about his bad report card because he might not be allowed to play basketball anymore. Kristy and Mary Beth compete in a one-on-one basketball competition in order to win a car.
14 Nov. 1998
Kristy Nightingale
When Kristy takes a job as a nurse's assistant at the camp, she nearly kills Rico when treating his bee sting and loses all of her confidence. Julie and Mary Beth pull a prank on the guys to try and scare them.
21 Nov. 1998
Phenom Blues
The team's first game on their way to the state championship is against the team with the best player in Indiana. When Mary Beth convinces Kristy to play in a pool tournament to win a present for the coach, she ends up facing him in the finals.
22 Nov. 1998
New York Nick
The Deering team win a trip to New York City. Hammer looks up an old girlfriend and Mary Beth feels jealous. Rico, Silk and Michael get into a food fight at a New York Knicks game.
28 Nov. 1998
Breaks of the Game
The Tornadoes make it to the state championship finals, but Hammer gets benched when he tests positive for steroids. Hammer says that he has never taken steroids but Silk and Rico refuse to believe him and this affects their performance in the state finals. Kristy meets an artist who asks her to pose for him.
28 Nov. 1998
Window of Opportunity
Mary Beth works at a department store to come up with ideas for the teen department. She is shocked when her boss takes credit for her ideas. Coach plays Santa Claus at the mall, with Rico, Silk, Hammer and Michael as elves.
5 Dec. 1998
Christmas in New York
In New York, Rico meets his grandfather, who wants to spend Christmas with him. Rico is embarrassed by him and lies to him, saying the team won't be around the city during the holidays.
5 Dec. 1998
Waiting for Mary Beth
The Deering gang reminisce about the past year. A famous hairdresser ruins Mary Beth's hair.

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