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Season 3

6 Sep. 1997
Team Captain
New cheerleader Kristy Ford and new player Michael Manning both arrive at Deering. Julie is disappointed when the team choose Michael to be the new team captain. Mary Beth reveals that she kissed Ryan Parker at space camp.
6 Sep. 1997
Sexual Harrassment
Mary Beth uses up the team's budget for the entire year to buy sport bags. Coach Fuller demands that Mary Beth raise back the money she blew; when her dad won't cover it, she becomes a waitress at Stadium. The situation gets complicated with her manager Tom, a former Deering basketball star, who begins to sexually harass her. The basketball team gets tattoos in order to show team unity for their upcoming season.
20 Sep. 1997
First Game of the Season
Deering's new vice principal turns out to be Coach Fuller's ex-fiancée. The team is given detention two days before their game. The team's first game is facing Michael's former team, Lynwood.
20 Sep. 1997
Fighting Words
After Danny gets into a verbal altercation with a bully, he takes up karate, as do Michael, Teddy and Vince. The Montrose and Deering cheerleaders have a prank war.
27 Sep. 1997
No Smoking
Coach Fuller is ready to drop Teddy from the team unless he is willing and able to give up cigarettes. Kristy has a run of bad luck after she walks under a ladder.
27 Sep. 1997
Coach Fuller's Car
Coach Fuller needs someone to look after his beloved Range Rover while he's gone. He gives Julie, Vince, Danny, and Teddy a list of rules before he leaves the car in their care. Michael's band "Slam Funk" plays at a college frat party, with Kristy and Mary Beth performing as backup backup singers. Julie, Vince, Danny and Teddy go to the party as well...and enjoy some punch which turns out to be spiked.
4 Oct. 1997
Julie's Guy
Julie is dating a player from a rival team. Mary Beth tries to arrange a dinner so all the players can get to know each other. Kristy prepares for her driving exam.
4 Oct. 1997
Playing with Pain
A scout from the University of Arizona comes to see Michael. He hurts his ankle while practicing with Julie and tries to hide the extent of his injury. Kristy tries to teach Mary Beth the bones of the human body.
11 Oct. 1997
Not a D'Amata
Nicky, Vince's little brother, returns from France. Nicky now likes writing poems, something that Vince doesn't consider suitable for a D'Amata.
11 Oct. 1997
Kristy's Other Mother
The team goes to California to play in a tournament. Kristy finds out that her birth mother lives in California. The guys enter a game show, only to find out it's a dating show.
18 Oct. 1997
The Hustlers
In California, Julie and Teddy are the only ones practicing; the rest of the team goes with Mary Beth to watch for celebrities at their hotel. Julie and Teddy are targeted by professional basketball hustlers. Vince finds Mel Gibson's wallet.
18 Oct. 1997
Fuller's Rival
Coach Fuller wants to beat his rival's team in the upcoming finals of the LA Invitational tournament. Julie and Kristy compete for the attention of a guy that works at the hotel the team is staying at.
25 Oct. 1997
The Perfect Girl
After she enters a modeling contest and loses, Mary Beth considers plastic surgery. Coach Fuller is a substitute teacher for cooking class, leading Danny, Julie, Michael and Teddy to assume (much to their regret) that it will be a cakewalk.
25 Oct. 1997
Blood Drive
Vince agrees to help Mary Beth organize the school dance. Danny offers to help Kristy with the school's blood drive. Michael doesn't want to ask Julie to the dance because he can't dance.
1 Nov. 1997
Teen Mom
Danny starts dating a teen mom. Kristy gets addicted to a video game at the Stadium and misses the photo shoot that would put the girls on the cover of Girls in Sports Magazine.
1 Nov. 1997
Midnight Basketball
The gang volunteer for the teen line, where kids call in to get advice. Some kids trash the locker room after losing a game against the Deering basketball team. Meanwhile, Julie and Michael have feelings for each other but don't know what to do. They both call the teen line separately, but get some not-so-good advice from Danny and Mary Beth.
8 Nov. 1997
Mary Beth's Parents
Mary Beth celebrates her birthday at a ski lodge and finds out her parents are divorcing. Coach Fuller goes ice fishing to catch the "boss" bass fish.
8 Nov. 1997
The Laugh Riot
Danny has a dream of performing stand up comedy and performs at the ski lodge's comedy club. Mary Beth loses an expensive ring that she was given by Vince.
15 Nov. 1997
Love on the Rockies
After Julie finds out that her ex-boyfriend Paul is staying at the lodge, Mary Beth convinces her to not tell Michael. Teddy, Danny, Kristy and Coach Fuller rescue a millionaire while skiing.
15 Nov. 1997
Fuller's Camp
Coach Fuller has a basketball camp. The gang are counselors. There's only one girl there, so Julie tries to bond with her. Mary Beth receives love letters from one of the kids. Danny is terrorized by his group of kids.
22 Nov. 1997
Kristy Connor
Kristy borrows a jacket from Julie, for whom Kristy is consequently mistaken by a cute fan of Julie's. Coach Fuller orders hamburgers for the team from Vince's uncle. They get a little more than they expected when a live cow shows up.
22 Nov. 1997
Game Point
Kristy writes a paper on how sports can enhance personal relationships. She proves this by looking back on things that have happened over the last three years.
29 Nov. 1997
Teddy enters into a pizza-eating contest to win concert tickets. The gang is disappointed when they find out that the concert is on a work day. Coach Fuller receives a rare 1918 standing liberty quarter worth $5,000; he entrusts Mary Beth with the rare quarter, which proves to be a disastrous mistake when Vince uses the quarter to buy a soda.
29 Nov. 1997
Goodnight Vince
Vince loses his confidence when he misses a free throw during a game. Mary Beth searches for the perfect gift to thank Coach Fuller for a winning season.
6 Dec. 1997
The Curfew
Coach Fuller sets a curfew for the team before the big game. However, Teddy meets a girl and is invited to her sorority's party. He goes to the party with the idea that he'll only stay for a little while and get back in time for Coach Fuller's head count at curfew.
6 Dec. 1997
Fuller's Big Offer
The Tornadoes make it to the Indiana State Championship finals. Southern Florida University wants to hire Coach Fuller. The team is more worried about losing their coach than their game.

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