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Season 2

7 Sep. 1996
Winning Isn't Everything
A new school year at Deering High begins and the basketball season is off to a shaky start, with the departure of last year's starting line-up freshman Michael Maxwell, and seniors Earl Hatfield and Chris Atwater. Mary Beth announces that she has taken the position of team manager from Samantha (who's at college in Chicago), changes Deering's basketball uniforms, and appoints a new lively head cheerleader, Amy. With the addition of newcomers Vince D'Amata and Teddy Brodis (Coach Fuller's godson) to the team, Julie, Danny and Mary Beth try to recruit the talented Josh ...
14 Sep. 1996
Just One of the Guys
Julie has a crush on new teammate Josh Sanders, but when she thinks boys don't notice her, she has an identity crisis and quits the team. Meanwhile, Danny, Teddy and Vince makes fun of the cheerleaders, and Mary Beth and Amy punish them by making every girl at the school stop talking to them until they apologize.
21 Sep. 1996
Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon Dance is coming up, and Danny is especially excited to be reunited with Samantha, until he receives a letter that explains that she has found a new love. Mary Beth and Vince insult each other over their dates to the dance. Meanwhile, Teddy is convinced by Amy to be DJ for the dance.
28 Sep. 1996
The Sure Thing
Teddy falls for one of the girls at the cheerleader tryouts. Josh is tired of Julie's constant "baby talk."
5 Oct. 1996
War of the Roses
Mary Beth paints the locker room pink, leading to a war of retaliations between Mary Beth and Vince. It gets so bad that the gang has to intervene. Julie doesn't want a surprise party for her birthday.
12 Oct. 1996
Short Cuts
When Vince hears about a basketball training camp hosted by Coach Fuller and NBA star Tyrone Bogues, he is willing to do anything to get in, including taking steroids. The rest of the gang is filming an alien invasion movie, "Zeltoid Hunters".
19 Oct. 1996
Fake ID-ology
In a flashback, we find out why the gang has been benched by Coach Fuller: they used fake I.D.'s to get into an over-21 club.
26 Oct. 1996
When Loss Is Gain
The gang decide to each make an important sacrifice for a charity drive. Mary Beth gets mugged.
2 Nov. 1996
Style Before Substance
Danny is the only one interested in the mayoral election. Amy becomes interested when she sees one of the candidates. The basketball team challenges the football team to various contests.
9 Nov. 1996
Mary Beth dates Vince to get her father's attention. The team has to beat undefeated Remington High to get to the play-offs.
16 Nov. 1996
Superman Brodis
NBA superstar Theodore Brodis, Sr., Teddy's dad, moves to Indianapolis after retiring. The team gets ready for a 3-point shoot-off.
23 Nov. 1996
Green-Eyed Julie
Julie becomes jealous of the new waitress, Nicole. Mary Beth teaches Vince to dance.
30 Nov. 1996
The Best Game of the Season
Prior to the game which decides if Deering makes it to the playoffs, Julie is made an offer to play professional basketball in Italy.

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