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Season 1

8 Jan. 1995
The new KAOS wants to get its hands on Dutraculon, a new indestructible new fabric. So, Control's top agent, 66 goes undercover as a model wearing a Dutraculon dress. Chief Maxwell Smart partners her with his newly promoted son Zack, who is finally able to become a full agent because his mother, Congresswoman 99 has been able to get funding for Control.
15 Jan. 1995
Casino Evil
A number of wealthy industrialists are losing their money, their companies and their lives in a KAOS owned casino. Zach and 66 go under cover as a high roller industrialist and a beautiful sexy blackjack dealer. Congresswoman 99 manages to provide them with 15 million dollars on lone from the government.
22 Jan. 1995
Goodbye Ms. Chip
Chief Smart and Congresswoman 99 are collaborating on an important reception for President Mazabuka. KAOS Inc. scientist 'the Brain' captures Agent 66, plants a brainwash chip in her mind, then allows her partner Zachary Smart to rescue her. If his plan goes according to all it's various phases, 66 is to assassinate Mazabuka while supposedly guarding his life at the embassy.
29 Jan. 1995
Shoot Up the Charts
When KAOS Inc. kills the only recording artist they have on their label, Agent 66 auditions as new singing sensation 'Galaxy' and Zach poses as Randy Starr, her agent/pianist.
5 Feb. 1995
Passenger 99
99 accompanies a foreign minister back to his home country to finish their negotiations on mineral rights, but an assassin called The Turtle has been hired by KAOS to kill him on the flight there. Zach and 66 go undercover as flight crew to protect the minister and 99 and ensure that the deal goes through.
12 Feb. 1995
Wurst Enemies
Zach's new girlfriend Jessica invites him to a weekend in her parent's little house on Chesapeake bay. 66 is suspicious and decides to keep an eye on them with Agent 9. Jessica turns out to be Gretchen, the daughter of ex KAOS 5 times employee of the month Siegfried, who wants to lure Maxwell Smart out into the open. Unfortunately Max is prohibited from doing fieldwork by order of the President.
19 Feb. 1995
Liver Let Die
KAOS has purchased 10 hospitals in the space of a month. Zach and 66 are assigned to find undercover agent 24 at Our Holy Sister of Pain and Suffering Hospital located in Washington. They take the place of two KAOS surgeons, Dr. Lasky & the Swedish Dr. Hejeighijnes.

 Season 1 

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