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A once classic sitcom that became it's own worst enemy
liquidcelluloid-125 March 2004
Network: ABC; Genre: Sitcom; Average Content Rating: TV-14 (language and strong scatological humor); Classification: Contemporary (Star Range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Seasons 6 - 9

To keep myself from stretching back into the halls of TV history I've roped off the turn of the century/millennium as a benchmark forward to look at a particular show's season. In the 9 years that 'The Drew Carey Show' was on the air it went through 3 big phases. The first was of a standard comedian-vehicle sitcom originating back in the days when every 2-bit comedian was getting their own self titled sitcom (signified by the 'Moon over Parma' intro). However, Drew Carey was better than the rest. The 2nd phase was the show hitting its prime- in that, its longest phase, it was a free-for-all comedy barn-burner. Like a little weekly Farrelly brother movie, 'Drew Carey' was crude, bawdy humor at its finest.

The show had the guts to center around a group of characters that where, without question, losers and made no attempt to glamorize them in the usual sitcom way. Drew was the ultimate, put-upon everyman and this show epitomized the workaday world of office life better than any other on TV. The cast was exceptional - with breakout performances from Ryan Styles and Diedrich Bader, who make their Louis and Oswald the classic drunken, aimless stooges. The writing was sharp, bawdy, crude and was often bust-a-gut hysterically so. Stick with the '5 o'clock World' or original 'Cleveland Rocks' intro that accompanies these seasons and you'll see a show that was heading for 'classic' status.

However, as we pick up with season 6 and forward the show is in its 3rd phase - a flaming, chaotic tailspin that strips away everything that made it great and innovative in the first place and ultimately sending it sinking into the abyss with barely a whisper. How did this happen? I can say the turning point where I lost interest came when Drew's transvestite brother Steve married and brought into the family Drew's long-time rival Mimi. But that was nothing compared to all the insane turns the show would take for the next 3 years. Drew nearly dies and sits in a coma for several episodes? Drew accidentally gets married to two women? To his long time loves and his boss Mr. Wick (a terrific Craig Ferguson by the way) no less? Drew looses his job at Winford Lauder and gets one at an internet company. The show was always absurd, but it used to have a solid foundation that it honored.

Worst of all Drew ditches his old persona - growing his hair out, losing weight and tossing his trademark glasses. In it's final years the show doesn't seem tired as much as it does a complete about-face, doubling-back to undo everything that it has set up and spitting in the face of the fans. It's unclear if Carey is mellowing with age, trying to conform more with the acceptance of the Hollywood establishment or has simply become arrogant. Arrogant in dragging this show out past it's prime and into territory it should know would disenfranchise it's audience. And arrogant into thinking that he can sing and is a great comic improve and so revamping special shows of nothing but musical numbers and live improve. What was once the voice of the working stiffs is now just a mouthpiece to nourish Drew's ego with a talented cast going to waste in the process. What was once the anti-sitcom has now taken turns fitting of an NBC tent-post series.

It's a sad state of affairs. The only one quick enough to jump from this sinking ship was Christa Miller. Caught in the thankless role of the straight-women in the locker room atmosphere of the show, she left for NBCs 'Scrubs' leaving 'Titus' alumni Cynthia Watros to fill the void. Anybody that thought the richly developed and sophisticated 'Titus' was just a standard dumb sitcom should have a look at the talented Watros now going to waste in this plane crash.

Jerry Seinfeld taught us all that the sign of a great comedian was one who knows when it is time to pull out and leave the audience wanting more. Drew should have been taking notes.


Series: * * ½ / 4
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JadedProf2 December 2003
I just read a review of this show on this site calling the show "absolutely awful." Wrong! This show is, and always has been innovative and creative. Carey and his cast have done things never seen before and have pushed the envelope of mundane sitcoms. We should all be thanking the creators & producers of this show for giving us an alternative to the run-of-the-mill sitcom bilge that has been pumped out over the past few years. One day, this program will be regarded as one of the most influential television program of our time. Thanks Drew, for mixing things up a bit & providing us with pure entertainment.
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Gotta love the Drew
popamochrie9 December 2002
Ever since I first discovered the Drew carey Show, it's hard not to get addicted. The chemistry of all the castmembers is awesome, and every one of them is so lovable. Drew's brand of humor has carried the show for seven years, along with the talent of his costars. However, you can't just watch this amazing show because of the jokes. Make sure you catch the dance numbers that made the show revolutionary, like the incredible routine for Five O Clock World and Drew and Mimi's real voices in The Brotherhood of Man. This show was the first to do live episodes the way they should be (go Ryan Stiles!). The Drew Carey Show is one of the most wonderful entertaining shows on TV! DON'T MISS IT! DREW IS THE MAN!
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A Cut Above
meboja31 July 2004
I don't usually like shows starring stand-up comics. They end a great comics career and usually aren't acted that well. Drew Carey is different. Every part is played pitch perfect and it has good, plausible storylines.

The show went downhill after Kate and Oswald broke up, but that happens with all shows. The Mimi/Steve pairing was well-played and emotionally fulfilling. I'm not much of a fan of Drew/Kate and the show would have been better without it. Wick is the strongest character, albeit cartoonish. But the whole show is.

My favorite episode would be when they attempted to win an Emmy. It was the epitome of the show-goofy.
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The working class sitcom for working class people...
AllisonLVenezio11 April 2001
U know, before Drew Carey got his own show, I didn't even know who he was. This show truly captializes his talents as a comedian and actor.

"The Drew Carey Show" is by far one of the funniest sitcoms on television in recent years. It also happens to be my third favorite show. Our bespectacled hero, Drew, works in a Winfried-Louder Depaertment Store's offices, run by a dorky Scot, Nigel Wick (Criag Ferguson). His archnemisis, Mimi Bobeck-Carey (Kathy Kinney) wears tons of make-up and tacky clothes, much in the same sense that Peggy Bundy on "Married with Children" was the queen of tacky. Of course, Drew has his girlfriend, Kate (Christa Miller) and his dopey buddies, Lewis Kiniski (Ryan Stiles, who upstages Carey) and Oswald Lee Harvey (Deidrich Bader).

This show is very funny. The plotlines are always interesting, and of course, Lewis and Oswald have to accomplish some stupid feat in the 1/2 hour (ie: they used $8000 to record an album using classic songs, with them--"Tequilla" or Lewis saying "Wipeout!") Of course, everyone gets into a big mess, Mimi insults Drew, Drew plots revenge, and everything is said and done in the half hour.

I love this show, and highly recommend it to everyone who has a good sense of humor. Drew Carey's standup is excellent, and this show just adds another good credit to a very talented man!

Cleveland truly does rock! (Except I'm a Yankees fan!)
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starwarstrek16 February 2000
This is one funny sitcom! Drew Carey and his co-stars (especially Kathy Kinney as Mimi Bobeck) each have an ingenious sense of comic timing! In addition, the show itself fairly accurately portrays the plight of the normal, everyday guy who's trying to find both love and success in today's world. Plus, the show sometimes has some highly loony episode storylines and crazy sight-gags that are normally only seen in movies! I would highly recommend this TV series to any serious comedy buff!
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My favorite show
saint40523 June 2005
Drew Carey is one of the unluckiest guys on the face of the Earth. He has a no where job in a department store, he lives in his parents old house, and he can never seem to be a good boyfriend. This is the best show ever! When you think of a good sitcom you usually first think of Seinfeld or Friends. The Drew Carey Show over powers them all! All I do when I watch this show is laugh and laugh! Sometimes I can relate with Drew, the main character who can show how bad life really is. But besides Drew , Ryan Stiles as Drews friend Lewis takes the cake as best character. Every time he talks about his job at DrugCo. I bet you can't stop from cracking a smile. Example: "We finally taught dolphins how to speak in human down at DrugCo." "Really, Wow! What do they say?" "Oh you know the usual, "Stop! I'll talk, I'll talk, just quit shocking me!" Along with Lewis is the dimwitted Oswald Harvey the delivery man. Together these two would just crack you up by building a house in the park by circus clowns or breaking their vents by playing mission imposable. Besides the two lunk heads is the only girl in the group, Kate. Throughout the series you'll see how relationships between Drew and Kate expand and shrink. Meet Drew's annoying boss Mr. Wick, Drew's cross dressing brother Steve, and Drew's ultimate nemeses Mimi. With this show you won't only get comedy you'll get love, drama, beer, and practical jokes between cubicles.You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get a hint of genius. So sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the best show ever!
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I'm not impressed anymore.
shrek20045 July 2003
Eh. Not the greatest show ever. The whole "Buzz Beer" thing is totally overrated, and so is Kate. Some of the shows, however, are very good (like when Drew goes to the Value Date class, or winds up working in the cafeteria, or getting sent to China). Some of the best episodes are from 1997-1998, I seem to remember that was when this show was in it's prime. After Nicki left, it was all downhill from there.
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ABC killed this show
udkyle3 February 2005
I was a big fan of the show when it was on, and I've been watching a lot of the episodes again in syndication. Drew Carey was always a funny stand up. The cast was great...Ryan Stiles and Diedrich Baker are two very underrated guys in playing comedy, and Craig Ferguson was always fun to watch.

Maybe the show ran its course and it was smart for Drew to close it out on a high note, and wrap the series up nicely with a final episode, but I can't help but think that ABC killed this show.

The show was a staple of the network for so many years, and it finally began to slip in the ratings a little and ABC got worried to quickly and juggled it around to a bunch of different time slots. Add that with the reality TV craze, and a show like the Drew Carey Show which I think cost quite a bit to produce became obsolete very quickly.

That's a nice thank you after the show and the show's main actor did a lot to help the network.

A lot of people peg Christa Miller leaving the show as the down turn. I don't think so. Cynthia Watros was did a decent job for having to come in 7 years into a series and take over the lead actress role. The series was still funny and could have been had ABC left it alone.

Sadly, the final season was run completely out of order with large gaps in between air time which made it nearly impossible to keep track of.

Hopefully, they'll release it on DVD to give this very underrated and funny show a proper sendoff.
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Drew Vs. Monday Night Football
happipuppi133 July 2005
First,let me say there is nothing I could possibly add to the positives of The Drew Carey Show. I have to say at it's outset,I had no idea who he was,having never seen him on The Tonight Show. I wasn't crazy about the "Moon Over Parma" theme either (I thought he said Move Over Mama which made no sense of course!)

I liked the scene,in the pilot,where he coughs and at the same time tears up Mimi's application for the cosmetics department...very funny!

The whole series was great (except for the episode where he almost passes away!) until ABC moved it to Monday nights. What possessed them to do that?! I think given his success with this show and "Whose Line.." maybe ABC thought he was getting "too big" and decided to sabotage him. (Not directly accusing but that's how it seems to me.)

So poor Drew and crew get regularly pushed back to late night due to the fact that football comes first! I actually had to stay up to see a show! Since I usually had work the next day,naturally i couldn't always do that.

So I lost track. I didn't even see the final shows until this past May. At least it had a conclusion and for my money,it was worth the wait.

Nice ending,Drew once again out in the rain playing pool in his back yard,with those closest to him watching from the window...thinking he's nuts! (ha ha!) Closing with "You Can Still Rock In America" by Night Ranger.
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In its heyday, much funnier than Seinfeld
kitteh_harbls24 January 2007
The Drew Carey Show went off to a strong start in 1995 and kept getting funnier and funnier until it started to run dry right around 2000. Up until 1999, there was no funnier show on TV. PERIOD. The brilliance and wit of this show were criminally underrated. Yes, it was popular from the beginning but its popularity waned down until the show was forced to cancellation.

Very few shows were able to compete with the genius of this show. I'd say Frasier was the most powerful competitor (along with 3rd Rock from the Sun in its first two years), but at the end of the day, the Drew Carey Show came ahead. Friends was funny and consistently well-written. Seinfeld had quite a few brilliant Larry David moments (and Jerry's usual hilarious comedic banter). But not one show in my opinion ever came close to the Drew Carey Show's constant rapid-fire succession of killer lines and situations. Line after line after line, this show had some of the wittiest, funniest, cleverest, most brilliant content EVER. The show was just way ahead of its time.

Where does one start with this show? I'd say with the characters. This is a heavily character-driven show. Let's see:

Drew Carey (played by Drew Carey): lovable, overweight and in a rut. Those sum the poor man's life. He's been in the same stinkin' job for over a decade. To give you an idea how bad it is for him, his position is "assistant director of personnel", but there *is* no director of personnel, so had the job of both but without the perks or paycheck of the director. He has a hellish co-worker (Mimi) whose non-stop pranks, schemes and put-downs never seem to take a break, not even when she's pregnant or nursing her child. Drew deals with his life with laughing and making jokes, sometimes at his own expense. It's what gets him through life (oh yeah, and beer - lots and lots of beer). That and his friends. He does badly on relationships, but he doesn't quit, giving us endless joy and laughter in one trainwreck of a relationship after another. You can't help but love Drew. Something feels so homey and close about him.

Lewis Kinisky (played by Ryan Stiles): tall, thin and creepy. Lewis works in a shady drug company with a history of questionable practices and suspicious experiments. But, he doesn't care one bit. Why should he? He's 40, still single and still a janitor. He's got nothing to lose. So he's pretty trusted there, shifting up from his janitorial position at times and then demoted back because he screws it up somehow (he's not the smartest janitor out there). Ryan Stiles is absolutely hilarious in this part. An improvisation master, he had a cult following among the fans especially because of his improvisational comedy abilities on the British "Who's Line Is it Anyway?". Presumably, many of his lines on the show are also improvised.

Kate O'Brien (played by Christa Miller): she's the cold-blooded witch from Scrubs (Dr. Cox' ex-wife), but here she's just adorable. She's cute, she's funny, she's the second of Drew's close friends. Oh yeah, she's kind of a slut too. Absolutely shameless when it comes to sex and masturbation, she's quite liberated from society's judgments. She just doesn't care.

Oswald Lee Harvey (played by the supremely-versatile Deidrich Bader): the third of Drew's friends, he's Lewis' best buddy and arguably one of the dumbest people to ever appear on a TV show. Played to perfection by Deidrich, very rarely has dim wit and stupidity been played this good on TV. Let's see, Gob from Arrested Development, Bridget from 8 Simple Rules, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, I'd say those five are on anyone's short list for "funniest dumb characters in TV history". This character is absolutely hysterical.

Mimi Bobeck (played by Kathy Kinny): a nightmare on feet, she's Drew's arch nemesis in the office (and often times in real life). She puts him down endlessly about everything, she hatches evil plans all the time, she made him the victim of countless pranks, her mission in life is to ruin his. She was never intended to be a recurring character, but thanks (many thanks) to popular feedback from the audience, she was kept.

Nigel Wick (played by Craig Ferguson): Drew's English boss. He's my favorite character on the show. Played to extreme comedic heights by Ferguson (who's Scottish), you'll be amazed how well he gets the English accent. Compare his English accent to Americans doing the accent. God, so embarrassing. Craig gave me the surprise of a lifetime when he spoke his true Scottish accent one time. I was shocked. I could've sworn he was 100% English. Wick constantly ruins Drew's life, albeit not always on purpose. He's cold-hearted, selfish, self-centered, he's the epitome of the Machiavellian approach. Every line is a classic. Every scene is hysterity. One of the main reasons I watched this show.

The show only kept getting better until 2000, then it started to go downhill, unfortunately. Drew lost his trademark (and funny) weight, the comedians lost some of their glare, bizarre - and utterly disgusting at times - plots were hatched (the low point being the very old gay couple living with Drew, describing some "intimacies" that include waxing each other, ugh), and very sadly, the show was not what it once was. But from 1995 to 1999, there was arguably no funnier show on TV, not even Seinfeld. Sure, it was more popular, but by no means better. The Drew Carey Show blew Seinfeld out of the water. Now we just have a sad and fond memory of a brutally funny and well-written show that is no more.
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What used to be the best... is no more.
devil_dude1406 September 2004
Do not get me wrong, I still absolutely love the Drew Carey show, but the new episodes suck. It is a good thing this show is going off the air, at least it goes out with dignity. The show used to be very funny, until Kelly comes into the show. Lets just call Kelly, the "Malaria" virus. But let us go onto the good things about the drew carey show. Oswald and Lewis, pure genius characters... one of my favorite characters on any show! Drew (in the early season) used to be hilarious, I love it when him and Mimi fight! As for Mimi, her dresses are just crazy, love the dresses, especially the wedding gown. I don't care much for Kate, but as for Steve, he used to be really funny when he was a cross-dresser. It is too bad that this show has gone to the dump, I would've liked it if the show had kept going like it was before 2002. Too bad... Season Ratings: 1- 2.5/5, 2- 3.5/5, 3- 3/5, 4- 4/5, 5- 5/5, 6- 4/5, 7- 2.5/5, 8- 2/5, 9- 1.5,

Average Rating: 3.05 My Rating: 2.5

Last Comments: Jeez this show has really gone downhill, take it away!
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Drew Carey: everyman.
chthon28 July 2003
What I like about this is that Drew Carey is such a normal, C-average underachiever. It's such a nice change from all the other comedy shows out right now. I normally don't like sitcoms, but I make an exception for this one. The whole cast is made up of comedians, and it shows. Here's a guy whose life is one long losing streak, just like most people's (you know this is true). I love it.
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Cleveland rocks! Drew Carey rocks!
bb_hsu28 February 2005
My friend admitted he liked this show a lot because at the time it had something different from other sitcoms- a setting not in New York. Also, the story pretty much revolves around Drew Carey- the others are always there to provide comic relief. Oswald (Diedrich Bader), which I just realized is a name rearrangement of the guy who shot Kennedy, and Lewis (Ryan Stiles) are like two dogs that accompany Drew to his misadventures; faithful, kinda slow, and pee a lot.

The Drew Carey show is down-to-earth and humorously self-deprecating. Drew Carey, the overweight man in thick glasses, works a dead-end job surrounded by those who work hard to make him suffer. The way Drew and Mimi (Kathy Kinney) sling insults and pranks at each other day after day provides one of those greatest moments of real life living. Most shows tend to avoid the workplace even though it consumes almost one-third of your life (except some like Just Shoot Me or Murphy Brown) You wonder how coworkers around you manage to stay alive. Example- Drew to Mimi- "What's with this pile of crap? And what's with all the junk on its desk?" Oswald and Lewis are there mainly as Stooges to make Drew's life more exciting. This trio can make a list of dirty jokes and all three are bachelors on the journey to a good time. Only Drew is slightly more moralistic, but Lewis and Oswald are there to cheer him up and tell him that he blew it on a chance to totally get some. Just like true chums.

The show has some similarities to Seinfeld, but less Jewish and more beer-drinking by all cast members. This sitcom is not afraid to deviate from the standard situational episodes once in a while, like the "Emmy-performance" or the "live" show. But, better than most shows, is the believability of the characters. They don't mind sitting around drinking. The characters sling insults at each other and shake it off so that they can drink Buzz Beer.

I like this show more because of its constant slew of great insults and misfortunes, while still giving the characters that down-to-earth feel. You don't always get what you want, and that's what Carey gets to learn when surrounded by an awesomely quirky cast.
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From best to worst
Raleon28 June 2003
This show used to one of the best satires of office life, ironically being aired the same year The Kids In The Hall ended. But at some point I watched it and said to myself "what happened?". It was innovative as a comedy, especially the shows where they purposely had something wrong. It was by far the best sitcom I've ever seen, which is saying a lot because I'm not much of a fan of American comedy. But mixing it with Whose Line Is It Anyway ruined it for both shows a bit. Then it became all the things it was set out to make fun of in the first place. Drew accidentily became a bygamist which led to Kate leaving- which is irritatingly stupid of the writers because in the same episode she would not quite belly-aching because she knew Drew would do something foolish. What, she wasn't expecting that?? The worst was the total change in the company. Now that it is the new millenium, it is no longer a satire for office jobs in the nineties, but office jobs in the new millenium. So it changed to having teen owners and Drew having no idea what his job really is. This was where it became the worst sitcom, because it didn't have any good ideas anymore. It used plots which were used by most other sitcomes that didn't even last two seasons: Steve cheated on Mimi, the new owners were fresh out of college, Drew went looking for marriage... on and on. It lost its edge and it stopped being funny. Drew Carey is one of my favorite American comedians, but he really needs to take a break and get that edge back or else his career will be on a decline.
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should have finished after Ferguson and Miller left...
milosz_m23 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I live in Poland, the latest of Drew Carey that was aired here were the 2000 episodes-first episodes without Craig Ferguson (as a regular) and without Christa Miller. Of course every scene with Ryan Stiles and Diedrich Bader was show stealing. I could even bare Drew Carey in the earlier seasons, sometimes he was even...funny but in this season he was just annoying, he was really horrible trying so hard to be funny when he..well let's face the truth..isn't. Stiles and Bader have that "something" which makes every scene they appear in funny at start. The latest season was really sad to watch and the guys that played Drew's bosses were the worst actors I have seen in my life it just makes me wonder how in the name of God did they got casted?!I hope they end the show we can leave the best seasons in our memory...and save themselves the disgrace.Since everyone that was funny is systematically leaving the show it can soon be turned into one man show (Drew Carey). I know that he is getting paid well but come's a line not worth crossing...
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not good anymore, gone way down hill
grumpyass13 December 2003
I just want to say that the show has gone down hill. It's not funny anymore, it's down right stupid. There is no point to it anymore, the gags are old news. It's time the show is taken off the air. Good riddence to it, and big in something fresh and new.
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The Drew Carey Show
Coxer9922 March 1999
One of the best comedies on television right now. Every episode is filled with silly sight gags, raunchy beer and sex humor...and it all works. The cast is perfect from Carey. all the way down to Kathy Kinney's wonderful Mimi. She's Ted Baxter with mascara. The writing is solid as is

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Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!
SonicStuart17 August 2004
A great sitcom comedy show! The show is about Drew Carey and he works at a department store where he is the assistant personal director in Cleveland and he has been stuck at his job for ten more years. Other than fighting with co-worker Mimi, his hobbies include drinking beer and not being able to get dates. To make a few extra bucks he has a micro-brewery going in his garage with his buddies Lewis and Oswald. This show is so funny and I also like the intro to this show entitled "Cleveland Rocks" in the opening we see Drew and the others running out of the building and then tail-gating at a Cleveland Indians baseball game and then you see Drew and the crew dancing and at the end of the intro Drew yells "OHIO"! My favorite characters from this show were Lewis and Oswald. They have got to put this show out on DVD. Another great 90's ABC sitcom!
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One Of The Best
Thor20007 April 2001
I have loved this show from its beginning because no matter how lousy my day is, Drew's only seems worse. Loosely parallel with Seinfeld, each of the characters seems to be inspired from the characters of that show. Both Drew and Jerry get through life on their wits and sense of humor, both Lewis and Kramer are tall guys with wierd out-looks of life, both Oswald and George are the comic dartboards of the the others, both Kate and Elaine are sexpots with hostile tempers and both Mimi and Newman are the nemesises that you love to hate. The series has had numerous milestones, hysterical moments and inspirations of sheer comedy as four friends tease, berate and terrorize each other just to have a good time, but deep down have an undying respect and fondness for each other. You have to thank the talented cast for the effort and creativity into each show. May it go on forever, or at least until Drew and Kate get married and name their boys Oswald and Lewis.
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A Show of What Life is Really About
Raven_Z15 October 2004
The Drew Carey Show was a fantastic show - possibly because I could identify with it. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of sitcoms (and ABC sitcoms at that!), but for some reason, this one just clicked. This wasn't like the Friends crew, who sat around in their beautiful clothes, with their impossible-to-own apartments. Instead, these were just regular, slightly-funnier-than-average guys. They were us!

Now, apparently the later seasons of the show really began to stink. I wouldn't know, because I wasn't even aware that it was on the air anymore! I honestly had no idea that it was still running, after around 2000. This can be attributed to ABC's incompetency, as usual mishandling one of it's more popular shows.

ABC's theme seems to be, "Hey! This show has potential! Let's not advertise it! We'll just see how it does all on it own...and, to sweeten the deal, let's change timeslots every other week!"

And so, the Drew Carey Show didn't stand a chance. Luckily, it's now being aired in reruns on FOX, who are slightly less sporadic than ABC for jostling their time schedules. Watch it if you get the chance.
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Appreciate your work life
4-Kane1 December 2003
I often watch the reruns of The Drew Carey Show, and since it's a workplace comedy, it's a good sitcom to watch after you get home from a long day at work. In my personal opinion, it's the type of sitcom that makes you appreciate work, and value your job.

One of my favorite episodes is "Nicki's Wedding." That's the one where Drew's ex-girlfriend Nicki invites Drew to her wedding. The gang tries to dissuade him from attending, noting that it is just a courtesy invitation. (In other words, Nicki didn't really want him to attend, but she sent him a wedding invitation out of sheer politeness.) He ends up going to the wedding anyway, with hilarious results. It was especially laughable when Nicki's father, while giving his blessing to his new son-in-law, goes into a tirade about how parents are generally concerned with their daughters going out on dates due to the possibility of them dating guys who are up to no good. In the speech, he refers to such men as "losers, characters, and ne'er-Drew-wells." Bitterness was never so funny.
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This is one of the best written and acted comedies I have ever seen.
ron_braun2 June 2003
This is one of the best written and acted comedies I have ever seen. Only Seinfeld rivals it. I hope it continues for another ten years, I would still watch it every week. I wish they ,(the producers), would give Drew some success and happiness in his personal and professional life.
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