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Season 7

26 Sep. 2001
Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour: Part 1
This is the first part of a back-to-school special, with a variety of sketches and performances to help start the new season.
26 Sep. 2001
Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Hour: Part 2
This is the second part of a back-to-school special, with a variety of sketches and performances to help start the new season.
3 Oct. 2001
Drew Gets Out of the Nuthouse
After Drew is released from the mental ward, he sees Nicki at the Warsaw and they get married but no one else knows. Meanwhile, Kate discovers she has feelings for Drew and tells Lewis and Oswald. Kate declares her love for Drew.
10 Oct. 2001
Married to a Mob
Drew is stretching himself thin trying to keep Kate and Nicki from knowing he is married to both of them. He is telling Kate that Nicki's on drugs and he tells Nicki that Kate is delusional and thinks she and he are married. Mimi meddles.
17 Oct. 2001
When Wives Collide
Drew has to decide between his two wives, Kate and Nicki.
24 Oct. 2001
Drew buys ad space on the side of buses to apologize to Kate and try to win her forgiveness, with disastrous results.
31 Oct. 2001
It's Halloween, Dummy
The new boss makes his appearance and he and Drew hit it off. He's such a good egg they throw a Halloween party but things go terribly wrong for the boss. Can Drew orchestrate the moment to become boss a la Weekend at Bernie's?
7 Nov. 2001
How Beulah Gets Her Groove Back
Drew's parents are visiting and his mom tells Mimi that her husband isn't satisfying her in the bedroom. Mimi convinces Drew to tell him. Lewis and Oswald build a battle robot for a competition at the Warsaw. First design does poorly.
14 Nov. 2001
Drew Live III
Drew comes to in an animal shelter with John Ratzenberger having no idea how he got there. He begins to unravel how it happened, remembering a horrible event that made him want to end it all. Did he really share a night with Mimi?
21 Nov. 2001
Eat Drink Drew Woman
The new boss at Winfred-Lauder, played by Wanda Sykes, has a mandate to trim the staff and treats everyone harshly. But she's sweet on Drew. He spends the night with her but she thinks it is because he was bribed by the staff to do so.
28 Nov. 2001
Mr. Laffoon's Wild Ride
Drew feels like a kept man when his girlfriend/boss has him run many personal errands. When driving her poodle, Mr. Laffoon, to a dog groomer in her 'Vette, he races Mimi in her new Mustang, hoping his girlfriend Christine doesn't find out.
12 Dec. 2001
Hotel Drew
Drew inadvertently demonstrates to Winfred-Lauder execs he is no longer needed and so is fired. Needing income, he rents a room to a gay couple played by Adam West and Max Gail. Lewis and Oswald build a home but need clowns to finish it.
19 Dec. 2001
Drew and the King
Bothered that Kate is not sharing about her life with him, Drew gets a transfer as security guard near her job at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Elvis exhibit. When his girlfriend, played by Wanda Sykes, finds out, she's not happy.
16 Jan. 2002
The Curse of the Mummy
Wick falls off the wagon when he thinks Drew slept with his mom, Maggie, and stole his job.
23 Jan. 2002
The Enabler
Winfred-Louder is in trouble and Drew and Wick, as co-managers, have to sell the firm to a potential buyer. Drew just has to keep Wick from getting drunk so that they can sell the company together.
6 Feb. 2002
Pretty Baby
Mimi and Steve enter King Gus in Winfred-Louder's baby pageant. Drew then thinks it's time to ask Mimi to let him babysit Gus when Mimi and Steve go out for the day. But Drew accidentally teaches Gus certain inappropriate gestures, so he must try to get Gus to stop doing them before the pageant. Meanwhile, Oswald recruits his girlfriend's nephew for the pageant and tries to improve his chances by teaching him a magic act.
13 Feb. 2002
A Shot in the Dark
Drew meets an attractive policewoman at the Warsaw who proves to be domineering. Lewis pretends he has a girlfriend to give Oswald and Coleen some space.
27 Feb. 2002
It's a Dog Eat Drew World
Drew angers neighborhood dogs when he runs one off. Because the rest of the gang aren't coming by, he sends out word there's an emergency. They arrive to find a pack of menacing dogs are blocking exit. Has Lewis' famous bucket-head scene.
13 Mar. 2002
Bringing Up Boss
The new owner of Winfred-Louder gives it to his spoiled 19-year-old daughter and warns Drew that if she fails at running it, he'll lose his promotion. She repays him for intervening in her in-store romance by moving him to the loading dock.
20 Mar. 2002
Daddy Dearest
Drew persuades Lord Mercer to re-hire his daughter Milan as president of Winfred-Louder. She holds an in-store rave that seriously boosts sales but he still isn't pleased. Lewis eats the human liver that Oswald brought home for medical classes.
27 Mar. 2002
Never Been to Spain
Because of his support in her struggle to manage Winfred-Louder, Milan invites Drew to her birthday party with supermodels in Spain. When security lines delay him from catching his flight, he tries to bypass them and is pulled aside.
3 Apr. 2002
O Brother, Who Art Thou?
Steve is uncharacteristically violent, assaulting a man at his son's daycare center and one at Winfred-Louder's cosmetic counter where Drew got him a job. Drew is convinced that Steve's aggression comes from jealousy of him.
10 Apr. 2002
Rich Woman, Poor Man
Milan, the manager of Winfred-Lauder, sets up Drew with her mom (played by Julia Duffy from "Newhart"). Although she is wealthy, she is attracted to the normality of Drew's life but has a difficult time coping with middle class life.
1 May 2002
What Women Don't Want
Lewis wants to bring a date to the wedding of a former girlfriend who told him he would always be alone. The gang tries to help him but each fail. His mom arrives and reveals he has a 162 IQ but doesn't know it. Then he tries a Mensa party.
8 May 2002
Look Mom, One Hand!
Drew and the gang top an anti-porn crusader's list of Cleveland's most frequent visitors to adult websites, causing shame on Mother's Day.
15 May 2002
The Eagle Has Landed
A bald eagle builds a nest on Drew's roof and eats his dates dog. Oswald and Lewis get blackmailed by a boy for their homemade cookies.
22 May 2002
The Underpants Guy
Drew's ex-wife Nicki re-connects with Drew but she has re-gained the weight because of her anger issues. Winfred-Lauder has been nearly ruined by embezzlement so Drew suffers the humiliation of working the men's underwear counter.

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