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Season 2

29 Sep. 1996
Terror of the Deep
In the second season opener, the series develops a more supernatural/weird tone as Mitch and Griff investigate a sunken freighter where they fight for their lives against an unknown force and realize that the freighter might have been sunk by a New Guinea sea monster according to a woman they found floating in the ocean near sunken wreckage of her sailboat.
6 Oct. 1996
The Creature
Mitch, Griff and Ryan investigate a series of vicious murders which were committed by a half-human, half-fish woman, known as Silver Eyes, who is looking to procreate with a man.
13 Oct. 1996
The Rig
Mitch and Ryan head out in the ocean to a oil rig abandoned after a strange accident and find a drifting yacht with a terrified young woman aboard who says that her yacht captain was pulled off the ship by a gelatinous green sea monster, which in fact was the result of the oil rig accident.
20 Oct. 1996
The Strike
During a normal day at Baywatch, Mitch rescues a young man, named Jake, from drowning, and he soon gets involved in a complex X-Files-type plot line where Jake has a connection with the Roswell UFO incident in the 1940's
27 Oct. 1996
Circle of Fear
After a report of a possible black arts event in the nearby woods, Mitch and Ryan investigate and find a half-burned book containing strange incantations. Their search leads them to a specialty occult book shop where they find a duplicate of the book where the incantations are shown for calling evil spirits.
3 Nov. 1996
The Cabin
Investigating strange events at a nearby campsite, Mitch and Ryan enter a cabin and find themselves transported back in time to a 1890's brothel in New York with an ax/knife wielding killer planning to murder everyone involved.
10 Nov. 1996
Curse of the Mirrored Box
Mitch is alarmed when a child that he saved from drowning six years ago is now a part of a Haitian voodoo cult. When Mitch and Ryan investigate, they turn to a voodoo priestess, Madam Trudor, to help them.
17 Nov. 1996
Last Breath
Mitch investigates the disappearance of two Baywatch lifeguards without a trace in the water going after cries of drowning. When Donna also goes missing, Mitch investigates an old auto accident with one survivor who may hold a clue to the disappearances.
24 Nov. 1996
Night Whispers
Mitch and Ryan witness a murder committed by a stark, staring, mad woman, called Francesca. Ryan does some investigating and becomes more and more convinced that Francesca is a very real vampire who has chosen Mitch as her next victim.
19 Jan. 1997
Space Spores
A space shuttle accidentally drops a load of radio active dust which lands in a farmer's field. Mitch and Griff have to handle the work of cleaning up the strange matter when Ryan is infected by the stuff.
2 Feb. 1997
At the scene of an accident, several people become possessed by a homicidal spirit, which each of them preparing to make a demonic sacrifice. While Donna helps Mitch investigate, she comes in contact with the blood of a dead serial killer which happens to be the cause of the troubles, and becomes possessed by the killer's spirit out to get anyone around her.
9 Feb. 1997
Frozen Out of Time
Mitch, Ryan and Griff investigate strange incidents in which two frozen 900-year-old Vikings arrive in Los Angeles from Iceland for thawing, and they immediately come to life and restart their feud.
16 Feb. 1997
Nights to Dragon One
Mitch and Ryan play a computer-generated D&D type game to rescue a man and his daughter being held hostage by the game master which the rules are: you either win or you die.
23 Feb. 1997
Teague asks Mitch and Ryan for help of the Knights Templar when they are faced with torture devices which are controlled with modern electronics by an Asian woman.
2 Mar. 1997
The Mobius
Ryan's old school friend, Ashley, arrives and takes her and Mitch to a research lab where she and her husband work on developing an inanimate laser. After Mitch, Ryan and Ashley accidentally step into the laser, they "slide" in time to a parallel universe where they must fight for their lives against the creatures inhabiting the world.
5 Apr. 1997
A monster resembling a wolf is attacking and killing teenage runaways who live in an abandoned building, which is condemned after being demolished by a series of earthquakes. Mitch and Ryan investigate and discover from hair samples from the monster that resemble a mythical wolf man from Yugoslavia named "Zargtha."
12 Apr. 1997
The Servant
A mummy comes to life and stalks the employees of a museum warehouse, where Ryan takes the events seriously, but Mitch doesn't for he surprisingly does not believe in mummies or curses.
19 Apr. 1997
Symbol of Death
Mitch and Ryan investigate the disappearance of Teague with the help of a man who claims to have been tracking aliens for several years and knows that they are here on Earth, planning world domination.
26 Apr. 1997
The Eighth Seal
After Mitch saves a young girl from drowning, he discovers her to be possessed by a demon who then possesses him for the demon needs a sacrifice to solidify its base of power on Earth. Aware that time is running out for him, Mitch must venture into the netherworld to find help from the only one who can battle the demon: the recently deceased Stephanie Holden.
3 May 1997
Hot Winds
A mysterious desert wind drives into Baywatch which make several people go insane from an evil force. Mitch and Ryan then venture into the Santa Ana desert where they try to find the source of the evil which the winds carry and discover it to be the result of a satanic worshiper living in the desert.
9 May 1997
The Vortex
On a day off, Ryan drags Mitch to a fortune-telling booth at the Malibu pier, where an Indian guide sends them into an eerie tunnel from which Mitch and Ryan emerge 20 years in the future to watch helplessly at their future lives.
16 May 1997
A Thousand Words
Teague leads Mitch and Ryan to a haunted restaurant where several women have been killed and a man left in a coma after a mysterious going on. When Ryan herself disappears, Mitch enlists the help of a psychic to search for her.

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