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A sensitive film about a young boy's sexuality
mikeybear10 April 2004
A film that deals with the very real issue of one's self worth in the eyes of people that matter in your life.

Trevor is a film many people will identify with. It takes a sensitive yet blunt approach to suicide. It deals with a young boy's thoughts about his sexuality at a very important stage of his life.

Whilst being a serious film it successfully manages to entertain the viewer at the same time. Trevor has a camp and very funny side. This helps makes the film all the more real. Anyone that has ever listened to a Diana Ross song and enjoyed it will relate. And if you have a theatrical bone in your body...

The Academy Award was totally deserved for this short film.
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Wonderful movie about coming out angst
Havan_IronOak13 July 2001
This short indie film left me wanting more. Trevor,(wonderfully played by Barsky) is a sensitive young man who is being raised by clueless parents. That Trevor is gay seems obvious to everyone but Mom and Dad - Trevor seems like a wonderful kid but the kid adores Diana Ross and Broadway show tunes...

Trevor is rejected by the object of his first crush. But Trevor is nothing if not resilient and it is his inner strength that makes this such a great movie.

The movie is wonderfully upbeat, the music is marvelous. This movie should be shown as part of a regular school curriculum. This movie will save lives.
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Bravo for Trevor!
johnainsworth21 June 2004
I thought the movie was great. Not to mention that it speaks to the subject matter of Gay and Lesbian Youth and teen suicide with a frankness lacking in the world-- especially given the year it was released.

Gay and Lesbian Youth don't usually have the resources available to deal with the emotional and psychological implications associated with coming to terms with one's sexuality. That said, it is a proven statistic that Gay and Lesbian teenagers are more that twice as likely to attempt, and in some cases, commit suicide.

This film deals with that subject in a sympathetic manner only because this is a matter to which any emotionally empathetic person should find disturbing! I only wish that it would be made more readily available to those teenagers that could benefit from it the most. Knowing you're not alone in the world, especially in this concern, could truly mean the difference between life and death.
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mermatt12 August 1998
This short film combines humor and pathos very well. It is both funny and touching at the same time. The brief story involves us quickly in the life of someone who feels totally alone and who is willing to kill himself because he feels so disconnected from everyone else and from life in general. The ending is happy without being artificial. This film is a real delight.
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Funny and touching
mermatt17 August 1998
Despite the fact that this is a short film, it is very well done. It depicts a boy who realizes that he is gay, but it could be about anyone who feels alienated from the in-crowd and therefore feels that he is in danger. He eventually decides to kill himself. The film has a happy outcome which is not mechanically tacked on. This is a film that anyone who feels lonely or afraid should see. The point of the film is made in such a way as to be both funny and touching at the same time -- a rarity in movies.
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Very funny and touching
preppy-319 September 2000
Warning: Spoilers
A superb little movie about a young boy who realizes he's gay and how it affects his life. He tries to go str8 and fails...but it has a very happy ending. It's hard to believe that a film with a young boy contemplating suicide can be funny...but it was! I originally saw this in a compilation of gay shorts--every guy in that audience identified with Trevor and what he went through. It was great hearing the cheering at the end. Good acting all around, well-directed and the subject is handled extremely well. Also has a great Diana Ross soundtrack:) This deservadly won a 1994 Academy Award as Best Live Action Film.

The video version begins and ends with Ellen DeGeneres introducing the film. Her material is funny and (as always) well-delivered. Try seeing that version. This is a film everyone should see--gay or straight. An excellent little film.
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Funny, moving and relevant
Horst_In_Translation11 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Trevor" is an 18-minute short film from 20 years ago that won an Academy Award (and took wins at Sundance, Berlin and San Francisco, of course) the very same year and category that Peter Capaldi took his win. It is a brief story about a boy who discovers his homosexuality. Now there are many (terrible) short movies about this issue, but this one here shows everybody how to do it right. It has heart, relatable characters and many fun and interesting references on the issue while at the same time delivering a credible and moving story. Of course you could say he was depressed, tried to commit suicide and then he is fairly normal, downright optimistic at the end all of a sudden? Not realistic? Well, I disagree, because you are that jumpy emotionally at that age. I thought this was a good movie and it's a bit sad to see that neither the director, nor the writer or lead actor managed a really successful, impressive career in the last 2 decades. This one here is probably still the most known and successful project for everybody involved. Good watch, I recommend it.
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An important film for all parents...
MartinHafer20 September 2009
I really wish that all parents or prospective parents would see this film. That's because regardless of your feelings about homosexuality, it's really important that a parent accept their child and approve of them as people--and you have no way of knowing whether your children will grow up gay or straight. One of the highest suicide rates is among gay teens and only a totally psycho parent would rather have their child dead than accept them and let them know they are loved.

This film is a fictionalized story about a kid named Trevor. It follows him through puberty and his sexual awakening. Eventually, Trevor realizes he is attracted to another young man. He is okay with this, but what he's not okay with is everyone's reaction. Suddenly, kids around him somehow seem to know and begin to mistreat him. At the same time, his parents refuse to really talk about it and send him to talk to a priest who is completely inept in dealing with it. As a result, it's no surprise that Trevor is on the brink of suicide.

The film manages to tell a nice little story that isn't too preachy and with a good sense of humor--while still attacking a serious problem. It's a nice public service type film and I hope that talk about shock treatment and suicide make the point that your kids are to be loved.

By the way, this is not a serious complaint but the film seems to portray gay teens as loving female singers like Diana Ross, Barbra or Liza as well as acting somewhat effeminate. While this sometimes is true, often it's not and this is perpetuating a bit of a narrow stereotype. I assume there must be gay men out there that DON'T love these lady singers!
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Not the best short-film, but good enough
flyingkandykid19 September 2006
I disagree with the comment above. The movie treats, indeed, some serious problems. But I don't think that in no sense the movie wanted to make fun of it (I don't understand... Did you though it was a comedy?)The meaning of the movie is to not let the world smash you out, I try to go on with your life (Either your gay or not). If Mr. Y. thinks that something laughable, means he has issues.

By the other way, just see when it was made: 1994, when many of the gay people went out of the closet, and demanded to be treated the same way that a straight guy is, and try to clean the image of "depravation" that some gay icons made in the 80's, and let the people know that they are regular common persons, just like anybody else.

Is not the best short that I've seen of this thematic, but is good enough. For been a short-film, that not always have enough resources,(believe me, is not very easy to find support) must say that the montage works, good acting, and the story has dynamism. I just think that maybe the photography it could be better.
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Great short movie with positive message attached
ninoguapo7 June 2006
Trevor is the first short movie I watched - I really mean the first one since until now this kind of movies - which go on for only about twenty minutes was not familiar to me. The introductory announcement at beginning of the movie was very good - actually as good as the movie itself - I think that many people do need such positive encouragements more often. The scenes are well filmed and the acting is fine . I especially liked the way the movie was structured - with Trevor talking to the viewers in a way.

The movie itself was well made as well - especially the soundtrack - manly Diana Ross , but you got to watch it to understand more...
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Great acting, a different subject to be talking at the time.
sergioguitar29 April 2016
Of course i am talking about coming out of the closet and being accepted by your peers and parents.

The short movie is entertaining to watch, it has a lot of nostalgic 70's music and i must say the boy is a pretty good actor, his voice gives it this odd feeling, it's almost uncomfortable.

I think the only low point the story has is that the focus is absolute on the main boy.

I must say the conclusion gives you a slight thought of well-being for Trevor followed by a foreshadow of what is going to happen with his life once it returns to normal
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