Ri¢hie Ri¢h (1994) Poster


Stephi Lineburg: Gloria Pazinski



  • Gloria : [Richie is hiding out at Gloria's apartment]  I like this "street" look on you, Richie. If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were almost normal.

    Richie Rich : Thanks, I think.

    Gloria : No, seriously. I used to think you were just some spoiled rich kid. But now, you're not so bad.

    Richie Rich : Yeah, likewise.

  • [Richie wants to play baseball with Gloria's sandlot-team] 

    Richie Rich : Come on. Let me hit.

    Gloria : Forget it; you probably couldn't even hit a BEACH BALL!

    Richie Rich : I could hit it off of YOU.

    Gloria : [insulted]  All right - You think you're so hot? Put your money where your mouth is!

    Richie Rich : You mean bet?

    Tony : Yeah. $5 says she could put you away for keeps.

    Gloria : $5? How about $10?

    Richie Rich : Okay - Seems a little steep, but $10 thousand it is.

    [He whips it out, and they all freak out] 

    Gloria : No, not $10 thousand. $10 dollars.

    Richie Rich : Oh, $10 dollars. Okay.

    Herbert Cadbury : Master Richie, I do think it unseemly in the extreme for you to take these - children's money.

    Gloria : What are you doing, Mr. Fancy Pants? Asking the old guy for batting tips?

    Herbert Cadbury : [insulted]  Take their backsides to the cleaners, Master Richie.

  • Richie Rich : [to Gloria and her fellow sandlotters]  If any one of you guys wanna turn back, now's the time.

    Gloria : No way. Would you turn back if you were us? We're with you, Richie.

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