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MPAA Rated R for vampire violence and gore, and for sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A French prostitute takes a man out on the pier to give him oral sex. She goes down on the man, but is killed seconds later by a vampire. Nothing sexual seen or discussed.
  • A man kisses a prostitutes' breasts, there is a close up of the tops of her breasts and she rubs her crotch on the outside of her clothes. No nipples visible.
  • A woman is seen washing herself fully nude. Her breasts are visible.
  • A woman is stripped on stage by dozens of people while the audience watches. She is topless for several minutes, her arms held open and breasts appearing full on for at least 45 seconds and then another man (fully clothed) removes her skirt and her pubic hair is visible. She is murdered and laid flat with the camera over her showing her full frontal nudity.
  • Artist sketches picture of nude woman. Breasts are visible.

Violence & Gore

  • A pimp threatens Louis with a knife but Lestat yanks him away, kills the thief, and flies away.
  • Lestat bites Louis (with resulting blood) and throws him in a river.
  • Lestat once again bites Louis and turns him into a vampire by letting Louis drink his blood.
  • Louis and Lestat kill a young waitress by biting her tongue and her arm (with bloody results).
  • Louis kills two dogs.
  • Louis burns down his house and Lestat saves him from the flames.
  • We see a rotting corpse which Claudia has been hiding amongst her dolls.
  • Claudia slashes Lestat on both cheeks. His wounds then heal quickly.
  • Louis refuses to bite a woman in the neck. So Lestat bites her in the neck.
  • Claudia slits Lestat's throat.
  • Lestat suddenly grabs Claudia by the throat and pushes her away hard.
  • Louis violently grabs Santiago.
  • Louis bites a woman and turns her into a vampire.
  • Claudia and Madeline are executed for all of their crimes by burning them alive in the sunlight. No flames are shown.
  • Louis burns Lestat alive before escaping to the ship.
  • The film ends as Lestat bites a driver in the neck.


  • Mild language. Nothing worse than what would be heard in a PG movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters drink alcohol at parties. There is some smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many people are killed by vampires, including a family. We do not see all of the deaths, but it is assumed as we see coffins being dragged out of the vampire's home.
  • Rated R for sexual content and vampire violence/gore (4K Cut).
  • Rated R for sexuality and for vampire violence and gore (Theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray Cuts).

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