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The lovable losers get one over the pretty people, making incremental improvements to their lives without fundamentally changing what makes them unique—a hallmark of Apatow films to come that’s a decent fit for a family movie.
By the end, the film deteriorates into a combination sensitivity session and pep rally.
Heavyweights is really two movies in one, and they don't mesh.
Baltimore Sun
As comedies go, the unfunny Heavyweights sinks like a stone. [17 Feb 1995]
Chicago Tribune
Just one more example of Hollywood cramming any old idea it can unearth into a moneymaking formula. [17 Feb 1995]
Los Angeles Times
Disney's new kidpic Heavyweights plays it both ways: It says it's fine to be chubby and then goes ahead and makes all the usual chubby jokes. It's a case of having your hi-cal cake and eating it too. [17 Feb 1995, p.F4]
Watching Heavyweights isn't as bad as either war or fat camp, but its few bits of truly comic dialogue (courtesy of co-writers Brill and Judd Apatow) and inspired acting aren't enough to save the film from its syrupy and predictable theme.
The Hollywood Reporter
Painstakingly formulaic and uninspired (it could have been called The Mighty Guts), the lumbering comedy will unlikely make much of a dent at the boxoffice. [17 Feb 1995]
There's never been a remotely significant summer camp film, and Disney's Heavyweights does nothing to advance the genre. Far worse, this yarn about an adolescent fat farm is shameful in its execution and content.
There seems to be a message here about being true to yourself, but it's hard to find it under the blubber jokes.

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