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Sex & Nudity

  • * Elizabeth and Todd talk about losing their virginity.
  • * Elizabeth suspects Todd made love with Renata.

Violence & Gore

  • * Elizabeth slaps Todd.
  • * Jessica hits Todd with her purse.
  • * Todd punches Devon hard, drawing blood.
  • * Todd falls off his dune buggy.
  • * We see a man shoot Elizabeth, just wounding her. We see blood.
  • * Todd aggressively grabs Winston and attempts to pummel him, but is restrained.
  • * Winston runs into a door.
  • * Jessica angrily throws flowers back at Jason.
  • * We see the rival school vandalize the local school hang-out and all the cars in the parking lot.
  • * A man knocks over Devon's motorcycle and bashes it with a stick. Devon chases after him and we hear he pummeled him.
  • * We see Devon get aggressively arrested by the police.
  • * Elizabeth and Todd both wipe out on Todd's motorcycle and we see them both injured.
  • * Todd violently scuffles with Bruce Patman and Jessica falls to the pavement.
  • * Christian Gorman jumps Todd and pummels him, but then Todd jumps and pummels him back.


  • We hear a character say "Damn it" and another say "I don't give a damn about your friends."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • * We hear Enid is a former drug addict and use to run with a crowd that did hard drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • * Two different men hold Elizabeth and Jessica hostage and acts unsettlingly towards the both of them on two separate occasions.

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